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The biggest problem that is choking our country at the moment now that COVID is basically over, is that sky high price of oil and gas.

Joe Biden made an idiotic remark earlier this week stating that the price is down 14% like it was something to brag about, but in reality, we just hit record highs.

Democrats are completely tone deaf to the struggles of Americans and it shows. Just this week, Democrat Rep. Hakeen Jeffries was asked during a press briefing how they were planning to address the issue and work towards lowering gas prices. The answer he gave will leave you fuming.

“What is the thinking within your caucus about how to deal with that issue [high gas prices]?” a reporter asked Jeffries.

“That issue hasn’t come up,” Jeffries said.

Are you kidding me right now? The issue of gas prices is one of the most pressing matters in our country, and it hasn’t come up in conversation? What the heck are they spending their time talking about?

Are they planning vacations together or discussing how to best piss away our tax dollars? Because I know with certainty that they do both of those things. The amount of our money that they blow on themselves is abhorrent and they should be ashamed of themselves, but they have no morals.

I’m mostly speaking of the Democrats here, but don’t think that there aren’t some Republicans who love to live the lavish lifestyle and waste our money as well.

What they should be doing is using some of that money to lower gas prices. But at the very minimum they should be talking about it because when President Trump was still in office, they went out of their way to hold a special press conference to call President Trump to task in lowering the $3.00/gal price of gas, yet here we are today with the price MUCH higher, but this “hasn’t come up”.

The 2022 elections can’t get here soon enough, let’s just hope that we can combat enough funny-business to get the legitimate winners into the Senate and House this time around.

Get out of Washington if you’re not going to do your job!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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