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Many of the bureaucratic blowhards have faded from the public spotlight now that the COVID pandemic is waning. However, an astonishing exclusive audio has just leaked. The audio contains startling revelations made by one such corrupt bureaucrat.

Francis Collins is the former Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Collins and his crony, Dr. Anthony Fauci, are directly responsible for allowing millions of taxpayer dollars to be funneled towards deadly gain-of-function virus research.

One of the laboratories, which had money channeled to it, was the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It is from this lab a deadly virus leaked. COVID killed millions of people across the globe. It devastated entire national economies.

COVID produced the worst global health crisis in more than 100 years. Fauci and Collins should be held accountable. But are they being made to answer for killing millions of humans? No, in fact, Joe Biden has given Collins a new job with a fancy new title.

In Joe Biden’s D.C. swamp, when you make mistakes that virtually destroy lives, you get a promotion. That’s the way the liberal left works. Screw up, and we’ll reward you with a higher and more important position. It’s insane.

Recently, Collins whined to National Public Radio (NPR). The disgraced former health official shared his frustration over how bureaucrats such as himself and Fauci were treated as political figures.

Collins said he was frustrated that any criticism was orchestrated with political overtones. How about we consider the notion that the political overtones were really just serious questions in search of honest answers?

But now a leaked audio from last October has surfaced. It casts a completely different narrative on Collins’ bogus claims of being politically bipartisan. He wasn’t, and neither was Fauci. His comments came during an event at the University of Chicago.

Collins said he felt that “the threat of job loss” was an excellent policy to force people to get vaccinated. Instead of attacking the lab his organization helped fund for COVID, Collins proceeded to somehow cast blame on President Trump.

President Trump had nothing to do with the pandemic’s origins. However, Fauci, Collins, and the rest of the creepy scientific community they funded did. Christianity Today theologian Russell Moore hosted the event.

The event was organized by the Institute of Politics. David Axelrod, a former Obama advisor, founded the institute. Moore introduced Collins as “a personal friend”, one of a group of “future elected officials, diplomats, and economists.”

Six months prior to the Chicago event, Collins also spoke with Moore. It was during this encounter that Collins clearly proved he was politically biased towards vaccine mandates. He talked about mandates from a legal standpoint, not as a medical professional, which was his job. Collins answered a question about how wise he thought federal vaccine mandates might prove.

Collins cited a SCOTUS case from 1905, Jacobson vs. Massachusetts. However, that case dealt with the far more deadly small-pox virus. There is little to no realistic way to compare the two. But Collins tried.

Collins went on to insist that because of the Jacobson ruling, “There’s no question in my mind that the mandates are legal.” That doesn’t sound very politically neutral to us. This jumps past Collins’ responsibilities as a medical advisor.

It does nothing more than support a political stance for authoritarian vaccine mandates. That’s the point where Collins said he felt it was perfectly okay to intimidate people into getting the shot. Collins said mandates will force people to get vaccinated even if they do not want to.

A leaked audio revealed that Collins saying, “Oh yeah, especially if it means losing your job.” Now, Collins has been given a new role in the Biden administration. Collins is the new co-chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

This is a new group described as “high-powered” experts. The fields include agriculture, biochemistry, ecology, and nanotechnology. This council was created in September. It is staffed to help, supposedly, give unbiased advice to the White House on future pandemic policy.

The scope of this council’s power will include climate change and other global issues. A man who helped trigger the worst global health crisis in 100 years got a promotion. But that’s how Washington, D.C. works. This should frighten every American citizen.

Photo Credit: NIH Image Gallery


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