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The individual who indiscriminately threw ignited liquid at an unsuspecting subway passenger has also been implicated in a prior attempt to set fire to a group of commuters at a different Manhattan subway station earlier this year, according to law enforcement officials on Sunday.

Nile Taylor, 49, currently in custody on charges related to the fiery attack on Petrit Alijaj, 23, at the Varick Street station in Manhattan on Saturday afternoon, is now facing additional charges for a similar incident that took place on February 5th at the West 28th Street subway station.

Surveillance footage from the earlier incident shows Taylor holding two containers of flammable liquid and throwing them toward a group of individuals at the station.

Fortunately, no one sustained injuries during this incident and the perpetrator managed to escape, remaining at large until recent developments led to his arrest.

The events unfolded around 2:45 p.m. on Saturday when Alijaj and his fiancée were preparing to depart from a No. 1 train at West Houston and Varick streets as they made their way towards the Statue of Liberty.

It was then that Taylor reportedly launched flaming liquid at Alijaj as he exited the train.

Alijaj recounted how he shielded his fiancée with his own body and subsequently tore off his burning shirt as the assailant fled from the scene.

“After being doused with the substance, I used my hands to extinguish the flames,” Alijaj recalled. “As I ran, I was also burning.”

Medical professionals have determined that approximately 30% of Alijaj’s body suffered burns as a result of this attack; however, he personally believes that the extent may be closer to 10%.

Petrit Alijaj, photo courtesy of New York Post


The violent and unprovoked nature of these incidents has caused widespread concern among both residents and commuters in Manhattan.

The fact that Taylor has been connected to multiple instances involving the use of flammable substances against innocent bystanders is particularly alarming.

Law enforcement authorities have emphasized their commitment to ensuring justice for victims like Alijaj by diligently pursuing legal action against perpetrators like Taylor who engage in such malicious behavior.

The rapid identification and apprehension of Taylor following Saturday’s assault underscore their determination to hold individuals accountable for such senseless acts of violence.

Both incidents highlight not only the physical danger posed by such attacks but also the emotional distress experienced by those targeted.

The trauma suffered by victims can extend beyond physical injuries, causing lasting psychological impacts that may necessitate ongoing support and care.


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  • I am sure this “person” has been arrested more than once. I will bet Biden gives him the Fireman of the Year Award.

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  • Just like a Communist Democrat run City, like NYC, a sorry low life scum son of a bitch goes around to deliberately harm someone and when the worthless piece of shit gets arrested, the Communist DA and Communist Judge sets them free..
    New Yorkers need to put down their cell phones and gang up on those Communist Thugs and beat them to DEATH.!
    Or the next time it’ll be any one of You or your family.!

    • I agree 100% with you BUT most people now are stupid, lazy, and scared and that is how the leaders like it and the cops are on their side too. Vigilantes would get the cops searching them down and the da going for the death penalty

  • When they catch this fire-throwing kni99er, DO NOT LET HIM LOOSE.
    Had he been thrown in jail after the first crime, he wouldn’t be loose to hurt someone else.
    Damn the Lawyers who defend this scum, and the soft-on-crime Judges that let this kind of scum back onto the streets.



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