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Amid President Biden’s administration dealing with yet another border crisis in Eagle Pass, Texas, Republican Governor Greg Abbott has taken initiative and is achieving results.

To aid the situation, the Texas National Guard and Department of Public Safety troopers were sent to the town after its mayor declared a state of emergency.

Sources from U.S Customs and Border Protection reported that on Wednesday, up to 10 thousand people had illegally crossed into Eagle Pass from Mexico – contributing to 270 thousand encounters throughout fiscal year 2023.

Former Texas Congressman Mayra Flores told Townhall in an interview, “The Mexican cartel is in full control of the southern border. This is a situation that we [people who live near the border] deal with on a daily basis.”

“It’s the best time for terrorists to come into the country, because we don’t have border security. We have a federal government that refuses to enforce the law.”

Flores, the wife of a Border Patrol agent, posted shocking pictures on Sunday of a Border Patrol Agent soaked in blood, claiming that he was assaulted by an undocumented immigrant near the US-Mexico border.

Image:Myra Flores/Facebook

She shared on Instagram, “This is the type of violence that is being exerted on Border Patrol Agents by those who don’t want to be apprehended. The suspect was encountered by Border Patrol near McAllen, Texas. The suspect was labeled a rat by the cartels and fought against the agent until the backup arrived. Please pray for our men and women in uniform.”

Flores also posted a photo of an illegal who had been branded “a rat” by cartels and seemed to have a mark carved into his forehead, which was said to be done by a Mexican drug cartel member.

Flores also shared a photo of a wounded illegal who “was labeled a rat by the cartels.”
Mayra Flores / Facebook

In 2022, Flores made waves in the political world by winning a seat that Republicans had not held for over 100 years. Despite her loss in the following midterms, she declared in July of the same year that she was running again, hoping to garner more backing from the GOP.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • This worthless corrupt evil administration. We have to throw all these crooked vile democrats out of office. The USA is being destroyed by what the democrats are doing.

    • They are enemies of America and blatant criminals that belong behind bars for life at the very least!
      Of course they are working for the Leftist Globalist Cabal to destroy America as we know it and bring on Totalitarianism!

  • Two things:

    1) Why can’t this be put on Facebook?

    2) Why can’t Border Patrol be told that if they feel that their life is being threatened by an illegal immigrant that they can stop this attack by any means necessary? That could be a stun gun or a bullet. American citizens need to be protected. The government is run by a lowlife, scumbag, POS along with his Democrat comrades in the Senate and Congress. It is time to take back our country, starting in the voting booth this November!!

    • The progressive liberals do not want ICE/USC/BP defending themselves against attacks from illegals. If the do, they have to prove (GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT) they used the minimum force necessary to stop the assault. If no witnesses, you are then presumed guilty.

    • Robert that garbage in the White House along with Obama and most of the Democrat run Congress are serving the UN, WEF and Deep State Globalist Cabal to secure the New World Order! It’s really out of control now, and voting by itself isn’t going to change this hellish paradigm! We do need Divine Intervention and some great miracles to save America.

  • We have an administration that underfunds & understaffs our border patrols and overfunds & overstaffs privileges for illegal migrants. Biden does not represent the American people. Therefore, he is not our president. He’s a rogue criminal who led a coup d’etat against the man who won the Presidency! In doing so, Biden violated our Constitution and trashed our legal votes. He is the worst “leader” in the entire free world.  His negligence is criminal & he must be removed ASAP, along with his entire administration.  His corrupted federal agencies must be demolished & replaced with honest people who uphold their oath of office to do no harm.  PERIOD! 

    • Marlene; he is nothing but a dried our husk and barely a human being, who is demonically possessed over the years, that is self-evident! So the issue is much bigger than a few men or women in power; but is a vast network of planned out orchestrated diabolical evil that like a demon octopus has wrapped its tentacles around America and many other nations to serve a most dark and sinister Global Agenda! Freemason Illuminati!

  • IF we were a free people, we would be able to protect OUR country. The slaves need to rebel against the socialist in gov’t., take back our country. Restore the republic again.

  • THE big task for patriots is to win ‘Middle America’ away from the Left. America is divided, roughly, 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 into Left, Center, and Right. There are several issues where we have the advantage: (1) Mass Third World Illegal Immigration. (2) Sexualization of children (‘Drag Queen Story Hour’); (3) School Choice (especially effective among minority groups who want a decent education for their children). We have to push, push, push on these issues. But above all, we have to organize, first at the local level.

