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The possibility of former President Donald Trump being indicted in Fulton County, Georgia has been widely discussed as District Attorney Fani Willis convenes a grand jury to look into whether Trump tried to “overturn the results of the 2020 election”.

With Willis hinting that a charging decision could come by the end of August, there is much speculation about what this will mean for the former president.

Trump has already faced multiple bs indictments in other states, including 34 counts of falsifying business records from New York City and four additional counts relating to the 2020 election and its aftermath brought forth by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

While he has denied any wrongdoing in these cases, if indicted in Fulton County it could yield something neither Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s nor DOJ charges did not: a mugshot.

Sheriff Pat Labat of Fulton County is prepared to treat Trump like any other alleged criminal should he be given this opportunity.

During an interview with WSB-TV, Sheriff Labat said “We will be prepared to do whatever we need to do here at our office if requested or necessary.”

He continued on to say that “Regardless who it is nobody else is above the law and everybody has due process rights and that’s what we go with here at our office.”

“Unless somebody tells me differently, we are following our normal practices, and so it doesn’t matter your status, we’ll have a mugshot ready for you,” Labat told the network. “If an indictment came today, we would be ready.”

Labat, a county courthouse security guard in Atlanta, Georgia made the bold statement that he has been closely watching the other three Trump indictments.

ICYMI: DOJ Leaks Names Of Five Co-conspirators In Trump Indictment To CNN

While he did not expound on this any further, Willis, another security guard at the same courthouse expressed her approval of Labat’s efforts in securing their workplace.

“I think that the sheriff is doing something smart in making sure that the courthouse stays safe,” she told the outlet.

An indictment is expected by many as Willis has ordered judges not to schedule any hearings or trials in-person for part of the month. She hinted that WXIA might be a reason for that.

“The work is accomplished,” the district attorney said. “We’ve been working for two-and-a-half years. We’re ready to go.”


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  • Reparations …..Now!
    One way tickets to Africa!
    Losing 13% of the population will cut the crime rate in half easily!

  • That worthless Sheriff said; Nobody’s above the Law, and everybody’s entitled to Due Process.
    What about the Clinton’s, Obama’s, and of course the most corrupt Communist Joe Biden, they’ve always been above the Law you chicken $hit Sheriff.!
    Since your a worthless POS who’s a Communist Democrat supporter, makes you a two tiered Justice a$$ not worthy of office.

  • Just another black bastard that wants to lord over old whitey. All the while probably committing crimes himself.

    • My thoughts too. He sounds like a racist hoping to stick it to the white man. I am betting this sheriff has committed quite a few crimes himself. A lot of LEOs tend to believe they are above the law, especially when they rise in the ranks.

    • Another ‘affirmative action’ insert. no skil, no qualifications, just rabid hatred for White People.

  • Donad J Trump should be treated like any other violater of the Law and be fully processed through the jail induction system accordingly without any preferential treatment than the average citizen.

    • You know nothing about law. Not everyone who is arrested has to go through jail induction. He is not a dangerous criminal out there killing people like biden, obama and the clintons. He is not an average citizen either. He is the former president of the USA. President is a title he will keep for life. He should always be treated as a president and here in the USA, we do not put a president in jail just because some jerks do not like him. This sham indictment, should it even come to be is not proof of guilt. They still have to find him guilty of their fake charges. He can not be put into jail until found guilty. He will not be. They are interfering with the 2024 elections. He has every right under constitutional law to question a bogus election and question anyone about it. Your commies have nothing on him.

      • billy’s diaper is full after hoping so often that the moron AG’s constantly charging him with NON crimes and they getting their hopes up once again that maybe this kangaroo court will actually get a conviction.. See those idiot Trump haters watch cnn all the time and they believe the moron talking head jobs instead of folks like Rudy Guiliani or Mark Levine because the talking head jobs are their heroes too.. you know like joey and hunty – those paragons of virtue and sweetness … .

    • Obviously suffering from Trump derangement syndrome! No worries, there’s therapy available for that! Better get it quick before he’s elected as your next president!????????????

    • Do you mean like Joe Biden should be. He had over 1,800 boxes of classified documents in his garage, Penn Centr, Chinatown and elsewhere.
      Or Mrs. Bill Clinton who has cell phones destroyed, had classified documents on an unsecure server, bleach bit her computer(you mean like with a cloth), and allowed here domestic help and lawyers handle classified documents without security clearances.
      Or Mile Pence having classified documents he wasn’t allowed to have.
      I could go on but you get the drift. If not Joe still has wetlands in Nevada for sale. Come onan. LOL

  • Labat is a PUTZ! Will do or say anything to sensationalize this to get attention! We don’t need or want ANY law enforcement officers like this! It’s disgraceful!

  • Trump’s mugshot will be the best campaign poster ever! At Trump’s ‘trial’, his defense lawyers should re-play the 2020 surveillance tapes from the polling place in Fulton Co. where election workers pulled out numerous totes after kicking out all the Republican poll watchers. All the ‘ballots’ just happened to vote for Biden.

  • Wow a Georgia Sheriff that his goal is to get a picture of Trump! NO wonder the crime rate is so high with LEO’s priorities set so high!!!!

  • No mugshot if the Secret Service say no! Go fix your bedbug infested jail so no one else gets eaten alive!

  • Labat is an idiot. He is all for show. That is why his ridiculous uniform rank insignia consists of 20 stars!!! What a clown and I’ll bet he has “jammys” just like his uniform! General Eisenhower was granted but 5 stars and I am here to tell you Labat is not qualified to shine his boots!Fulton County should be deeply ashamed of this Bozo.

  • Sheriff in Fulton County Georgia is most likely a criminal himself like others before him were. And how do I know this? 41 years living in the Atlanta metro area

  • He’s acting like that dim bulb that was bragging she was going to put Trump under Oath face to face and it got her kicked off of the jury.



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