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On Sunday, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) appeared on ABC’s This Week and CNN’s State of the Union following the vote in the US House of Representatives to avoid a shutdown with a 45-Day Stop-Gap Resolution that did not include funding for Ukraine.

The vote had been delayed after Democratic Representative Jamaal Bowman triggered an alarm to evacuate the Cannon Building, which some feel should result in him facing prison time similar to those prosecuted under J6 standards.

Rep. Gaetz informed Jon Karl on ABC’s This Week of his intention to bring a House vote for Kevin McCarthy’s speakership.

Gaetz says this is an “exercise to show the American people who really governs you.” Adding, “I actually think Democrats are going to bail out Kevin McCarthy.”

Matt Gaetz has not been discreet about his plans; he has been warning of the impending action for months.

Gaetz informed Jake Tapper of CNN that McCarthy had reached a confidential agreement with Democrats to finance the Ukrainian impasse, which he had concealed from conservatives.

The US House will convene again at noon on Monday, unless any further fire alarm disturbances are caused by Jamaal Bowman.

ICYMI: Gaetz Fact-Checks CNN Anchor Live On-Air After She Made False Claim

Doug Goldsmith

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    • You and morons like you have no idea of what’s actually going on. You’re the reason the republican party is OVER. Are you one of the pathetic suburban house wives against Trump too??

  • WHY was ANYONE surprised by this maneuver? It’s exactly what Congress has done for yrs: wait ’til the last instant then shove through something omnibus that includes all manner of unconstitutional and irrational spending we haven’t been able to afford and certainly haven’t needed! Anyone with a functional brain cell knew McCarthy would do this again, as he has done for yrs,right along with he rest of the leftists. He should NEVER have been given that gavel; he’s just another Pelosi!

    • Sandra, I agree, mccarthy, like ryan and boehner before him regularly betrays We the People in favor of those paying him to destroy America!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tom, it isn’t a lack of guts, it is TREASON!!!!! He is bowing to the globalists who pay him to do their bidding!!!!! mccarthy is a minion of satan!!!!!!!!!!

  • someone needs to tell this idiot interviewing Gaetz the American people wanted a shut down. To prove to the Dems they are no longer going to bully the Republicans into giving them their way any more. I got one am pissed this went through. I want a list of the people who voted for this stupidity.

    • Shirley, you can go to the Congressional Record and see exactly how each “representative” voted. Mine voted against but he is a first termer and hasn’t been there long enough to become corrupt!!!!! He sent an email explaining why he voted no and I am going to write to thank him and ask him to join the Freedom Caucus to push scum like mccarthy and his ilk out of leadership!!!!!!!!!!

  • Of course the democrats will protect McCarthy.


    McCarty IS THE POSTER BOY, and living embodiment of THE DEEP STATE!

  • Matt Gaetz is an idiot and the people of Florida are taking a hard look at him and anyone aligned with him, if he does not change his ways and stop causing problems in the House, then we already know how to resolve the problem. It is one thing to fight the Democrats and another entirely when you side with the Democrats and divide the Republican party. The Republican party needs to stand in solidarity and stop the bickering.

    • Mark, you are the IDIOT!!!!!! Gaetz is one of the very few in either house of congress trying to protect We the People from the deep state globalists!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brown was doing what his Communist Democrat Masters told him to do, just like all Communist Democrats, he won’t be held accountable for what they themselves sentenced the J6 prisoners.
    Justice for thee but not for me is the moto of the Communist Democrats.
    Rino Kevin McCarthy should be impeached immediately, he shows his allegiance to the Communist Democrats and not what’s best for the American People.
    Should the truth be known, he’s also getting a kickback of tax payers money to line his pockets like the Communist Democrats have been doing.
    McCarthy, sworn to stand firm against the Communist massive spending that’s destroying America and the economy, so just like all Rinos, he chose to lie and do what will benefit the Communist Democrats and Rinos, and give the finger to the American People.
    Matt Gaetz, knew McCarthy was the wrong person for the job and so did the American People.
    McCarthy is no different than Mitch McConnell.

  • mccarthy, like mcconnell, is a deep state swamp rat TRAITOR who has no business in any leadership position!!!!! He has repeatedly betrayed We the People to further the agenda of other deep state TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!



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