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A New York state appeals court judge recently announced that a lawsuit brought against former President Donald Trump and his related business entities by New York Attorney General Letitia James has been temporarily halted.

This is good news for the former president, who currently faces multiple indictments and civil lawsuits.

The trial was set to commence on October 2nd, however, its continuity is now uncertain due to an order that has been issued in response to a lawsuit filed by President Trump against the presiding judge of the case, Justice Arthur Engoron.

James has filed claims against the former president and his family business, alleging that their assets and net worth were artificially inflated in order to gain preferential terms for borrowing money.

Reuters noted:

The attorney general has said that a “mountain of evidence” shows how Trump and his associates lied over a decade about his assets and net worth, which she says may have been inflated by as much as $3.6 billion, to obtain better terms on loans and insurance.

In September 2022, James filed a lawsuit against Trump and his two sons demanding that they be barred from running the Trump Organization and requesting a $250 million fine.

The Appeals Court Justice David Friedman granted an interim stay on the trial. This matter will now be heard by a five-member panel for a final ruling, with the decision expected to be reached by the end of September.

Reuters added:

Friedman’s stay does not apply to a scheduled Sept. 22 hearing before Engoron on both sides’ motions for summary judgment, which can proceed as planned, the court spokesman said.

The former president has refuted James’ claims of fraudulent activity within the Trump Organization and has advocated for the lawsuit to be dismissed. Trump has characterized the lawsuit as a politically-motivated attempt to increase James’ standing among leftists.

Currently, Trump is facing four indictments; two at the federal level and two at the state level. He has described them as election interference intended to disrupt his campaign for the 2024 presidential election.

The outcome of this matter remains uncertain.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • All these ridiculous accusations against Trump need to be dismissed. They need to go after the real criminal Joe Biden and his bribery schemes in many countries. The liberal media keeps covering for Biden but the truth will prevail

  • The Communist Democrats just never quit, Soros paid for DA’S and Judges keep scheming and accusing President Trump of everything, from his lawfully right to declassified documents to blowing his nose in public.
    It’s no wonder if that poor man’s nerves are just about shot.
    The few good American Citizens need to rise up and go after those Communist Soros DA’s and Corrupt Judges and demand they be removed or disbarred and if that doesn’t work some snipper should take them out.
    Then go after Soros and Son, who have committed many acts of Treason and espionage against the United States.

  • Here’s a run down of the Communist Democrats and what they stand for;
    *Authoritarian in rule Dressed up as Democracy
    *Rewrite History for political purposes
    * Change election procedures to ensure Democrat Advantage
    * Control language and thought processes
    * Need a State run Media
    * Legalize Repression
    *Create Intimidation
    *Creat Enemies of the People
    * Destroy the nuclear Family
    *Destroy traditions and customs in the Civil society
    * Destroy Capitolism
    * Support Racism, Anti Semitism and Groupism
    * Attack the status Quo of existing society
    The Communist Democrats Hate America and if We The People don’t do something NOW we will be Destroyed and We lose our freedom and freedom of speech once and for all.
    Get with it America, We need to stand up fully armed and go after all Communist Democrats and rid this Country of the Evils that’s infiltrated our Government.
    Remember, the blood shed could be theirs and if We allow them to continue then the blood shed will be ours and our children and grandchildren.

  • Whatever the claimed values, on the loan application, lending institutions obtain their own independent assessment of value. Was there a significant variation between the two ? It appears the lender, in fact, approved the loan.

    • That’s true. If there was a large difference in the value of the loan, the Bank could have taken additional properties as collateral. Considering the large amount of the loan, it could have been a parcipitation loan. Either way, the instiutuion must have thought that the value of the collateral was worth the risk.



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