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Walt Nauta, the co-defendant in Jack Smith’s classified documents case with former President Donald Trump, has filed a new motion to dismiss the charges against him.

In this motion, Nauta has detailed additional evidence of prosecutorial abuse and misconduct, further proving his and Trump’s innocence.

Nauta, a loyal supporter of President Trump and a devout Christian, has been embroiled in this legal battle for years now.

He was charged alongside Trump for allegedly leaking classified information to the media during his time as National Security Advisor.

However, as details continue to emerge about the case, it is becoming increasingly clear that Nauta and Trump were unfairly targeted by corrupt officials within the deep state.

Walt Nauta, longtime aide to former President Donald Trump, has been indicted alongside his boss.Walt Nauta, longtime aide to former President Donald Trump, has been indicted alongside his boss. (@MeidasTouch / Twitter screen shot)

In his new motion, Nauta outlines several instances of prosecutorial misconduct, including withholding exculpatory evidence and manipulating witness testimonies.

He also accuses the prosecution of using illegal surveillance tactics and coercive plea deals to build their case.

According to Nauta’s lawyer, these actions by the prosecution are not only unethical but also unconstitutional.

He argues that they have violated Nauta’s rights to due process and a fair trial.

This latest development comes on the heels of several other revelations in the case, including evidence that the FBI had been targeting Trump and his associates long before he even took office.

It also calls into question the validity of the entire investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Despite these mounting pieces of evidence, the mainstream media has largely ignored Nauta’s motion to dismiss. Instead, they continue to peddle their false narrative of Trump’s guilt and collusion with Russia.

But for Americans this latest revelation only confirms what they have suspected all along – that there is a deep-seated corruption within our government that will stop at nothing to take down those who threaten their power.

As news of Nauta’s motion spreads among conservative circles, many are calling for an immediate dismissal of all charges against him and Trump. They believe that this case is just another example of how far the left will go to destroy anyone who stands in their way.

For Nauta and Trump, this new motion gives them hope that justice will prevail.

They have maintained their innocence from the beginning and have stood strong against these baseless accusations. And now, with even more evidence on their side, it seems that their vindication may be near.

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  • All charges need to be dismissed immediately and The corrupt Fake Judge and Jackoff Smith should be brought up on charges.
    Biden has sold classified documents and information to the Communist Chinese for years and gets away with it, simply because he’s a Communist Democrat.
    If Nauta did sell information to the Communist Chinese and Russia and gave the big guy 10% then there wouldn’t be any charges filed, that’s how it works in Communist Biden’s administration.

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