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Ron DeSantis has yet to find a means of reviving his struggling presidential campaign.

The Governor addressed the Trump-supporting crowd at the California GOP Convention on Saturday, expressing his disagreement with one of his state’s residents.

“I understand that one of my residents was here earlier saying that he turned Florida red…”

“I just wish if he was the one that turned Florida red, that he wouldn’t have turned Georgia and Arizona blue.”


Ron DeSantis later in the day informed Bill Maher that President Trump had lost the election and that it had been a misstep to campaign for Kari Lake in Arizona.

Ron DeSantis appears to be taking a different stance than the majority of Republicans, as a survey revealed that two-thirds of them believe voter fraud helped Joe Biden get elected.

Additionally, 60% of voters believe cheating was involved in the midterm elections and 54% anticipate election fraud will be a factor in 2024.

Despite this, DeSantis is still making lighthearted comments about Arizona and Georgia.

ICYMI: Founder of DeSantis Super PAC Shuns Florida Governor, Backs Trump

Doug Goldsmith

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  • Trump supporters are in an increasingly untenable position. How the hell is Trump going to run an effective campaign from various court rooms?

    Not to mention, he did plenty of UNconservative things as POTUS. He had his day in the sun. Time for him to ride off into the sunset.

    • Ken; you’re a very confused puppy! The obvious question and problem in our nation is how is a conspiratorial pre-election rigging going on in the “judicial system” accompanied by the controlled Main Stream Fake Media Communists and “not being stopped immediately,” because anyone with a normal brain can see exactly what is going on!

      For this two-faced power monger “cut and run” DeSantis to carry on the way he has and not just shut the hell up; this now proves he is an “Establishment Asset or Mole” grinding his axe so blatantly; so he is nothing more than dirt in my book who doesn’t see the finesse and love for America and it’s People that Trump has to take on all the evil that the Left and Deep State is trying to bury him under which is totally UNJUST! And so therefore DeSantis has only proven and confirmed that he is NOTHING but a dirty backstabber Traitor just like Pence!

      You need to wake the hell up or perhaps you are one of those ilk too; just planting your seeds of contempt to throw off Die Hard Conservatives and True Patriots that LOVE God and Country, which you sure don’t talk like at all! Would you enjoy another four years of what we’ve already been going through and think America will survive, with the current scum in the White House??? That is what will happen if Trump isn’t reelected, so for you to think otherwise is so damn foolish and stupid too!

      People, Republicans and Democrats; wake the hell up and if you don’t see what I’m telling you and do the right thing; none of us will have a country let alone an America, if the manipulators behind the curtain are allowed to pull off the 2nd steal!

      You better realize how close you are to being owned body and soul by the most evil people on the planet, so it’s “do or die time” folks and “pray like you never have” in your life; the evil is all around you!

      • Lawrence, very well put.
        If DeSantis got into office we be no better off than having another puppet like Communist Democrat Joe Biden.
        DeSantis would enrich himself as long as he cooperates with the Anti-American, Anti-Constitution Communist Satan Worshipping Democrats.
        DeSantis spells out doom and disaster for America.
        DeSantis is on the bandwagon with the rest of the anti Trump haters, and he thinks it’s going to get him elected by playing into their hands.

        • Michael; also very well put and concise! You said it loud and clear as to what DeSantis is and represents!

          I used to think, hey maybe this guy is doing some good in Florida and in the future maybe he could be a valuable genuine National Patriot! But then I saw the forked tongue lawyer in him who is nothing but a player and will absolutely cave to the establishment or more importantly satanic driven Demonicrat Party and Rino’s of the same ilk!

          I actually caught up with your comment quite a bit later but am glad that I did, and since you wrote it I’ve even grown more weary of this what I now call; “punk flash in the pan pretender!”
          Thank you for your insight!

      • Outstanding comment Lawrence M., you summed it up well. I’ve been a big DeSantis fan, but am losing that fanship. I know they are in a tough competition and since DeSantis is SO FAR BEHIND, he has to dig deep in crap pile, certain lines SHOULDN’T be crossed and I think he’s crossed one he shouldn’t have. I had thought a Trump / DeSantis team would ROCK (he did do a pretty great job as Governor during the pandemic) and let him have 8 years after President Trump replaces the phony president Biden. Who knows, I guess we’ll see what happens????

        • RWineJr; excellent perspective you gave here and I too was exactly on the same page regarding DeSantis back during the Plan-demic. But when this guy started to show his true colors with such lack of real integrity or character, I knew he is just another operator when it comes to politics; like so many others that are only able to sell-out or cave to the mean and ugly devils in the DC Machine, no real cajones! I couldn’t believe how Pence once had me so fooled when I thought, this is an ethical guy backing up Trump and that he had no big scruples, so when push came to shove he would hang tough! Then I was shocked when just prior to J6 and definitely during and after it I saw the actual horns popping out of his head, with such an evil eye in many photos that matched his betrayal, then he looked like the biggest deceiver I could have imagined; a real wicked backstabbing evil man! I see DeSantis as being cut from the same cloth. Actually far too many people are this way sadly!

