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If you follow U.S. politics, even haphazardly, you’ve probably had the opportunity to watch Nancy Pelosi attempt to coherently speak a message. Most conservatives may feel a strong sense of nausea every time Crazy Nancy steps in front of a microphone.

It appears that steadfast Republicans are not alone in their disgust for the current Speaker of the House. Nancy’s own party doesn’t even like her. Pelosi is the epitome of political corruption. Many experts find it hard to understand how she maintains control of her own Democrat Party.

Nevertheless, she has. Crazy Nancy wields some mysterious control over other House Democrats. Despite her abrasively dry personality, she keeps getting enough support to maintain her speakership. She’s rich. She’s an entrenched D.C. swamp rat. Furthermore, Nancy is corrupt.

A new NRCC poll makes Nancy’s stranglehold over her party’s highest position in the House of Representatives even more baffling. Pelosi has already indicated she will run for reelection. Despite the likelihood of a complete Republican takeover of Congress, she still aspires to remain the leader of her party.

It seems that many, even strong Democrats, say, “not so fast, Nancy”. According to polls and political commentary, the Democratic Party is in trouble. The trouble reaches all the way to the top. Neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris is perceived as the future of the party.

However, even though the approval ratings for both Biden and Harris are poor, Nancy’s appeal among voters is even worse. Nancy Pelosi is the most disliked Democrat on Capitol Hill. Pelosi’s disapproval rating even trumps the likes of Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell.

Depending on who’s polled, Schiff isn’t a popular politician. However, Schiff has a stranglehold on his heavily blue district, so he’s an odds-on favorite to win reelection. Swalwell is simply a corrupt Silicon Valley swamp rat with a dry personality.

Neither faces much of a challenge in the liberal cesspool, aka California. In all actuality, neither does Nancy Pelosi. The odds of her retaining her seat as a U.S. Representative are good. Nevertheless, Nancy is way over her useful time as a politician.

What the poll shows is that even though Pelosi will most likely win her reelection, she is an extremely unappealing person. A few minutes watching her spew garbage from a podium will confirm this fact.

Nonetheless, it seems ironic that the three most visible faces in the Democrat Party are underwater in their approval ratings. As abysmal as Biden and Harris’ numbers are, Nancy’s are worse. Both Biden and Harris’ approval ratings have been steadily tanking.

But Nancy’s appeal has dropped even more noticeably. In one year, Pelosi has plummeted from a 41 percent favorable rating to 34 percent. That’s a full six percentage points below both Biden and Harris. Independents and Republicans seem to abhor Pelosi. It seems obvious why.

Pelosi’s disapproval numbers are even worse. She’s slid from 52 percent disapproval to 58 percent over the last year. Both Biden and Harris are hovering in the low 50 percentile for voter disapproval. More than half the country thinks they’re doing a poor job.

The voice of the American people shows a complete lack of support for the leading faces of the Democrat Party. If there was ever an opportunity for Republicans to Save America, it’s now. The conservative message must be strong, and it must remain unified.

There are, likewise, unpopular Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) who should be voted out of office. While November’s midterm elections will not rid the country of the abysmal leadership currently occupying the White House, they can send a strong message.

As well, Nancy Pelosi may retain her seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. But she will be a single vote from an unpopular party. Come November, Americans can slowly begin to save our nation. An overwhelming Republican landslide will throw a blanket over the radical agenda.

America may not be able to retire Biden, Harris, and Pelosi immediately, but the process of ridding our nation of these festering boils can begin. It’s been a long time coming. Hopefully, it won’t be too late.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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