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On Saturday night, St. Louis Police quickly dispersed an anti-Israel, Pro-Palestinian protest at Washington University in St. Louis.

The protesters, who held anti-Semitic beliefs, linked arms on campus as police dismantled their demonstration.

Despite their chants of “Hold the line!”, the police swiftly removed them from the area.

Check out the video:

Green Party candidate for president Jill Stein was arrested at the anti-Israel protest.

Left-leaning professor  Dr. Megan Ellyia was, of course, also present to back the young Marxists.


The parallels between the current situation and the anti-Semitic propaganda and violence that characterized Nazi Germany are alarming.

It is crucial for university administrations, law enforcement, and society as a whole to condemn and actively combat these acts of anti-Semitism.

Freedom of speech should never be used as an excuse to spread hate or incite violence against any group of people.

It is imperative that we learn from history and prevent such hateful ideologies from gaining traction in our communities.

ICYMI: Yale Student Protesters Rip Down US Flag on Campus – Harass Jewish Students

Doug Goldsmith

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  • In my entire life I never hated another country except those countries that were at war with the USA; however, when those wars ended there was nothing to hate about those countries.

    This above anti-Israel Protesters’ news article makes absolute no sense whatsoever. Why would anybody hate Jewish people or any other people? Each person on earth goes to work and then returns home day in and day out. If Israel or any other country is not demonizing such people, why do they go out and scream out their dislike for them?

    I have been studying, analyzing, and researching the Judaeo Christian Scriptures for about fifty (50) years: since August 3, 1974. I have learned a great deal of knowledge from the Bible Hebraic texts. Only people that are serious in their studying, analyzing, and researching the Bible will learn how to improve on their profession, hobby, or whatever an individual’s psyche is interested in. Lazy people do not obtain any of that spiritual knowledge.

    • Sir,
      These people supporting HAMAS have no moral compas or the knowledge to base their beliefs on. Most of these people are atheists and cannot tolerate the thought that there is something out there greater than they. Because of this they feel empty and latch onto anything to have a sense of self-worth. They are also ill-educated and have no truths to base their decisions on. They have also never had to suffer the repercussions for bad behavior which leads them to believe everything they do is correct.

  • America has now been turned into a Nation of indoctrinated idiots.
    Right from wrong is nolonger a part of common sense.
    Theft is acceptable up to $2,000 without prosecution and Illegals can murder, rape, abduct children for child sex rings without any charges.
    Corrupt Communist DA’S and Governors and Judges remain in power and are not accountable for their crimes while they allow criminals to be set free.
    Innocent people are suffering and are losing their homes and Jobs while the Communist live a great lifestyle.
    A call for Americans to use the 2nd Amendment against the Communist Government maybe too late as Millions of American’s has become a nation of cowards.

    • I am not a coward. I served in the Air Force, two years overseas, operated my own business, took care of my family and paid my taxes.
      I am also a life member of the NRA and unlike Biden a devout Catholic and conservative.
      I am also a licensed concealed carry holder. My 9mm Ruger is with me when I leave my home and I promise, someone theatens me, friends or family I know how to use it and will not hesitate to do so.
      And I am an 84 year old woman.

      • Diane, your one of a few who is willing to stand up against the Communist in Washington DC and I to am an Army veteran living in Texas, I’m also a retired Texas Police Officer with two grandchildren and I will not comply with any of the Communist and I defy their Unconstitutional agenda to destroy the military and the lives of my family and friends.
        I’m an expert with my 40 cal. Glock along with a 38 cal.
        I also I have a 12 ga. slug shotgun which I use hollow points.
        Like you I will not hesitate to use deadly force.
        I’m 66 years old I still live up to my Oath to protect the Constitution.
        When I stated millions will sit back and allow the Communist to destroy America and the Constitution I’m talking about the Communist voters.
        We have the largest civilian Army in the world but who will stand with the Constitution and who will throw up their hands and surrender.?
        America is practically destroyed because of the Communist get away with High Crimes and Treason without any repercussions and arrest.

        • Michael,
          The military is already ruined. It was announced about a week ago that the military would Courts Marshal anyone who mis gender soldiers. I’m a Vet and I can honestly say that I’d be in prison if I were active duty today.

  • Hey stand up for right and just arrest these people who are in the wrong and put them in jail. Broadcast their names and this will alert employees who they are. I say they are dumb asses and i bet they do not even know what is happening. A college campus it a place to learn, study and get a degree not to protest and cause problems for others. I have never seen anything like this before. Expel every arrest protested and send any foreign students back to their countries.

    • Yes, hopefully she will stay a long time in jail.
      Then she can be sent to any muslim country-One way ticket

  • In line with the actions of Federal agency in J6, each of the arrestees should be charged with felony support of terrorism. The laws are clear, the determination of terrorism has been made by MOST free world countries and they are no longer protesters but are supporting terrorists who hold innocent US citizens.

    There is NO LONGER QUESTION that this is terrorist activity. The associates of these criminals have taken over streets, roads and especially causeways and major commerce roads across the USA. Unless the FBI does its job and begins to arrest these people for supporting terrorism, then the FBI will further destroy its credibility.

  • We are told we will be paying tuition for all these filthy maggots. CIVIL WAR is the way to correct this shit. You watch, this illegal “government” will be bringing in millions of palestinian filth.

  • Start Arresting these Terrorists and give them a choice. Choice #1 they get to live out their lives at Gitmo. Choice #2 Immediate Deportation to Iran or Palestine. They also get placed on the International No Fly List permanently as known Terrorists. Soros is once again funding the Hate and these are the same Brainwashed Liberal Morons who were also involved in the Summer of Hate in every city as BLM supporters. Once we get rid of the Garbage which is exactly what they are then reopen the Collages and University’s. Until they are all gone to those 2 choices no college or university should be open.



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