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Senator Schumer, the Majority Leader in the Senate from New York, is taking steps to weaken the authority of former President Donald Trump in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity.

Schumer intends to categorize Trump’s actions on January 6 as unofficial through legislative channels, to remove Trump’s immunity from criminal prosecution.

Schumer contends that the Supreme Court made a mistake by asserting that presidents are immune from criminal prosecution for official acts during their time in office, but not immune from unofficial acts.

He expressed his intentions on the Senate floor, stating, “[The Supreme Court] incorrectly declared that former President Trump enjoys broad immunity from criminal prosecution for actions he took while in office.

They incorrectly declared that all future presidents are entitled to a breathtaking level of immunity so long as their conduct is ostensibly carried out in their official capacity as president.”

Framing his stance under the guise of safeguarding democracy, Schumer emphasized, “We’re doing this because we believe that in America no president should be free to overturn an election against the will of the people, no matter what the conservative justices may believe.”

If Schumer’s legislation is passed, it would designate Trump’s purported attempts to subvert the election and his connection to the January 6 incident as unofficial actions, leaving him open to prosecution for those behaviors.

Schumer condemned conservative judges for symbolically granting Trump special treatment, hinting at bias.

He also promised to consider ways to “curb the misuse of our federal judiciary,” echoing demands for judicial oversight and accountability.

On the opposing front, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) ridiculed Democrats’ tactics, implying a show trial mentality by remarking, “Democrats seem to want to turn Washington into The Hague.”

He sought to downplay the significance of the Supreme Court’s ruling, stating, “Their problem with the Supreme Court isn’t that they won’t be able to prosecute a president for unofficial criminal activity – because they still can. Their problem is that they won’t be able to prosecute official actions that they don’t like.”


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Doug Goldsmith

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  • Talk about trampling “democracy”. We are NOT a democracy, we ARE a Constitutional Republic. Bless their hearts, they hate conservation.

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    • They also hate anything American and normal….. They want to use the correct pronouns, celebrate transgenders in women’s sports, in our kid’s schools, in their libraries, tear down historic statues, rename schools and streets after serial thugs, vilify our founding fathers, support reparations, feminize the milifairy, allow in more illegal aliens, terrorists and Somalis and play the race card.”

  • Schumer should be the one locked up for violating the law & the Constitution for using B/S crap against a pollical opponents just because they screwed everything up so bad. They know they are on the way out the door hopefully the people are waking up to their crap. They have failed to keep the people safe; they have violated the oath of office with their open boarder policy & using fake laws to go after their opponents. The HDP under the cover of the demarcate party name. They have failed super big at the job they have been elected to do. It’s a very sad time in the USA with people like this in office.

  • Does Schumer not get the fact that the SCOTUS said immunity for Acts accounting to the Constitution? Why are the liberals forgetting the Constitution in this ruling?

  • Chuck Schumer is another braindead moron, like the walking dead idiot, Joe Biden. Schumer belongs in a 24 hour nursing home along with Biden.

  • I used to play monopoly with guys like Schumer… just make it up as you go along. The Supreme Court is trying to reset and clarify what these laws really mean, not change it for the circumstances… and certainly not from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  • The senate sits on HR2 and other good solid conservative legislation and this partisan jerk wants to waste the money and time of what is supposed to be the greatest deliberative body on the Earth. Just another reason for conservatives to dig in and flip the Senate and to increase the majority in Congress. Come people these people were hired to improve the quality of our lives. Fire them all and petition your representatives to seriously work on Term Limits (like that will ever happen).

  • It is not really all that shocking, considering the source. It is about what one expect from cheesy Chuckie Schmer. If only he were to be voted out of office.

  • What Criminal acts did President Trump commit Shitmer.?
    So far all of you Communist Democrats have violated the Hatch act, immigration laws, Sedition and Treason, Sending billions of taxpayers money to our enemies, releasing criminals back out onto the street, allowing illegals the right to vote, pardoning illegals who have murdered Americans, Allowing Fentenyl into America, killing thousands, Depleting our military, Sending billions of dollars of Military equipment to Ukraine and Iran, attacking Conservative Supreme Court Justices, Allowing Anti-American Communist Muslim Obama and Piglosi to run America over the cliff, pushing to imprison a former President, excepting bribes, moving to eliminate the electoral College, Committing Voter fraud, Attacking the 1st and 2nd Amendment, should I go on Shitmer.?
    Those that I mentioned are grounds for Hanging or Fireing Squad.!!
    Oh.! And how is it, all you Traitorous Communist Democrats can afford Multi Million dollar mansions and private jets and luxury yachts.?

