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A former Boston Red Sox pitcher was arrested along with 26 other men as part of an undercover child sex sting operation conducted by the Fort Myers Police Department.

According to authorities, the sting was carried out over the course of several weeks and targeted individuals who were allegedly seeking to engage in sexual acts with children.

Among those arrested was former MLB player Austin Maddox, who played for the Red Sox from 2018-2020 before being released due to performance issues. The 34-year-old was charged with soliciting a minor for sex and is currently being held on $50,000 bond.

Fort Myers Police Chief Mark Walker spoke at a press conference following the arrests and expressed his disgust at the suspects’ actions.

“It is truly sickening that there are individuals out there who would seek out innocent children for their own twisted desires,” Walker said. “We are committed to bringing these predators to justice and protecting our community’s most vulnerable members.”

The undercover operation began when officers posed as minors on various online platforms commonly used by predators looking for underage victims.

The suspects, ranging in age from 25 to 54, allegedly engaged in explicit conversations and made plans to meet up with the undercover officers posing as children.

In addition to Maddox, some of the other notable names arrested include a local youth pastor and a high school teacher. All of the suspects are facing charges related to soliciting minors for sex.

The news of Maddox’s arrest has come as a shock to many, especially his former teammates and fans. During his time with the Red Sox, he was known for his strong work ethic and leadership on the field.

Teammate and current Red Sox star pitcher, Jake Thompson, expressed his disbelief at the news.

“I never would have thought that someone like Austin could be capable of something like this,” Thompson said. “It’s truly heartbreaking.”

Maddox’s family has also released a statement expressing their shock and disappointment at the allegations against him.

“We are devastated by these accusations against our son,” the statement read. “We had no knowledge of any inappropriate behavior and are cooperating fully with authorities.”

This is not the first time that Fort Myers Police have conducted a sting operation targeting child predators. In fact, just last year they arrested 14 men in a similar operation.

Walker emphasized that these operations will continue as long as there are individuals out there seeking to harm children.

“Our message is clear – if you try to prey on our children, we will find you and we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law,” Walker stated.

The investigation into these arrests is ongoing and more charges may be added as it progresses.

The Fort Myers Police Department encourages anyone with information about potential child predators to come forward and report it immediately.

As for Maddox and the other suspects arrested in this operation, they will face their day in court where they will have the opportunity to defend themselves against these serious charges.

But one thing is certain – their alleged actions have caused irreparable harm and trauma to the innocent children they sought to exploit.

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  • Those Pedophile men are not psychologically or mentally ill, they knew exactly what they are guilty of and yet they did it anyway.
    Not one of them should breathing the same oxygen as the rest of the people, hopefully the prisoners where they’ll be going will show them just what Real Justice is all about.
    Heads up, there’s going to be 26 new bitc*es coming to a prison for you..

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  • “Prison for years” on the hard working tax payer dollars. How about hanging them. A DEATH sentence would be more fitting. This way we can be sure that they will not rape & abuse any more innocent kids!



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