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The National Archives recently revealed the results of a FOIA response, confirming that they discovered 5,138 emails and 25 electronic files pertaining to the Joe Biden pseudonyms [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].

Following their initial missed deadline, NARA further identified 82,000 pages of emails sent or received by then-Vice President Biden through these three separate private accounts for possible involvement in questionable business dealings with foreign entities.

This search was conducted in response to a FOIA lawsuit initiated by the Southern Legal Foundation, a conservative nonprofit law firm.

“NARA has completed a search for potentially responsive documents and is currently processing those documents for the purpose of producing non-exempt portions of any responsive records on a monthly rolling basis,” A report from NARA stated, according to Just The News. “Given the scope of Plaintiff’s FOIA request, which seeks copies of all emails in three separate accounts over an eight-year period, the volume of potentially responsive records is necessarily large.

“NARA has identified approximately 82,000 pages of potentially responsive documents, and it is currently processing those documents and preparing any non-exempt responsive documents for production on a rolling basis,” the report said.

Recent reports suggest that Joe Biden’s use of a private email account for government business may surpass the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Just The News reported:

Under legal pressure, the National Archives has located 82,000 pages of emails that President Joe Biden sent or received during his vice presidential tenure on three private pseudonym accounts, a total that potentially dwarfs the amount that landed Hillary Clinton in hot water a decade ago, according to a federal court filing released Monday.

The total of Biden private email exchanges was disclosed Monday in a little-noticed status report filed in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought against the National Archives and Records Administration by the nonprofit public interest law firm the Southeastern Legal Foundation.

The foundation brought the lawsuit seeking access to the emails after Just the News revealed a year ago that Joe Biden had used three pseudonym email accounts — [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] – during the time he served as President Barack Obama’s vice president.

During her tenure as head of the Department of State from 2009-2013, Hillary Clinton used a private Gmail account for official business. This was allegedly done to evade FOIA requests related to influence peddling.

The story was brought to light by Judicial Watch, who sued for communications and records related to the Benghazi terrorist attack that left 4 Americans dead.

An FBI investigation into this matter revealed that classified information had been transmitted over the private server, including the name of a CIA agent.

Fired FBI Director James Comey and CI Chief Peter Strzok discussed charging Hillary Clinton with gross negligence, however they changed the wording in order to avoid prosecution.

To this day, Hillary Clinton maintains that emails erased and BleachBit from her private server pertained mainly to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and yoga routines.

ICYMI: Trump to Present Classified Information of Foreign Interference in 2016 and 2020 Elections at January 6th Indictment Trial

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  • I know quite a bit about how email systems work. Since two of the three pseudonym email addresses are commercial and not government accounts, the 82,000 pages is likely only a PARTIAL list of the emails sent with those accounts.

    NARA would/should only have access to emails that were sent to or from emails that exist within the federal government’s domains. Thus communication between the Biden Crime Family members or between them and those they were accepting bribes from that included these pseudonym commercial emails, but not a U.S. government account would not be included. Also, not included would be any other non-email communication like phone calls, What’s Up, and other forms of digital or direct communication.

    Thus as vast as this trove is it is only the tip of the iceberg.

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    • AMEN, and purposely so!!!!! They are still covering for the criminal because he is a globalist TRAITOR who should be hanged for TREASON!!!!!!!!!!

  • He should be indicted and charged .They have the evidence on everything he has done and is doing.What are they waiting for? It’s ridiculous.They need to bring him down.

    • Nothing is going to happen because he is one of them and they protect their own!!!!! TRAITORS stick together!!!!!!!!!!

  • If there had not been a lawsuit, these emails would never have been released by the archives. They have lied over & over to the american people & now they got caught.

    • AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!! The problem is that the gop establishment helps them hide stuff and won’t fight for We the People!!!!!!!!!!

    • He should be sent to the gallows for TREASON, he and his brother, son, and all devildemocommiecrats, mccarthy, cheney, kinzinger, collins, graham, mcconnell, cornyn, thune, and a bunch of other gop members who are with them!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alright, and now when will the Republicans file impeachment and prosecute the Communist, Anti-Constitution, Anti-American pedophile incompetent, joke of a Communist Democrat Illegitimate shi* head Joe Biden.?
    The hateful Anti-American Communist Hillary Clinton has been proven to be a Traitorous bitc*.!!
    All of them should be brought up on charges without Due Process like the J6 prisoners and executed for their Treasonous crimes against the United States.!
    Remove the Communist, Anti-Constitution, Anti-American, Muslim homosexual Barack Hussein Obama from behind the curtain, arrest him and send his sorry a$$ back to Pakistan where he said “Muslims are peaceful and the sound of music is the most beautiful sound in the world” Deport his hateful Muslim a$$ where he can be with his Muslim brotherhood friends.
    Next; arrest and convict George Soros and his son without Due Process and confiscate their assets and send them to Gitmo.!
    If the wimpy Spineless Republicans allow their new Evidence to go unpunished and do nothing then true Americans will know We The People have been played and deceived.

    • I am sorry to have to say this. While summary execution would be satisfying to the majority of Americans for Creepy China Joe and Killary, to be Constitutional, they would need to be tried publically and found guilty of their crimes. Let us not lose sight of our Constitution and its requirements for justice, please. Just because those currently in power ignore it and the Judicial Branch, does not mean that we can or should.

      • Laura R Wagner, executions is what’s needed in this Country. Not another slap on the wrist as the Communist Democrats have always gotten away with. That’s why they keep doing what they do, since they expect it like a child who don’t get disciplined.
        The gutless, Spineless Republicans never use the Constitution for the serious crimes done by the Communist in Washington DC, Treason is an execution offense and I’d love to see them executed for the Treasonous actions they’ve caused to the American Citizens, death, rape, child sex rings, Transgenders operations on our children, deeming concerned parents as Terrorists, Pornography in our Schools, Allowing mass illegals to destroy our cities, arresting and imprisonment on J6 prisoners without Due Process, while those same Communist Democrats allow BLM & ANTIFA to go free, tons of Fentenyl pouring into the United States, selling our oil reserves to China, causing race wars the murdering of our Police Officers, condoning violent protests, shutting down our oil supply, forcing Citizens to buy EV’S & Solar panels, Higher taxes more higher taxes and more to come, giving SS to illegals who never put a dime into it, free Education, food, housing, transportation for the millions of Illegals, College tuition forgiveness at the expense of the Tax payers, The Afghanistan screw up, 85-Billion dollars of Military equipment giving to Hamas, $billions of dollars to Ukraine, $6-Billion Dollars to Iran that we know of, the destruction of our economy, food shortage, I could keep on but I’m sure you get.
        That’s Treason against the United States and the American people all of which the Communist Democrats should be Executed.

    • I expect the House will do it but the gop TRAITORS in the senate will side with upchuck and his gang of TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!

  • And watch it will be all blacked out! Or not admissible. or the judge will call it all lies! And nobody will be charged! YES! The legal system is that corrupt! That is one thing Trump has clearly exposed! Or half the FBI and 50 plus CIA would be in jail for election fraud!

  • When did Joe find time to attend to the duties of a Senator or Vice President and we know he does very little nowadays?



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