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A violent altercation occurred at the Democrat Party Christmas Party in Michigan this week when Pro-Hamas protesters disrupted the event.

The incident was first reported by Newsweek.

On December 16, a private holiday party hosted by the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party at the Common Pub in Detroit quickly escalated into a violent altercation.

Reportedly, around 20 to 30 pro-Palestinian protesters of the Palestinian Youth Movement and Party for Socialism and Liberation entered the bar and confronted Representative Shri Thanedar over his support for Israel.

Approximately 200 individuals were present at the event with no security personnel present.

After the violent altercation, Commissioner Johathan C Kinloch reported that one woman was hospitalized.


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    • Deport all Muslims, citizens or not, from the West. Islam is antithetical to everything America and the west stands for.

      Islam continues to attack the Christian world for over 1400 years after Christianity was established peacefully in the middle east 600 years before militant and political islam was spawned from hell.

  • OH, I just love to see the “tolerant” folks doing their daily activity. Would love to see them do this in a small town or city down South.

  • Next coming to a city/town near you.
    Lock and load shoot to kill as many Muslims as you can. No joke or your going to be tortured dismembered and your family will be subject to the same as your made to watch.
    Blame it all on the Communist Democrats and Rinos.!!!

    • NO, blame it on all WHO are responsible from removing Jesus Christ from many public places, schools and some places of employment. All the silent Christian that are allowing just one person to remove Christ from your lives, but allow Satan’s followers agenda of the LGBTQ, because they say it is their right. Smith is partially right, there are others. Even most Christian preachers are silent, they don’t want to lose members and/or someone’s feelings. When have any pro-Palestinian protesters spoke against what happened on Oct.7? How many Palestinians here in the USA have sent any needed supplies to their fellow Palestinian in the GAZA? Damn the Palestinians.

    • if you “mistakenly” shoot chooks from Latin America, China, India, or any African countries, keep locking and loading. I see that as helping to reduce the illegal invasion, too.

  • Just a quick arithmetic lesson. On a strictly percentage basis, if a similar attack had taken place on US soil, and the same percentage of Americans had died like the Israelites, we would have had approximately 54,000 deaths. What would have/should have been our response?

  • The ONLY THING that doesn’t surprise me is that this didn’t happen in Chicago. Let’s not stop these stupid POS . Let them destroy each other and we only have to sweep up and throw away the shitty pieces.

  • This is what happens when a political party caters to fringe groups. I love it when Democrats eat their own. Yes, the pro Palestinians traditionally support Democrats which makes them Democrats.

  • Part of the problem is the demos letting people think they can get by with anything with no consequences. This is a perfect example of the demos thinking. This is just another reason to get Trump in the white house.



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