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If you haven’t already noticed, Democrats have absolutely no cares whatsoever when it comes to the high gas and oil prices that we’re currently experiencing.

If there is one thing that the Democrats try for it’s keeping Americans poor. When the people are poor they are more dependent and more willing to concede on certain matters which gives them more control in the end.

Honestly, think about it though. Over the last two and a half years, what have they done to actually help Americans get a leg up and to live better lives?

Well, let’s see…they forcefully shut down businesses and prevented people from earning money to survive. In fact, they even went as far as to fine them massively for trying to earn a living. At the same time, in the most liberal locations like in California there were even instances in which Governor Gavin Newsom forced a certain business that was even following guidelines to shut down but right outside their doors, an event that was more favorable to Newsom was able to be held that ignored the same restrictions that prevented the business owner from operating her restaurant with outdoor dining.

Some liberals may appeal to the various stimulus checks that were passed out, but these were not a leg up in any way. These didn’t even make up for missed paychecks.

This week, Joe Biden was asked, “Do you have a message for the American people on gas prices?”

Biden replied, “They’re going to go up.” A reporter pressed, “What can you do about it?” Biden answered, “Can’t do much right now. Russia’s responsible.”

Can’t do much about it? How about reopen the Keystone XL pipeline?

Also, Ted Cruz REALLY called him out for blaming Russia for the gas prices.

This is a flat-out lie.

Gas prices have increased 48% under Biden—BEFORE RUSSIA INVADED UKRAINE.

Biden did that.

That’s bc Biden:

– killed Keystone pipeline.
– froze federal leases.
– shut down ANWR

All, while Biden waived sanctions on Putin’s pipeline.


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