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This week, multiple election offices throughout the country received threatening letters containing deadly fentanyl. Even contact with the powder can be life-threatening.

While this should have been a major news story, it was largely limited to local reports and did not make it onto major network or cable news outlets.

Consequently, domestic terrorism experts were not allowed to comment on this situation.

The reasons are obvious, as noted by Headline USA:

  • The letters were sent by Antifa in Portland
  • They contained leftist symbols, including pervert pride flags, pentagrams, and emblems for the Social Democrat Party of Germany
  • The message was anti-right, stating, “Stop giving power to the right that they don’t have. We are in charge now and there is no more need for them.”

But while the fentanyl was the lede for most of the corporate media reports and the Antifa angle dominated reports from conservative media, the real story here is that whoever sent them telegraphed how they plan on disrupting upcoming elections.

By “whoever sent them,” I mean that I’m not completely convinced this was Antifa. It has all of the right markers for Antifa domestic terrorists and their calls for “direct action,” but there’s one huge problem with that notion. They threatened ballot boxes which are far more beneficial to Democrats than Republicans.

“Also be aware your ballot drops are very susceptible to noxious chemicals like AM/BL,” the letters read. “They are unsafe to the public. Just saying.”

It is clear that both the far-left Antifa and the UniParty Swamp are sending a strong message to the public: “END ELECTIONS NOW.”

The use of ballot drop boxes, which have been left vulnerable by the UniParty Swamp, could potentially be used for election-rigging.

Even though this theory may seem unlikely, we must remain vigilant in order to prevent any future attempts to subvert or even avoid holding elections in 2024 and beyond.

If the potential for credible threats to elections is deemed a possibility, it raises alarm bells regarding the security of both drop boxes and polling locations.

This could create an opportunity for those in power to introduce a “solution” such as digital balloting through constitutional amendment or state consensus.

Such a strategy would have far-reaching implications, not least of which would be centralizing control over election results from any location.

The timing of letters allegedly sent by Antifa merits further investigation, as it was one year prior to the election when they were received. Antifa tends to respond to current events rather than anticipating them, which suggests that there may be other forces at play here.

If this hypothesis proves true, the consequences for our nation’s constitutional republic could be dire.

ICYMI: Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby Found Guilty on Two Federal Counts of Perjury

Doug Goldsmith

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  • Well it couldn’t be ANTIFA as our president and Democrats and many elites have told us they are just an idea and ideas couldn’t physically mail anything.

  • Duh…
    There are NO political “Parties” in the United States…
    …only the Ruling Intelligence State and Antifa IS an Intelligence State operation…

  • When will the FBI start protecting us from criminal groups like antifa instead of persecuting us for protesting a stolen election? People not only have a right but an obligation to protest an election they believe was stolen

  • look no farther than the democrat pet antfia terrorists for attacking our country and officials offices with BS like this. bet they got the drugs right from the cartels. won’t be afraid to guess their also democrats pet terrorists too. they broke every other one of our laws . so why would drugs be any difference. crist look no farther then hunter biden on that one. a gun carrying crack head with drugs in the white crack house. and still no one charged for any crime of the democrats payed for pets.

  • Easy solution: In person voting like we had during some war years, 1864, 1944, 1952, 1964, 1968, 1972, and so on.

  • Antifa has been protected by the Communist Democrats and the Communist FBI & CIA since the day of their formation by George Soros and The Anti-American Communist homosexual Muslim Barack Hussein Obama.
    Start shooting Antifa where they are spotted, payback is the solution and payback is a bitch.!
    The Communist Democrats and Rinos started this and they all should pay for this Domestic Terrorists.

  • Didn’t chuckle-head joey say that antifa was just an idea?

    Now “ideas” are mailing toxic envelops to people.

  • How do you make a ballot box safe? It would matter none if 90% of the ballots inserted became contaminated with fentanyl. The votes could not be counted for quite a while until decontaminated. It would be interesting to see if it were primarily Republican dominated boxes were the targets.



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