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On Wednesday, Rudy Giuliani appeared in court for the third day of his DC trial as a jury determines how much he will be required to pay Ruby Freeman and her daughter, Shaye Moss, following allegations that he defamed them after claiming they contributed to voter fraud in the 2020 election.

After questioning Ruby Freeman for an hour, the plaintiff’s attorneys concluded their case.

In August 2020, Judge Beryl Howell ruled that Giuliani was legally responsible for defaming Ruby and Shaye due to his late submission of evidence requested by the election workers’ attorneys.

Subsequent information revealed that Giuliani could not provide the documents to them because investigators were holding it in another case against him.

Notably, Howell is also presiding over the case against President Trump in Washington D.C., which raises questions about impartiality.

This situation calls into question whether such legal proceedings are common in developed countries or if this behavior is more reflective of what one would expect from a third-world nation.

It is evident from Judge Howell’s demeanor and comportment that she holds little regard for Mayor Giuliani and his counsel, while exhibiting a high degree of respect towards the plaintiffs Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss as well as their representatives. Furthermore, Giuliani is not in a position to oppose the judge or the claimants, who are bringing forth a lawsuit against him with an abundance of lawyers compared to his single attorney.

ABC reports,

Before the jury was seated, Giuliani was asked by Judge Beryl Howell to explain remarks he made after court and online Tuesday night, after she admonished him earlier Tuesday about comments he made on Monday.

“I did,” Giuliani said about making Tuesday’s remarks, “but I don’t think they violated the order. If I did, it was accidental.”

“I will not do it in the future,” he said.

In a video streamed Tuesday night on X, formerly Twitter, Giuliani said, “They’re seeking $40 million. Oh yeah. They’re seeking $40 million for the damage that I allegedly did to them. One of them did testify that she has no money, they do have an endless number of lawyers in the courtroom, however, for people that don’t have any money.”

At today’s examination of witness Ruby Freeman, attorneys presented audio recordings and images of messages they allege were received as a consequence of Rudy Giuliani’s statements and social media posts following the 2020 Presidential Election.

When questioned by correspondent Jordan Conradson afterward, Giuliani denied any involvement with these messages or any control over what other people do. “I don’t even know who those people are,” he stated.

Giuliani informed reporters that he intends to exercise his right to free speech after the trial is concluded without divulging whether he will testify on Thursday.

Giuliani: I’ve got nothing for you right now until after the trial is over. But I wouldn’t be happy to talk to you when these restrictions are not on me. I can say what I like to say, except no comment. The court order is pretty complete with regard to that, and I’m going to respect it. After all, there’s only a day or two more to go, and then we’ll be able to exercise our right to free speech, God willing, like every other American.

Reporter: Are you gonna testify tomorrow?

Giuliani: I intend to, but I always leave them guessing. When I was a prosecutor, defense lawyers never told me if the guy was going to testify. I sure as heck I’m not gonna tell them whether I am or I’m not. So the better soon I am.

Reporter: Well, yesterday, you said the truth would come out. So is this a change from yesterday?

Giuliani: We’re not over yet. I said the truth will come out. The truth will come out. I didn’t say when. So, it will come out, and it will come out very, very shortly. But I’m not going to comment on the courtroom. I’m not supposed to.

Conradson: All these recordings they played today and stuff like that with people saying stuff. Do you have any control over what other people say?

Giuliani: I had nothing to do with any of this. As you know, my name isn’t there, it doesn’t refer to me, I don’t even know who those people are.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • Howell can’t be called a judge. He is a heavily partisan political hack democrats use to get around the law and constitution. He is an embarrassment to the judiciary, the Bar and America.

  • Award Ruby and Shaye a single penny each……the lowest coin of the realm.

    So tired of the leftist’s skunk ideology attacks.

  • We ALL saw the rampant voter fraud in every State that ” Stopped ” counting on election day when President Trump was ahead and then suddenly wasn’t when they ” Started ” counting again in the morning.
    The numbers showed they dumped in enough votes to put Traitor Joe in the lead and then kept that margin going to steal the election. More votes being counted in a time period than the machines could physically count is evidence of voter fraud. More mail in ballots received than were mailed out is evidence of voter fraud. Ballots with no chain of custody and / or signed in same handwriting is evidence of voter fraud. More votes than there was eligible voters in some areas shows evidence of voter fraud, Voters with addresses that were commercial establishments, empty lots, fields, non existent places, under bridges, etc, show evidence of voter fraud.
    ALL of that happened and was ignored or brushed off during what the lamestream media said was ” The most secure election in history “. That was and is a boldface lie.
    Anyone with the common sense of a 5th grader knows the deep state and Democrats cheated. They know that we know they cheated but since they were able to complete the coup they started in 2016 and get their puppet in office, they have been able to push off the truth.
    The Anti-Americans that call themselves Democrats are destroying The United States with their actions and policies, shown daily. Traitor Joe is aiding and abetting drug smuggling and human trafficking via the illegal invasion of our southern border that he opened.
    The only way this many things can be destroyed as quickly as they are being destroyed is on purpose. The Democrats under Traitor Joe are the most corrupt administration in United States history.

  • These 2 Criminals were Seen/Security Footage Of Scanning The Same Piles Of Ballots 3-4 Times Over and Over?-Why Is This Trial For Them?-It Should Be Charging Them With Fraud and Jail!!-The Justice System?-The Failed System of Law Has Been Employed By The Criminal Bidoom Regime Aka N.Korea’s Justice System!-Talk About Corruption At Its Lowest!!

  • You guys are forgetting that we have a tyrannical dictator that’s being fead a lb. of drugs every day so he can pretend to know who he is. We’re living under democrats socialist regime that’s walking around the Constitution like it doesn’t exist and if they are allowed to steal another Presidential Election we’re going to see full blown Communism take over every position in what’s left of the government and replace the last good people with psychotic leftists who will continue with allowing criminals to murder and steal without remorse, poverty will reach never seen levels
    & white Americans will continue to be replaced with Illegals from every other third world country to help destroy the country and bankrupt it, after we’re living under worse conditions than every other third world country the Illegals will slowly begin to go back home and live good lives on our money the dictator gave them and they sent home. Somewhere in there the police state will threaten, arrest and take every law abiding Americans firearms while the criminals run through neighborhoods murdering and raping white Americans who didn’t hide firearms and ammunition from the government for protection.

  • It’s funny how Ruby and Shaye don’t have any money, broke, nothing,, but, they’ve got many lawyers in the Courtroom, all Anti-American Communist Muslim Obama and Soros paid for Ant-Trump assholes.!
    I would be asking “where did the money come from to pay all your Attorney fees”.?
    That judge should have a rope around his neck and drug out into the streets.
    Just how many Americans approve of this Unconstitutional Shitshow.?
    There are over 33-millon armed Americans, so why does that many, buy a firearm and refuse to save our Constitution, our children’s lives, families.?
    Instead millions would rather watch the domestic Communist Democrats and Rino terrorists destroy America entirely and be ruled by Dictatorship. Why.?
    Out of millions armed, I’m guessing maybe 35-55 thousand armed Americans would go into battle, to save America and the majority would hand in their firearms, place their hands behind their heads, interlace their fingers, be handcuffed and lead to a POW camp.!
    Oh, and don’t worry about your children, their all being subjected to slave labor and child sex with Democrats approved Pedophiles.



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