    • Outstanding You said every word I was going to say It is a shame that you serve this country and you get pissed on by these people that are supposed to be representing us and they are forever against The sons of bitches have not done a thing but give away money and all the rest of the time trying to get President Trump out of the race Their fear of his is making all the lying cheating stealing democrats Oh hell better get a better jail No we can hold them like they have held those innocent people from the bogus J6 bullshit Pelosi needs to take what is coming to her on that She should and needs to be locked up for this She walked over our citizens to put on this farce to get Trump She is wicked and evil Look at what she and the rest of J6 committee should go to jail because they knew all along what happened and it is disgraceful I am a disabled Marine veteran and I didn’t serve for this lying cheating stealing and in some cases death These people are liars and they are evil and they need to be stamped out

      • Michael, first of all I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service.
        I am also an Army veteran, and retired Texas Police Officer, I’m 66 years old and fed up with the Communist destroying the very Country I served.
        They’ve spit on the graves of our fallen soldiers for their sacrifice, so those Anti-American Communist can change the very fabric, our founding fathers envisioned.
        Dictatorship and rich elites is what they want in order to control each and every one of us.
        I defy them and I will stand my ground and fight until my last breath.
        Thank you brother.

  • Another waste of our money because Democrats were not able to stop Trump from running again. We all know the various trails democrats brought against Trump was used to try and prevent him from getting back into office. There is video proof Trump was not inciting a riot, he does have the right to challenge the votes and get a recount (dems do it all the time), and asked his fellow Republicans to help with slowing down the process but it could not be done. This does not mean he was trying to over throw the government. Schumer is trying to persecute Trump to prevent him from running. Why? its because the dems are afraid their time in office is done.

  • There has been a lot of talk about President Trump going on a revenge tour when he becomes President. I hope he doesn’t.
    I pray that he will work only on healing the Nation from this horrific injustice that has been imposed on all the citizens of this great nation by none other than Joe Biden and is administration.
    I want him to restore out economy. I want him to close the border to illegal aliens. Also send back any undocumented interlopers in our country illegally brought here by Joe Biden and his administration.
    I want him to work hand and hand with Congress and the House of Representatives to stop the disaster that is ruining our children’s education with the sick woke agenda.
    Now as for what will be revenge. It will be his success in undoing the mess that Joe Biden and his followers did in these last 4 years. The American people will see that President Trump was right all along. And Joe Biden was a puppet in the hands of sinister people that wanted to destroy America as we know it.

    • Oregon, I agree with most of your comment but, the Communist Democrats won’t work at all with the Spineless Republicans and all they do is blame the Republicans for all the failures they themselves have done. From the open borders to the attacks on the 1st and 2nd Amendment to raising taxes and the War in Ukraine.
      I for one don’t want the Communist Democrats and Republicans to sit down and work things out because the Communist are the one’s who have started the War on America.
      10 to 1 the very first thing the Communist will do is go for another impeachment against President Trump.
      They should all Hang or face a Fireing Squad within the first two weeks.

    • Justice is not revenge. It is JUSTICE. They must face the legal ramifications for their crimes. Investigate, indict, try and with the Judges /prosecutors aware (they could be next) best follow the laws. I bet if investigated 60% dems, 50% Rinos or more would be in prison. Held accountable for Russia Russia Russia Steele Dosier, spying on Trump, impeachments (dems altered vids ect to fit their narrative) J6 Committe for destroying their ‘evidence,’ Bryd who shot/killed Babbitt, Lies, over sentencing of J6ers, (Pelosi for J6 by not bringing in offered Ntl Guard, Covid lies, AG’s NOT doing their jobs, lockdowns, DEI, Mutilating children, schools dumbing down our kids, pedos, and the list goes on!!! If not held accountable they will continue their schemes etc.! Let it all go and pretend didn’t happen? They must be stopped and the only way is if they all face the music. Only then can the country heal, slowly but surely.

  • Schumer is the biggest butthole in the senate. He personally denied any person in the senate from hearing the impeachment of Myorkas… These crooks always stand together. Why do New Yorkers continually reelect this moron? Schumer should be kicked out of office before President Trump is inaugurated.
    Is every person who calls NYC his or her home brain-dead???

  • Schumer talks a lot of bullshit He was going to do this and do that to reverse the roe v wade He knows he can’t over ride the court on this with another bullshit thing to make the idiot democrats he is fighting every inch of the way Well except when I am working with the CCP his business partners So Chucky sit down and stop lying These democrats still believe that they can write over the things they don’t like but be damned if you say anything about their moronic ideas that always fail and then they raise taxes It is time for the people to take back our country and get rid of the Schumer Pelosi Biden Garland Cortez Bush although I think she is going to get voted out So that will leave the squad a couple short Cortez is making her debut like a big girl and showing her ignorance of laws procedures customs economy foreign relations climate change idiot There is a lot more but You don’t have an hour to read it It is the play of the year for her social media You will be getting all kinds of praise for something that will not get anywhere If I were her constituent I would be asking what about us So I would find another person to represent the district This time get one that actually cares about the district This young woman is dumber that 2 dozen rocks and she is embarrassing herself This is the same idiot that wanted to know when she was going to be inaugurated I do have to give her credit She is working at about the 8th grade level now So who knows in 5 or 6 years she will really be ready for college this time



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