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If you think Joe Biden is bad, take a look at how his chosen running mate is doing. Biden sports some of the worst approval ratings in U.S. history. His appeal started to drop a few weeks into this first term, and has rapidly tanked ever since.

Every single policy decision Joe Biden tries fails miserably. He is a miserable failure. However, his degree of total ineptitude is only “trumped” by Kamala Harris. As Joe Biden continues to cement his legacy as the worst president in U.S. history, Harris doubles down.

If Harris is not cackling when presented with tough questions, she’s being her aloof, arrogant self. She’s a fake. When she steps in front of a microphone or sits down in front of a camera for an interview, everyone sees the obvious.

Kamala Harris is not fundamentally worthy of the second-highest elected position in the free world. She cannot do her job. It shows. What’s even crazier is a growing chorus of people pushing to change what many assumed would be the 2024 Democrat Presidential ticket.

With Biden’s abysmal approval ratings, the first whispers were for him to decline a second term. However, since Harris’ approval is even worse, Democrats have been scrambling for answers. Things have gotten so bad; an old haunt from the past’s name has been whispered.

God help the nation if we have to put up with another presidential run by crooked Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, the Democrats really have no viable place to turn. With annihilation projected for the 2022 midterms, Democrats could be facing a total loss of government control by 2024.

So, a few crazy, and of course panic triggered suggestions have surfaced. One has Joe Biden paired with the Republican turncoat Liz Cheney. If not so funny, that should make any American nervous. The Democrats’ ignoring of Joe Manchin clearly proves how far left they’ve drifted.

The only reason any liberal shows an affinity towards RINO Cheney is because of how she turned on her own party. Despite her boasts of voting a vast majority of the time for President Trump policies, Liz Cheney is a traitor to the Republican Party.

That is the one and only reason anyone on the left would even mention her name in such an oddly mixed presidential ticket. Because Harris was viewed as the logical inheritor of the torch when Biden stepped down, NBC’s Craig Melvin ask her about this strange combination.

It appears that Harris wasn’t prepared for tough questions during an interview on a reliably liberal network. However, the NBC news host hit hard on more than one occasion. Harris had to be surprised. She was visibly shaken multiple times.

Harris is said to be ill-prepared for numerous situations. This was clearly one of those moments. Harris did nothing but ramble through virtually the entire interview. At this rate, her own abysmal approval ratings will tank to historic levels.

Dubbed as a historic nomination, Kamala Harris is proving a historically colossal blunder. She was ill-prepared for the job. She was picked to run with “good ole’ Scranton Joe”, not for what she brought to the position, but for the color of her skin and the gender on her driver’s license.

With every pressing question asked by Melvin, Harris became more visibly irritated. She grew increasingly more abrasive. She angrily attacked Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for standing up for what they believe is the best interest for their constituents.

As time was winding down, Melvin asked Harris about the thought of a Biden/Cheney ticket in 2024. That seemed to be the last straw for Harris. There was no denying that she was now infuriated. Her only answer was that she “couldn’t care less about high-class gossip.”

Harris is fortunate NBC pulled the plug on the interview at that moment. Any more tough questions from Melvin might have sent Harris into an embarrassing tirade. However, when it comes to embarrassments, Harris has scored high-marks in that category.

Kamala Harris is an embarrassment to politically aspiring women. She is an embarrassment to her office. Worst of all, Kamala Harris is an embarrassment to our nation. Maybe Kamala and Hillary should team up in 2024, and finish of the Democrat Party for good.

Here is more of the interview:


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