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We suppose that when you “have to go,” you just “have to go.” But for one American Airlines passenger, apparently the urge to “go potty” must have become rather overwhelming. No one is certain if Alexander Tung Cuu Le simply could not wait any longer.

Reports make no reference to the 33-year-old Westminster, California resident waiting for an “open window of opportunity” to use the economy-class restroom. Nevertheless, Tung Cuu Le wanted to use the first-class restroom.

If he didn’t really “have to go,” maybe he just preferred the softer side of the paperwork. Regardless, when the flight attendant refused to allow Tung Cuu Le to use the “first-class facilities,” he lost his marbles.

As the flight attendant turned his back on Tung Cuu Le, he sucker-punched him in the back of the head. He then turned and raced back to his seat, as if maybe he thought no one would notice that he had just physically assaulted someone.

Fellow passengers did notice. They restrained the combative Tung Cuu Le until the flight landed. Once on the ground at LAX, the FBI took over the investigation. The FBI is responsible for incidents that occur in the air.

Tung Cuu Le was detained on suspicion of interfering with a flight crew. This is a federal offense. The crazy incident happened on flight 377 from San José del Cabo to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants (AFPA) issued a statement. The union organization classified the incident as “dangerous” and “life-threatening.” However, and most disturbing, the union indicated that this is part of an alarming pattern.

Julie Hendrick is the national president of AFPA. She said, “This violent behavior puts the safety of all passengers and crew in jeopardy and must stop.” We suppose Tung Cuu Le really had to go.

However, most people have enough composure not to drill someone in the back of the head when they deny access to the potty. Hope Tung Cuu Le isn’t denied potty access when he’s booked into prison. That might prove rather embarrassing for the poor fellow.


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  • The man or whatever he should be hung by his ba//s with piano wire in a public location. This guy is an absolute coward.

  • The best solution would be open the door and pitch the Woke Democrat out! It will give the rest of the woke liberals a thing to think about as they could be next! And we now have so many illegals nobody would miss the woke turd! For the bleeding harts! Give him an umbrella!

    • Love it !!!
      Good idea for retaliation.
      I would suggest removing the hand that punched the flight attendant.
      No anesthetic or medical attention.
      Anybody have a band aid ?

  • Seems to me while the airlines should have better “facilities” on board, hitting the flight attendant isn’t going to solve the problem this “California Man” was experiencing. Bad move on his part IMO

  • People from California have all lost it.Guess the pressure by the Communists there has taken it’s toll on people mental health

  • Situational awaernes, feel it coming, see it coming. React to it with agressive force. Kill an agressor before he/she kills you.

  • well if nothing happens to the little woke brainwashed Democrat it will just keep happening! I will be surprised if they don’t try to blame this on Trump! I mean they have the nerve to blame the open boarder on him! When he had it sealed up! Biden is such a loser! They should have just opened the door and pitched the retard out! Then they would think twice before having another Democrat temper tantrum!

  • I can only ask “WHAT on God’s green earth has gotten in to people?” Never, in my eight decades of life, plus, have I witnessed this kind of behavior, on the ground, OR in the air. This past couple of years has really tried mens’ souls. It’s as if the crazy Chinese flu had warped all their brain cells?? In prior years, people had a little decorum and self-control, at least – – -WHERE has it all gone?

    • Close but not the flu. Probably the clot shot Fauci demanded ev1 but DC officials take. Especially now that truth is coming out the the media, govt, and celebritards said was fake, anti-vax and anti-science. Why would people keep the truth from us? Money or gemocide or both- take your pick. What is worse is folks are still not waking up to the fact.

  • Just to point out the obvious. This whole incident would not have happened if the flight attendant cared more about the well being of the passenger and less about rules. Common sense: just let him use the first class lavatory.

    • Bucky, you’re right. You would never get away with this kind of behavior on a Russia flight. Before the flight attendant knew what hit him, the Russian men would have the perp halfway out the cabin door. You just don’t do this kind of behavior on a Russia flight…they have mostly not lost there sence of decorum…imho

  • Why did they refuse him to use the bathroom? There is NO SUCH THING as a First Class Toilet! All Bathrooms onboard are available for all passengers, as available. If the rear bathrooms were full, then the up front bathrooms are available. Still, no need to hit the stupid, ignorant flight attendant (who needs to be fired)!

    Had it been me, I would just have dropped my pants and peed in the aisle! But would not hit anyone! Let the flight attendant clean up THEIR mess!

  • In all due respect , I have witnessed many “flight attendants” have a rude, crass and arrogant attitude and HIDE BEHIND the protections afforded them ( that are unjustified) to derive pleasure from agitating those they do not like. I have witnessed it first hand. Sometimes people need a GOOD BEATING to teach them a lesson that never gets taught because of unjustified protections

  • That POS should due time, fined heavy , prosecuted to the full extend of the law and banned on all flts. No fly list lifetime….His travel via Airline are done forever….



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