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On Tuesday, the Colorado Supreme Court issued an order to disqualify President Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot based on their interpretation of the 14th Amendment.

This decision has sparked debate amongst Republicans, particularly due to Trump’s lack of formal charges or conviction related to an insurrection.

This incident is indicative of a concerning trend among Democrats, in which they believe it is within their right to choose who should represent the Republican Party – similar to how communist rule operates in Hong Kong.

This type of behavior aligns with totalitarian regimes and cannot be tolerated in a democratic society such as ours.

In response, Vivek Ramaswamy has announced his withdrawal from the Colorado primary until President Trump is reinstated.

He also challenged other prominent Republicans including Governor DeSantis, Nikki Haley, and Chris Christie to do the same.

Vivek Ramaswamy: They have just tried to bar President Trump from the Colorado ballot using an unconstitutional maneuver that is a bastardization of the 14th Amendment to our U.S. Constitution. This was a provision, section three, that was designed to bar Confederate members, people who switched to the Confederacy, from actually being able to serve. That’s very different than what’s at issue here, to say the least.

This is a hollowed out husk of what the country was built on. The basic principle that we the people, select our leadership, not the unelected elite class in the back of palace halls. That’s old world Europe, not the United States. That’s why I’m making a pledge today that I will withdraw. I pledge to withdraw from the Colorado GOP primary ballot unless and until Trump’s name is restored.

And I demand that Ron DeSantis and Chris Christie and Nikki Haley do the same thing, or else these Republicans are simply complicit in this unconstitutional attack on the way we conduct our constitutional republic.

I refuse to be complicit in that. I think what they’re doing is wrong, and I think it’s up to Republicans to step up and stand up with a spine for our country’s future. That’s really what’s at stake, whether we, the people, actually have a say in deciding who leads this country. Yes, it would be easier for other Republicans like me, who are running in this race, to say, hey, if Trump is sidelined, there’s our opportunity.

I think the most useful thing that every GOP candidate can do right now is to join me in that pledge. I’ll say that I will withdraw from that Colorado GOP primary ballot until Trump’s name is restored. This belongs to the people, not to the unelected democratic cabal of judges in Colorado or any other state.

And I demand that Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley and Chris Christie do the same thing, or else they’re complicit in what this security state is trying to do to shut down Trump. I stand by that, and I expect them to do the right thing.

Republicans must take a stand against this growing Marxist influence. It would be unwise to think that the danger will end with Trump’s term.

They must not fall into complacency.


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Doug Goldsmith

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  • The Republican Party should take a stand, the party and their candidates, that they will not participate in the Colorado Primary, nor will recognize any electors until and unless the state recognizes all qualified Republican candidates.

    • I agree……..we need to all join in with the right thing, then vote our great POTUS Donald J. Trump back into the White House. I don’t know how people could vote for the disastrous Biden regime.

  • No candidate should participate in anything in Colorado. Debates, campaigning, advertising. Give them the Bed, Bath & Beyond treatment.

  • So what their attempting to do is give the voters no say, or choice of Candidates but rather to vote only Communist Democrats.
    They don’t want America to regain its greatness ever again.
    Those Commie son of a bitches love the destruction of America and the rampant crimes.
    Lock and load America, it’s time to take a stand against the domestic enemies if you have the guts to end the up coming rule of a Dictatorship.

  • I certainly hope Donald Trump does not get entangled with Vivek Ramaswamy . It has been reported by reliable sources that Ramaswamy has been financially bolstered by the George Soros Globalists and it looks like they are getting their money’s worth even though he does not have a chance to get the Presidential nomination. I am sure as night is from day that Ramaswamy will try to scheme his way into Trumps administration as other Globalists have in the past. Globalist always speak to their audiances as if they were true Conservatives and play up to their sensitivities. It has been reported that Ramaswamy has been groomed by the Soros Group much like Obama so we should not expect any integrity from him. Once he was exposed Ramaswamy tried to do some quick damage control but we cannot afford to trust someone who has been found to be bankrolled from the pit of the Globalists… It is disgusting to watch and listen to Ramaswamy try to play to the narrative he and the Globalists know are triggers for the Forever Trump Voters. Thankfully people are much wiser now after the last election and won’t be groomed to follow like sheep to the slaughter.

    • Thanks for informing us about him…..he has been unknown until all at once he is running for POTUS. Trump will put us back to living safely.

  • Yes Constance, I have heard what you said about Soros and Vivek from a credible conservative source. It also claimed he owned a pharmaceutical co. and did a number of pump and dump actions as he sold it off before its demise and ultimate bankruptcy. I would not trust him at all. Ironically, he is trying to gain our trust. My feeling is there is only one candidate who can defeat these Marxist/globalists. I don’t need to watch these GOP debates as that is just a sideshow. God protect President Trump!

  • Commies are desperate ! Trump is a danger to “Democrat-cy”. By tyrannical actions, leftists are trying to provoke a violent response. Don’t take the bait ! This is not the time, . . . . . . . yet.



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