    • I think so too. Trump ran on “draining the swamp” and wound up hiring all he could find. Trump also ran on “lock her up” and never even opened an investigation into her. He’s also pro-abortion exactly what you’d expect from a typical NYC liberal. He’s also pro-trans and supports Bud-Light. He and his boy. He also had a gay/ trans gala at Maralago. And finally, his vaccine kills 1 out of 800 and he still pushes it. I think RFK Jr. is a much better choice for President. And to all you MAGA people? Every single thing I said is true. What’s wrong with you?

  • I encourage readers to watch the Maher interview rather than read the spin from someone who obviously is against DeSantis. If we care about the future of the country, we need to stop rehashing the past and elect someone who has proven he has the intelligence, the discipline and the courage to get the job done – not just talk about it. That person is DeSantis. He definitely is not as entertaining as Trump, but we are not electing an entertainer; we are electing someone to lead this country for the next four and preferably eight years.

    • Resa; it’s just the opposite of what you said! Do you even have a clue why so much evil and wasted energy along with resources has been tossed into destroying Trump from “the moment he came down the escalator” and was running in 2016, yet still standing tall??? “God appointed him for this time” and for you to try trashing that, shows you’re either so damned ignorant or just “another down and dirty operative” out in the “crime infested Democrat/RINO controlled establishment!”

      Do you think for one second that DeSantis could or better yet would take on and handle all of what evil has been tossed upon Trump! NEVER! He is just “like Pence a lying, conniving backstabber” who sells out to “the Establishment power mongers” and both of them “will even sell their souls to the Devil if they already haven’t!” Can’t you even see your hand in front of your own face? This whole scene is Epic and Scriptural; the Devil wants America and all of our souls! “Open your eyes and hearts” out there to “God’s Truth!” Then it is easy to see the “massive deceptions and heinous evil people” doing so much out in the open to attack and destroy! Right now too many of you are “deluded” and not in touch with REALITY!

      2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 “and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. 11 For this reason God will send them a powerful delusion so that they believe the lie, 12in order that judgment may come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.”

      This is our only opportunity to crush so much evil that has come upon America! Don’t screw it up like 2020! If not for yourself do it right for the children and your children’s children, their lives and immortal souls may very well depend on your choice!

    • Resa, When President Trump was in Office, do you deny that President Trump was able to get America back on track, when we no longer depended on foreign oil, securing our borders, bringing back jobs from China, more Jobs created for Black’s, Hispanics and Whites, children was being taught properly, no sex changes for children, Shipping lanes were not cluttered, lower taxes, no bare shelves in supper markets, affordable fuel prices, No forcing Americans to buy EV’s and solar panels, property taxes were lower, dining out was enjoyable, taking a vacation was affordable.
      DeSantis, does well as a Governor for Florida, but he couldn’t run an entire Country since he doesn’t have the ability to make business decisions and bring us back from sure destruction and possibly death.
      Lawrence is correct, I just added a little more to the realization.

      • Michael Smith; absolutely spot-on and couldn’t say it better! I had not been following this site for a while and just caught up! I would have explained a few things to these obviously misguided folks that are good at being lemmings and not seeing reality as their heads are either stuffed in the rabbit hole of their choosing or even some worse place by manipulation!

        Far too many people still don’t get it or see how diabolical this situation is and most important WHY! Yes to the character in the room, I do speak for God as I’m a servant of His, and you sure need to “get on the stick” as they say and quit your wise-ass think you know it all jive! It’s up to you and it’s your loss if you make the wrong choice!

        Thank you again Michael for bringing such clarity here when there is so much turmoil and deception out there in our political mess!
        God bless.

    • SMITH SR; I think you are quite correct and you see how much more he needs to learn before taking on the world, let alone be President of these United States of America!

  • I AM REALLY DISAPPOINTED IN De SANTIS. He has allowed himself to become a “useful Idiot” of the establishment GOP which has aligned itself with the marxist-liberal democrats and the globalist-marxist. When a more Constitutional Conservative runs for governor in Florida, I am going to vote for that guy and I’m sure not the only one. In my opinion, DeSantis had the VP spot right in his hands and he dropped in the swamp. Yes, that very same swamp we’re working to drain to create a CONSTITUTION landscape. Thanks Desantis, you make what Benedict Arnold did to George Washington and the American Revolution look like a cheap con game. Come back to your senses !

    • Rico; as I’ve already stated I lost track here until now but I’m thankful for some very reassuring comments here!

      You’ve said it perfectly and your wisdom is quite evident and beautiful to witness in the others and your comment here who see it so clearly, which is a sign of hope in such a mixed up state of affairs, like we now have in our imploding America!

