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On Friday evening, during an on-air segment, Rep. Matt Gaetz swiftly corrected a partisan CNN anchor and “senior political correspondent” Abby Phillip after she inaccurately characterized his vote on a defense appropriations bill.

Phillip claimed that the House GOP majority’s failure to pass the bill was due to Gaetz voting against it on a procedure known as a “rule”.

But in fact, Gaetz had not done that.

“You did vote against the defense appropriations bill this week…that…the rule to advance…” she said as Gaetz interjected.

“No, I didn’t,” he insisted as she continued to make her false claim.

“Abby, this is going to be a very embarrassing moment when the internet corrects you on this,” Gaetz insisted.  “I voted for the defense rule both times.”

“I stand corrected,” replied.

Gaetz responded by asserting that he had already voted twice for the defense appropriations bill, adding that Bartiromo was acting as a “shill” for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

“Yes, that’s why I voted for it, and I voted for the rule to proceed on to it,” responded Gaetz. “And by the way, don’t give Kevin McCarthy credit for the fact that we’re moving on these four appropriations bills. That was the deal that House conservatives foisted upon Kevin McCarthy when he couldn’t just move the big spending bills without moving the bills that cut spending.”

“Well, he’s doing the four bills next week-” she interjected, only to be interrupted by Gaetz: “‘Cause we’re making him. ‘Cause we’re making him.”

“So to push now, to blow up all of the wins that you all have had now,” Bartiromo noted further.

“Which wins? Please enumerate them,” Gaetz responded.

Bartiromo mentioned a number of investigations into the weaponization of government, China, and the impeachment inquiry, which newly formed committees are handling.

“None of those things are deliverables. Those are steps in a process. Setting up a committee is an end unto itself only in Washington, D.C., but the American people demand results…These committees have done nothing to reduce inflation. They’ve done nothing to actually constrain the Biden government,” Gaetz said.

House Republican leadership became disheartened last week when they were unable to move forward with the significant defense spending bill, resulting in Representative McCarthy (R-Calif.) delaying a vote on a short-term funding measure.

This issue was further compounded by the fact that only one out of twelve appropriation bills have been voted on and passed in the chamber.

The 30-day continuing resolution was designed to prevent government shutdowns and keep dialogue open; however, its procedural vote has now been postponed.

Five Republicans joined Democrats in a 214-212 vote against the 2024 defense resolution. These GOP lawmakers were Reps. Ken Buck (R-CO), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Dan Bishop (R-NC), Ralph Norman (R-SC), and Matt Rosendale (R-MT).

“I took down the rule — as I vowed I would — because the Conference continues not to have moved twelve appropriations bills at the spending level agreed to in January. I assume leadership believes me now,” Bishop said in a statement via Punchbowl News.

Other Republican members expressed their irritation with the obstacle to passing the defense appropriations bill, which includes a variety of elements such as salary increases, border security measures, and a ban on funds for transgender treatments.

“They’re confused and they just handed a win to the Chinese Communist Party as a result of this vote,” Rep. Mike Garcia (R-Calif.) said.

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  • Matt…or Mr. Gaetz is a beast! If he ever can get his persona a slight bit smoother, nothing will stop him. I remember the libs trying to pin some liberal creppy stuff on him and him stuck in a situation that appeared dire. He came roaring out of that, and it’s obvious he is ready to strike back…. against any of the swamp creatures!

  • She obviously was stating what she had been told. She did not research this on her own or if she did she had no idea how to find out the truth. Sad that big tech gets away with this all the time.

    • Absolutely Shelly, She did sound like a scripted “cover my a** recording” for the far-left socialist crowd. Perhaps she was interviewing for a spot on the View.



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