  • We The People are at War against Communist Democrats, they are the true terrorists who are destroying the Constitution and by allowing Illegals free pass into the United States, and giving them freedom to rape, murder, abduct our children and force them into child sex slavery.
    The military has the right to arrest Biden and his Administration and bring them before a Tribunal who should find them guilty of Treason and send them to Gitmo.
    But it seems the military is now a Woke, transgender compromised do nothing to protect America and the American people.
    The do nothing Republicans have mounds of evidence to impeach Communist Joe Biden.
    Communist Biden will remain in power to completely destroy America.
    We The People may see our freedom of speech and our Justice System turn pro crimes against the United States.
    The Communist Democrats and Rinos are relying on the Illegals and Antifa and BLM to rid America of Patriots before the 2024 election.
    It’s time to a call of arms and start shooting those Illegals and Antifa and BLM who try to harm children and protect yourself must be a message that We’ve had enough.

    • Anyone who at this time calls for ‘shooting’ people, is doing the work of the enemy, even if they are sincere.

      It’s always the case that the people who call for violence don’t actually do any: they’re just showing how rough and tough they are. They won’t undertake any violent actions … or any other sort.

      But this sort of silly talk could encourage some immature kids to do something stupid. And every organized group of patriots must expect to be infiltrated by an agent provocateur, who will try to entrap the others into committing a felony.

      So … we have to organize. We have to exercise our 2A rights fully … in an organized local group, hopefully one with some veterans in it.

      But we have to emphasize that we are legal and peaceful. It’s the other side who want to paint us as gun-crazy maniacs.

      Don’t play into their hands!

      • Doug Hanlon, so your against protecting your family and yourself even when those Communist thugs and illegals are going to harm any of your family or yourself.?
        If you are then you must be supporting the destruction of America.
        I stated every Patriot should use deadly force should those Communist Anti-American Bastards attempt to harm your children or family members and yourself.
        I support the 2nd Amendment and will never give in to the the Communist SOB in Washington DC.
        I took an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States against all terrorist whether foreign and domestic in the United States Army and Law Enforcement.
        Every Far left person and Fake
        news outlets always turn statements around for their Democrat voter’s.
        And you called me the enemy.?
        You must be a Communist Democrat voters then, it’s your right to vote for Communist Democrats but be careful who you call an enemy, the true enemies are Illegals, Antifa, BLM and the Communist Democrats in Washington DC.
        I on the other hand stand by the Oath I took and support Americans to protect their children and Families using deadly force period.

    • Michael; sorry but see my above comments; too little much too late!
      Miracles are the only thing that can turn this mayhem around! Sort of the frog in the kettle situation and we all allowed it to come upon us by being lax or thinking someone else would do the heavy lifting; so we all partied on ignoring all the mounting evidence in our faces for decades!

      More were mesmerized and hypnotized than not! Think about it, how more recently pot heads and legal pot shops became ordinary along with all of the drinking; and then a serious killer fentanyl plaguing our nation now! Smart Phones which are addictive phones for stupid people that are being prepared for a chip in the head; mass control!

      • Lawrence, I know you’re right on the global agenda and the evils that plague our nation.
        However with over 140 million Americans who now own guns, and we’re the largest Army in the world, somethings got to happen.
        The American people are not going to live under dictator rule where the innocent are guilty and the Criminals are free to murder, Rape, steal, burn down buildings, assassinate Police Officers, ubduct children for child sex rings, forced transgender operations, teaching sex in our Schools and go unpunished.
        It just burns me up on what’s happening caused by the Demon worshipping Communist Democrats and Rinos.
        Like everyone else who have stated I too don’t believe Communist Joe Biden will not be indicted nor will his Demon son Hunter.
        But if you and I did 1/10th of the crimes they’ve done we’d be in imprisoned or shot by firing squad.
        The evil globalist are going to set the world on fire, starvation, murder for food, famine, higher taxes, government seizure of everyone’s property, more job losses, eventually leading to cannibalism. If you know what I mean.

  • Get used to seeing the blood on a daily basis. The ONLY way to stop the useless demoncrats is by force. The democrat party needs to be abolished totally. Take it back by force the same way that they are forcing it on us.



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