      I’ve used the “useful Idiot” phrase often in conversations or comments too as it fits some of these political operators or even public minions to a “T” and usually communism or dictatorships depend on or demand such controllable sell-outs or clueless characters. That’s why America is so compromised and far down the road to destruction already because for several decades too many insiders were passing the buck and duping the public’s collective consciousness while they were plotting and scheming to fundamentally change America into a terrible socialist system!

  • DeSantis is making unnecessarily negative and nasty remarks about Trump, which, in my book, detracts from DeSantis’ otherwise positive image. Compared to the Florida Governor, Vivek is looking stronger than ever!!

    • Joy Brower; he does do that and makes it so obvious what is most important to Ron, himself and keeping his puffed up attitude! DeSantis or Vivek both do not have what it takes to handle the building catastrophe we have building and both would sell-out in a heartbeat not have the real deal or a chance against the Establishment Swamp! People say Trump didn’t do it and he ran on that but do you folks really think these Johnny come lately boys have even a smidgen of what it takes to make it happen; not a chance! Trump was being “pounded full force” by the “DC Corrupt Machine” from day one and if one of these jokers got to be President, then tried to “rebel and make the right things happen” they would get the same treatment and more, but, would fold in a day; not having the finesse and experience like Trump does! There is no time to test the waters with new wannabes, but, Trump is a known and proven commodity in the fight and has done great things before, and would only do better, if given his second term; which was stolen from him.

  • Ron just needs to go back to Disney World and put his Goofy costume back on. He AIN’T gonna be the nominee.

    • And Trump lost because Biden CHEATED!
      On election night in 2020, I saw, on CNN, with my own eyes, almost 20,000 votes switched from Trump to Biden in the PA count. One pass Trump had 1,690,589 and the next pass he had 1,670,631 and Biden GAINED the EXACT same amount on the same pass, going from 1,252,537 to 1,272,495. Trump lost, and Biden gained 19,958 votes! Candidates GAIN votes, they don’t LOSE votes. F.R.A.U.D. !!

      • Gwyllim; great point and bearing witness to the truth you had done, and testifying to here!

        I too saw some irregularities that couldn’t be ignored or explained away as being anything but FRAUD!

        This is exactly why J6 Riot was a rigged Seditious scandal carried out by the Communist Demonicrats, because they knew many citizens were on to their plot, so they knew they had to go all out to break up any questioning of the election results; which is allowed under the US Constitution! Delays in final counts of electoral votes have occurred in the past and sometimes careful forensic analysis was carried out to make certain that all was correct! So why not just do that at the time in 2020’s election? Because it was absolutely stolen and The Plan, that couldn’t be hid and thus their plan to install Biden was “do or die!”

  • Not sure how you can say “God appointed Trump” for this time?? I’ve got to question why you think Trump as religious, he is anything but God-fearing. If you don’t look at what he’s DONE, and not just what he SAYS, then you’ll see that he is a narcissist who is lusts after wealth and power. Pride his his biggest character flaw – he say’s he’s never wrong, and has nothing to repent from (how many adulterous marriages/divorces has he had? How many business associates has he bankrupted? How many lies has he told to get what he wants? To be so egotistical to think Trump is the only American in this great nation that can be President when he had his chance to do many great things, but chose to NOT pursue his basic campaign promises of building the wall and draining the swamp when he all of Congress Republican, and then losing the election while he was the President shows his inability to understand the political field. He said he’d hire the “best” people for his cabinet, but it was a revolving door of hiring and firing every year. When he let COVID become the Democrat’s buddy that forced mail-in ballots, he lost any control of a purely fair election. Under his own watch, he couldn’t stop the steal, so how do you suspect he can stop it again when he’s not President?
    I liked living under Trump’s presidency instead of Hilliar Clinton, but I think DeSantis has the demeanor and humility to actually DO what Trump said he was going to do, but didn’t. Having a 4-yr term-limited Trump as President is not going to serve the USA the best leadership opportunity. His past history and his prideful, boastful heart brought on the legal troubles he has today… DeSantis has none of Trump’s baggage. DeSantis was actually in the military, he’s read and studied the Constitution, he’s governed a large State successfully, and stood up for the rights of his citizens when all the other States were bowing to Trump’s lockdown mandates carried over by the Biden administration, which proves he is tough enough to stand up for the People. He’s young, he’s enthusiastic about America’s future, he’s God-fearing and humble. Trump had his time, now he’s just looking for revenge and “vengeance is mine saith the Lord”.

    • I don’t believe DeSantis is evil, but he’s not as ready to lead this country back from the abyss it’s been under the Biden admin. DJT has a stronger backbone at this point, and is the only one that make it happen.

    • Multitudes in Congress are what you point at! “narcissist who is lusts after wealth and power”
      DeSantis is not strong enough or able to turn this train wreck around and he is a useful idiot for the Establishment!
      He did a decent job in Florida and should have stayed on course there waiting for a a future point to shoot for the Presidency! He should have jumped right in behind Trump to back him up.



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