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Mark Houck, a devout Catholic, husband, and father of seven, has filed two lawsuits against Joe Biden’s Department of Justice and FBI.

The suits are seeking millions in damages stemming from an incident a year prior when armed federal agents raided his home in rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania in connection with his pro-life work.

On the morning of September 23rd 2022, approximately 20 FBI agents arrived at the Houck residence with battering rams, ballistic shields, armor, and long rifles to arrest Mark. His wife Ryan-Marie and their children witnessed the scene in horror as Mark walked outside with his hands up.

Their eldest son attempted to shield his siblings from the sight while one of the younger boys cried out that Mark was his best friend.

In addition to emotional distress caused by seeing their father taken away under such circumstances, Ryan-Marie and her children were also placed in physical danger by appearing in the doorway while agents had weapons drawn.

The raid was due to an altercation between Mark and abortion escort Bruce Love that had occurred outside a Philadelphia abortion facility the previous year.

According to Life News, Love became aggressive with members of the pro-life group which included Mark’s 12 year old son before attempting to get into his face; prompting Mark to shove him away resulting in Love falling onto the ground and injuring his elbow.

Subsequent court proceedings dismissed any charges relating to this incident yet prompted The Department of Justice (DOJ) to pursue Houck on charges for violation of Freedom of Access Clinic Entrances Act; facing up to 11 years imprisonment if convicted.

However he was found not guilty on all charges just earlier this year in January 2021 as he claimed it was done solely out of protection for his son.

The notices for each lawsuit claim that DOJ leadership referred pro-life services as ‘fake’ or ‘predatory’ upon abortion rights leading them towards filing these complaints citing “malicious” and “retaliatory” prosecution against Mr Houck because of beliefs they deemed unpopular or dissident; further requesting compensation totaling over $4 million dollars for what Peter Breen – attorney representing Mr Houck – described as an obscene show of force against a peaceful man & family leaving lasting trauma through recurring nightmares & infertility issues experienced by Mrs Houck since then .

Shawn Carney – president 40 Days For Life – supported this move affirming it is more than just legal action but rather reflects resistance towards targeting people based on their pro-life stance moving forward

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  • Unfortunately, since this is a civil trial all they can get is money. What justice requires is that everyone involved in this raid and everyone who sought to arrest Mark Houck should be fired and required to personally pay the restitution.

    • And unfortunately we taxpayers will be on the hook for the money. I’m not complaining but I firmly believe all involved from Biden, Garland and Wray down should personally have to pay but that won’t happen.

      • Even though it will be taxpayer money, it will be much better to go to him, the offended, that to lots of other things this crooked administration spends it on, Tim.

    • I AGREE, but, I’ll add this. They get stripped of everything they ever had, and have to immediately serve the same MAXIMUM time in prison, without even a chance of early parole. They’re THUGS!!!! nothing more….

  • It’s outrageous that the FBI is being rewarded with a new headquarters. 70 Rep joined the Dems in voting for it. Shows just how corrupt the system is. Of course the day before the vote the FBI announced their big bust of high end prostitution ring with politicians on the clients list. Wonder if any of the 70 are on the list? Hummm…..

    • Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Robert Cessario, Charles McGonigal, Jim Baker, Christopher Wray, Merrick Garland, Rob Rosenstein, Michael Horowitz, Tim Thibault and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI. BTW, have they lost Hunter Biden’s laptop yet.

  • Remember things like this when you vote in the next Presidential election. America is becoming a Third-World dictatorship under the Commie Democrats.

    • Yup, the United States is a laughing stock of the whole world and the Communist Democrats and Rinos don’t care what America’s Allies think of US.
      The Communist Democrats are gaining Allies with Terrorists and Communist Dictators from around the world and we’re losing our true Allies friendship.
      America’s patriots better get ready for a Civil War because it’s coming.
      Does anyone remember when the Communist Muslim Obama asked our military if they’d shoot and kill Americans.?
      Well he’s doing it all over again and soon our military will be made up of foreign nationals who will.!

  • The FBI Has been Known to Kill Innocent People so it should be no surprise that they support Killing Innocent Babies in the Womb! It appears that the FBI and NAZI Gestapo have a lot more in common?

  • Each and every participant should receive the same treatment from we the people.
    It’s not enough to sue as it would be taxpayer money. The only way is eye for an eye justice. Shame on all who participated.

  • Yes yes yes hit these criminals were hurts the money that they steal regularly from Taxpayers, and sue biden obama as well they ordered it they need arrested prosecuted for attacking American Citizens and Religion, plus pro- life worker, that is Freedom of speech so they broke4 Constitutional Amendment that is Treason, being an American Citizen it should be High Treason

  • Let us see if there is a judge with grit what will try the case and not throw it out on some “questionable legal BS”.

  • Let us see if there is a judge with true grit what will try the case and not throw it out on some “questionable legal BS”.

  • until the thugs have to personally pay settlements, the thuggery will continue. As long as taxpayers pick up the tab the perpetrators do not care

  • The FBI didn’t take the four million dollar hit, the taxpayers did, maybe if the actual agents and the bosses did take the hit out of their own pockets! They would clean up their act!

  • Our Puppet-In-Chief is actually serving an Obamanation’s third term in a communist quest to “fundamentally change” a Constitutional Republic that for a weaponized DOJ and a complicit Fake News already looks like it’s gone Banana.
    Meanwhile the Jackass Party keeps braying about “saving our democracy.”

  • Defund these Corrupt Biden FBI and any others involved too it time to take back our America! it does not take 20 people to serve a warrant either when you can serve it by One man Period No Guns or Batteries Rams either

  • All the DOJ and FBI personnel who either authorized the vindictive persecution of Mr. Houck or did not stop the unlawful raid and persecution should be removed from government employment permanently, forfeit all service credit and any benefits received from government employment, and be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for their involvement in any anti-pro life actions or activities; with minimum sentences for any misconduct or unlawful acts equivalent to the charges used to persecute Mr. Houck. Any settlements due Mr. Houck must come from the personnel responsible and those who knew and did not prevent the raid or persecution. Garnishment of all personnel’s future earnings, present assets, and insurance coverages until paid in full to reimburse all government expenses in settling their malfeasance.

    US Government assaults on US Citizens must come to an abrupt end.
    Since the beginning of the Obama era, the Federal Government has gone further and further beyond constitutionally authorized limits of government actions, with increasingly extreme, unlawful, and unreasonable tactics and militarized assaults upon US Citizens. The very people who are to be protected and defended.



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