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In a recent and concerning development, health officials have officially confirmed a case of the plague in Pueblo County, Colorado.

This alarming news has prompted the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment (PDPHE) to swiftly collaborate with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to conduct a comprehensive investigation into this matter.

While the specific details about the affected individual have not been disclosed, Alicia Solis, the program manager of the Office of Communicable Disease and Emergency Preparedness at PDPHE, has issued a strong call to action for citizens to take necessary precautions against the plague for both themselves and their pets.

Alicia Solis emphasized the importance of seeking immediate medical attention if symptoms of plague manifest.

She stressed that although plague can be effectively treated with antibiotics, prompt treatment is crucial to avoid serious complications or even death in infected individuals.

The plague, caused by a bacterium known as Yersinia pestis, has a notorious history of causing deadly pandemics.

While cases are fortunately rare in modern times, this recent occurrence has raised significant concern among public health officials.

With paramount consideration for public health and safety, authorities are on high alert and actively monitoring the situation.

Through launching a comprehensive investigation and disseminating crucial messages regarding protection measures, officials aim to contain the threat and prevent any potential further spread of this serious disease.

As news of this case continues to unfold across Pueblo County and beyond, it is imperative for all individuals to remain vigilant and informed about necessary precautions.

By staying well-informed about potential risks associated with the plague, residents can play an active role in safeguarding their own health as well as that of their beloved pets.

Here are some measures recommended by PDPHE to safeguard yourself and your pets:

  • Eliminate places that rodents can hide and breed around your home, garage, shed or recreation area. Remove brush, rock piles, trash, and piles of lumber.
  • Avoid contact with dead animals. If you must handle sick or dead animals, follow these guidelines:
    • Apply insect repellant to protect yourself from fleas
    • Use a long-handled shovel to place it in a garbage bag
    • Place the bag in an outdoor garbage can
  • Use insect repellent that contains 20%-30% DEET to prevent flea bites. Treat pants, socks, shoe tops, arms, and legs.
  • Do not let pets sleep in bed with you.
  • Treat dogs and cats for fleas regularly. Flea collars have not been proven effective.
  • Do not allow pets to hunt or roam in rodent areas, such as prairie dog colonies.
  • Keep pet food in rodent-proof containers.


JASE Medical is a telemedicine company with a singular focus to change all of that. This platform offers access to basic emergency preparedness medications for every family in America.

JASE Medical has extensively researched and established a nationwide network of physicians specially trained to evaluate individual needs, diagnose conditions, and prescribe necessary medications for emergency preparedness.

These prescribed medications could potentially save lives for you and your loved ones, all conveniently accessible through the JASE Medical online portal.

Whether it’s allergies, pre-existing conditions, or uncertainty about medication usage, the JASE Medical physician network is equipped to address all concerns.

Their user-friendly platform ensures a seamless consultation process that typically takes just over five minutes to complete. Shortly after, your personalized JASE Case will be delivered right to your doorstep.

What’s in the JASE Case?

The kit contains the following antibiotic medications:

  • Amoxicillin/Clavulanate.
  • Azithromycin.
  • Ciprofloxacin.
  • Doxycycline.
  • Metronidazole.

All medications carry a level of risk, but these five antibiotics were selected for their effectiveness and optimal patient safety.

Guidance from the CDC says it best: “Antibiotics … save lives, and when a patient needs antibiotics, the benefits usually outweigh the risks of side effects and antibiotic resistance.”

Are there instructions?

With your JASE Case comes a guidebook titled the “Emergency Antibiotic Guide.” As you turn the pages, you will find lists of infections that are treatable with the JASE Case antibiotics.

Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Anthrax, plague and tularemia (resulting from bio-terror).
  • Bite wounds.
  • Cellulitis.
  • Diverticulitis.
  • Intra-abdominal infections.
  • Tooth infections.
  • Ear infections.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Sinusitis.
  • Strep throat.
  • Urinary tract infection.
  • and more.

The idea is that when you have an emergency and do not have direct access to a health care provider, you can consult the handbook and use the medications. JASE Medical ensures that, when needed, you will take these medicines safely and effectively.

What about chronic conditions?

In addition to the JASE Case (antibiotics), the JASE Medical platform will address emergency preparedness medications for those with chronic medical conditions. JASE Medical’s same physician network is prepared to assess your condition and the need for appropriate preparedness medicines.

Ongoing support

Yes! JASE Medical is there. As part of its mission to prepare you medically, JASE Medical will provide unlimited ongoing support from their physician network for questions about any of the medications prescribed.

What about shelf life?

The good news about antibiotics is that they last longer than you think. The FDA’s Shelf Life Extension Program found that 88% of the drugs studied maintained their potency and safety beyond the published expiration date. The extended usability of these medications ranged from 5.5 years to as many as 23 years beyond their printed expiration!

The JASE Case antibiotics all carry the FDA’s required expiration dates. JASE Medical endorses those dates. The JASE Medical team suggests buying your initial supply and then using your regular refills to keep a rotating supply of fresh medication on hand. In this way, you will keep a basic supply of full-potency meds indefinitely and at little or no additional cost.

Value and peace of mind

At the end of the day, this is all about peace of mind and knowing that you are ready for the unexpected. Understanding that you have found a solution, priced at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost you, only adds to that peace of mind.

Go to and secure your emergency medications, an emergency antibiotic guide, unlimited physician consultation and a team of professionals who are on a mission.

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    • Can’t blame the illegals for this. The germs have lived in the areas around the
      Rockies and there have been a few cases show up every year for decades, at least. A veterinarian friend of mine told me at least 10 years ago that the pathogens are endemic to that part of the nation. This is just more fear porn. and I find it more than slightly curious that it is in the same article as they pushing those really expensive offers for antibiotics.

  • You can thank Joe, Obama, and Mayorkas for this and every other negatives regarding ILLEGAL ALIENS moved into this country – at least it used to be a country. Right now we live in a chaotic and LAWLESS SH_THOLE!!!

    The Bolsheviks controlling Washington DC will do EVERYTHING to ensure they hold onto power – including manufacturing 30 million fraudulent ballots “for the illegals”.


  • Plague is known to occur in the areas around the Rockies. There are at least a few cases every year. Nothing to freak about. Like a lot of other diseases (Scarlet Fever being one) now that there are antibiotics it is not as deadly as it was in the past.



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