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This week, former Vice President Mike Pence made the news when he appeared on CNN and took a strong stance against former President Donald Trump and declared that Hezbollah was evil.

This was another example of Pence’s thoughtful approach to foreign policy matters, which he has consistently demonstrated over the years. However, not everyone is pleased with Pence’s remarks.

Former Chief Strategist for Trump, Steve Bannon, recently fired back at Pence in a public statement.

Bannon reminded the former Vice President that during his four-year tenure nobody ever asked for his opinion on anything.

Steve Bannon: “First off, you’re not a leader in this country, and you’re not going to be a leader in this country! Nobody cares about what you say except for the 2% or 3% that wander around with you and your mother. It’s not about – we understand they’re evil.

We got that part. Let me write that down. Let me get my #2 pencil out. “Mike Pence, Judas Pence just told me they’re evil.”

Okay, thank you. I didn’t get that. What are you talking about? This is the reason we got 8,000 dead on battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan, 50,000 wounded. It’s that puffed up profundity that’s ridiculous. We understand they’re evil. We got that part. We got dead over 20 years to prove it.

Was it not, Donald J. Trump, when you were sitting there – like a tyke, a kid in short pants…You had all the time in the White House and nobody asked your opinion on anything until for some reason, they put you in charge of the task force on COVID. And that turned out great, right? You were in charge of that. Fauci reported to yes, yes, Fauci reported to you. It’s all in your book.


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Doug Goldsmith

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    • when you meet a yankee that is a Christian, you can book it, you have met an oxymoron. Race Bannon was a cartoon character on Jonny Quest. He still is…. just say N O to RINOs

  • Judas Pence needs to take the 30 pieces of silver he got for selling out TRUPMP & the country go home, and
    shut his treasonous mouth. He’s “INSIGNIFICANT”

  • I will never vote for Pence because he is a back stabber and only scum do that.

    Maybe he could get a dog catcher job but no government job PLEASE !!!!

  • Hey Pence, I heard Ford is now taking applications for crash test dummies.
    Why don’t you and your other followers go apply for that job, you already look and sound the part like your buddy Joe Biden.

  • Yes I agree with all these statements, & I want to add, the old saying, ‘if he is your friend, you don’t need any enemies’ fits with Mike Pence!! 🙁

  • When Pence and Wife arrived in WDC, they were poor and could not afford a Ball Gown for Mrs. Pence to be able to attend the Inaugural Ball. President and Mrs. Trump paid for Mrs. Pence Ball Gown so they could attend the I. BALL. Had Pence followed the instructions from the President and performed his Duty, We the People would not be living the Night-mare of the Biden World Wrecking time in office.

  • Poop on PANZY Pence !! Although , worst than him ,, why is the RNC paying any attention at all to worthless, fat , donut eating , liberal jism swallowing , cnn loving , msnbc loving , d!ckhead RINO Chris Christie ???? All this butt plug using degenerate does , is live on FAKE cnn and msnbc bashing Republicans and President Trump !!! It’s well known that democrats are funding this asswipes campaign , because they want to keep Christie front and center just to bash Trump !!! Mmmm , democrats funding Christie ,,, what’s that tell you ??? FRUCK Chris Christie !!!

  • Pence please just go away quietly. We do not want or need you. You are not a trust worthy person in my book and you are a back stabber which is disgusting.



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