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Former President Donald Trump has declared when he will be surrendering himself to the authorities in Fulton County, Georgia, following an indictment issued by District Attorney Fani Willis earlier this month.

The charges are linked to matters associated with the 2020 election aftermath.

In addition to Trump, 18 other people were indicted as well; comprising of former attorneys, legal consultants and campaign personnel.

“Can you believe it? I’ll be going to Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday to be ARRESTED by a Radical Left District Attorney, Fani Willis, who is overseeing one of the greatest Murder and Violent Crime DISASTERS in American History,” Trump wrote on Truth Social Monday evening. “In my case, the trip to Atlanta is not for “murder,” but for making a PERFECT PHONE CALL!”

Trump then mocked the DA for seeking a $200,000 bond which he attributed to Willis believing he is a “flight risk.”

“The failed District Attorney of Fulton County (Atlanta), Fani Willis, insisted on a $200,000 Bond from me. I assume, therefore, that she thought I was a ‘flight’ risk – I’d fly far away, maybe to Russia, Russia, Russia, share a gold-domed suite with Vladimir, never to be seen or heard from again,” he wrote in another post. “Would I be able to take my very ‘understated’ airplane with the gold TRUMP affixed for all to see. Probably not, I’d be much better off flying commercial – I’m sure nobody would recognize me!”

Last week, Georgia Attorney General Christopher M. Willis brought a 41-count indictment against President Donald Trump and 18 co-conspirators for allegedly violating the state’s Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act in an attempt to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

The indictment further accuses them of enticement of an official to breach their sworn oath of office.

In response, Andrew McCarthy, who once served as Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York, wrote an opinion piece for The Messenger which argued that challenging the outcome of an election is not a criminal act and that criminal operations must be a constant, never-ending threat in order to be charged with a crime.

Though the state’s RICO law allows prosecutors to link various crimes allegedly committed by many defendants, McCarthy wrote in his piece there is “a giant hole” because of “the lack of a clear crime to which Trump and his co-defendants can plausibly be said to have agreed.”

The Daily Wire noted:

Racketeering conspiracy charges typically apply to mafia-type criminal organizations that engage in offenses you would see in an episode of “The Sopranos.” But because conspiracy charges require an agreement with two or more people to violate a criminal statute, McCarthy said that if there is no agreement about committing a crime, there is no conspiracy.

In the indictment, Willis alleges that Trump and the co-conspirators tried to keep the former president in power after the 2020 election results claimed otherwise by explicitly attempting to “change the outcome of the election in favor of Trump.” Yet trying to reverse the election results without sharing an “overarching objective” is technically not a crime, McCarthy said.

McCarthy expressed his concern that the DA appears to be attempting to bypass the obligation of substantiating their claim by resorting to tautological charges.

He pointed out, in particular, page 14 of the indictment which states that Trump and his associates supposedly engaged in a “conspiracy to unlawfully change the outcome of the election in favor of Trump.”

“That is, the lawful objective of changing the election outcome somehow becomes unlawful because she invokes the apparently talismanic word ‘unlawful,’” McCarthy wrote. “But there is no crime of unlawfully trying to change an election outcome — not in Georgia law nor any other American law.”

“Let’s put RICO to the side for a moment and focus on conspiracy. Very simply, a conspiracy is an agreement to violate a criminal statute. It takes two to tango, so a conspiracy must minimally involve a pair of people. Beyond that, though, it can involve three people, 19 people, 100 people — any number,” he wrote “Regardless of how many people are said to be implicated, however, there is always one requirement: There must be a meeting of the minds about the crime that is the objective of the conspiracy.”

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  • The Swampy D.A. isn’t attempting to bypass any obligations, she’s attempting to keep Trump from campaigning. Her, Jack Smith, and Alvin Bragg & The Chipmunks ARE engaged in a conspiracy…to keep Trump from running for president…that IT!

    • That also looks like they’re trying to control the outcome of a general election by the people to elect the next president, which is quite a “seditious conspiracy” and “treason!” They, all who are involved, should be hauled off to prison to await their trial and when found guilty their executions!

  • Not Guilty if EVIDENCE is allowed. Motion to Dismiss since the AG screwed up! President Trump has very smart lawyers! Make America Great AGAIN! FU DNC!

  • The Communist Democrat liars know how to manipulate their sheeple who remain on their plantation by reporting BULLSH** and their slaves actually believe it and love it.
    Everyone should do some research on the Communist Democrats about their crimes and Treason against the United States, those Communist Voters who think illegals pouring into the Country, The death toll from fentanol, Antifa and BLM threats and destruction, massive amounts of taxpayer dollars going to Ukraine, forced covid shots resulting in death, forced EV’s and turbines and solar panels, higher taxes, forced transgender operations, dumbing down in schools, rigged elections, student loan forgiveness, child sex rings, attack on the 1st and 2nd amendment, charging the best President Donald J. Trump for asking questions and creating the best economy, Etc. Etc. while 34% believe Biden is doing a great job and not guilty of any crimes.??
    A great fu**ing job and not one penny went to help America or it’s citizens. Just remain on the plantation you dumbass Anti-American brain dead idiots.!!!

    • Michael Smith; that is saying it like it is! Basically any of the DNC FJB minions are like parrots mentally just repeating the lies or any Bull-Sheet they are fed while they are all turned into useful idiots or as I see them like the old horror movie “Night of The Living Dead,” nothing but a bunch of mindless zombies!

      “Go figure” that we’re losing our religion and our Constitutional Republic now to a bunch of evil tyrants in the DNC and their Rino pals, both of which are hooked up with the CCP, Soros, Free Masons and anything or anyone that does evil in order to get complete control!



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