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Upsets are a captivating part of sports. In lieu of a dedicated allegiance to one particular team, most fans thoroughly enjoy watching an underdog prevail. It’s especially rewarding when “the little guy” beats the odds and defeats the giant.

Well, David knocked out Goliath in the 2021 New Jersey State Senate race. It was a true example of the little guy taking down an overwhelming favorite. Edward Durr’s victory was reminiscent of small school Hickory defeating the favorite in the famous basketball movie “Hoosiers”.

However, even Hickory’s eye-watering upset isn’t quite as gothic as what happened in New Jersey. Liberal Democrat Steve Sweeney wasn’t a run-of-the-mill New Jersey legislator. Sweeney was the sitting President of the Senate. His political clout was immense.

The longtime NJ Senator was considered a shoo-in to defeat Durr. Sweeney had held the NJ Senate Presidency for over a decade. Liberals were so sure of his victory that a meeting between Sweeney and liberal NJ Governor Phil Murphy was already set.

It appears that New Jersey Democrats were a tad bit overconfident. They jumped the gun for sure. Durr, a humble former 25-year truck driver, threw the equivalent of a political haymaker and knocked out Sweeney.

Even longtime radical governor Phil Murphy had to squeak out a victory over Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli. Murphy, who suspiciously flipped New Jersey’s most populated county in the middle of the night, nudged out his challenger by a percentage point.

The “former” New Jersey Senate President was not so fortunate. The Democrat’s fixture in New Jersey politics was TKO’d by a onetime truck driver. Now, there’s even more political intrigue to this David vs. Goliath tale.

Political candidates are often graded on their ability to generate a “war chest”. In today’s political spectrum, it takes money to run a campaign. The bigger the ambitions, the more money is required. Often, the person with the most cash gets the most votes.

This is one reason why many liberal candidates beat conservatives, despite coming with loads of personal baggage, but an empty suitcase of policy ideas. That is not the story behind this colossal New Jersey political upset.

Records show that Durr spent a whopping $153.31 on his campaign for public office. This seriously debunks the idea that it takes the support of big wallets to win politically. Furthermore, Durr was frugally efficient with his budget.

He targeted his finances on business cards and fliers. In addition, the thrifty first-time politician spent money taking care of his dedicated campaign staff and eager volunteers. With virtually no budget and no experience, Edward Durr is one of America’s truly great underdog stories.

He dismantled a liberal political machine by spending less than $160. Durr took out the longest-tenured New Jersey Senator. His monumental upset of Sweeney also sends the Democrat Party into a tailspin.

Most had hoped to push the now “former NJ Senator” into the New Jersey Governor’s mansion in 2025. So much for those premature plans. It’s heartwarming to see the underdog prevail. When a humble truck driver takes down a political Goliath, the taste of victory is even sweeter.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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