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Here’s another example of the situation in America under Joe Biden’s leadership.

The border crisis is spiraling out of control.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin recently interviewed an individual from Pakistan who entered the country illegally through the San Diego sector in Jacumba, California.

During the interview, it became clear that the individual from Pakistan had little regard for the law or any concerns about violating it.

When asked about his origin, he openly admitted to being from Pakistan and revealed that he had crossed the border into the United States without any hesitation or fear of consequences.

Furthermore, when questioned about his journey and means of entry into the country, he casually mentioned arriving from Brazil before finally stating that he came to the US for employment purposes.


“Where are you from?” Melugin asked.

“Pakistan,” the illegal responded.

“Pakistan, how did you get here?” Melugin asked.

“Just I crossed the border,” the illegal replied.

“I know you crossed the border, where did you fly into? How did you get here?” Melugin asked.

“I came from Brazil,” the illegal responded.

“From Brazil, ok. Why did you come to the US?” Melugin asked.

“For the job, for work,” the illegal responded.

“You want to work. You know it’s illegal to come here across the border like this right?” Melugin asked.

“Ya,” the illegal responded.

“Not a big deal?” Melugin asked.

“No,” the illegal responded.


This exchange highlights a disturbing reality – individuals are willing to take advantage of the lax enforcement at the border and are unapologetic about their illegal actions.

The lack of deterrence and consequences for such actions further exacerbates this issue.

It is evident that a significant number of individuals are exploiting this situation to gain unauthorized entry into the United States with little to no apprehension about facing legal repercussions.

The implications of this scenario extend beyond just an individual case; they reflect a broader crisis at hand.

The porous nature of the border has allowed for unregulated and unrestricted entry into the country, creating numerous security and humanitarian concerns.

The influx of undocumented immigrants not only strains resources but also poses challenges related to public health, safety, and national security.

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  • We have sown a bitter harvest, one cannot help by see the similarity of the border mess, without thinking of the Romans. Who, when unable to cope with the Barbarians, simply let them walk into their country, to their own demise! Wake up America!

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  • And the indoctrinated dumbass College Students Sympathize with the Illegals and believe those illegals have every right to enter America.?
    Sure he wants to work, instead he will seek out the other illegal Muslims to help build bombs in order to kill Americans.!
    Fuc* you Obama and Biden.!

  • Hopefully, WHEN Donald Trump gets back into the White House, he will round up every single one of these illegal “Biden” ALIENS and complete the border wall like he wanted to do when he was President the first time around!



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