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In a twist of fate, the Biden regime’s weaponization of law enforcement has made Trump stronger.

A new poll shows that the unnecessary FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago has brought people from supporting a presidential bid by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis back to Trump. I think DeSantis would be an excellent president, and I would hope Trump asks him to run on the ticket as his vice presidential choice.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll that was conducted after the FBI raid shows that Trump got a significant bump as Republicans rally around him in the wake of the tyranny of the Biden regime.

According to Politico:

As for what this all means politically, it appears that Trump is benefitting from a small rally-around-the-flag effect among Republicans:

In mid-July, 53% of Republican voters and Republican-leaning independents said they would vote for Trump if the 2024 primary were being held today.

Our polling today finds Trump with 57%. The next closest candidate is Florida Gov. RON DESANTIS at 17% — down from 23% in the July poll. No other candidate breaks double digits.

The poll revealed that 49%, less than half of those surveyed, across the political spectrum, support the FBI raid. That’s because Americans do not like it when their government acts like a bunch of Russian Soviets.

The poll asked voters, “do you think that this conducted search warrant on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort is primarily due to: Evidence that he committed a crime” or “Motivation to damage his political career.”

The poll found that 49 percent said the raid was based on “Evidence that he committed a crime” and 39 percent said that they had “Motivation to damage his political career.”

Governor DeSantis sounded off on social media about the FBI raid calling it “another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies.”

“he raid of MAL is another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime’s political opponents, while people like Hunter Biden get treated with kid gloves. Now the Regime is getting another 87k IRS agents to wield against its adversaries? Banana Republic.”

The poll also asked registered voters, “Do you believe Joe Biden should run for president in the 2024 election?” 15% said Yes, definitely, 13% said “Yes, probably,” and 45% said “No, definitely not,” and 21% said “No, probably not.” So that’s 28% say yes, Biden should run again, and 66% say no.

That’s probably again because Americans do not like the government run like a Soviet regime and that’s exactly how Biden has been running America. He has attacked his political opponents with the help of Democrats in Congress.


Doug Goldsmith

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  • I can’t trust anything that is associated with the Democrats any more. Nothing transpires from what ever they try and pin on President Trump. It’s a waste of our tax money. Article V of our Constitution will enable Convention of States to begin resolving the big problem in with our government in Washington.

  • Since the FBI would not allow the security camera system to be on or Trump’s attorneys to view the search, what are the odds that “evidence” such as the mysterious pistol that shot Vince Foster on the back of his head turned up in one of the boxs?

  • The only poll that really counts is the one at the ballot box on election day. Vote RED in person in Nov 2022 and Nov 2024.

  • I’m quite certain the conniving Demmunists would be more than happy if this raid embarrassed Pres. Trump politically, or even prevented him from running. But the PRIMARY motivation for this OVERKILL approach was to get their hands on the ORIGINAL “Spygate” failes–which Pres. Trump declassified, and which he HAD–which implicated BOTH the FBI AND Hillary Clinton. Those files have since been “redacted” beyond all recognition and the FBI stonewalls anybody who asks to see them. Pres. Trump has a LAWSUIT pending against Hillary, and that file is his primary evidence for that lawsuit. Gee, do you think they might want to get their hands on THAT file and see that it got “lost” and never saw the light of day? It implicates the FBI AND Hillary Clinton in CRIMINAL activity against a sitting President that COULD be considered sedition and TREASON. IMHO THIS is what the squad of FBI GOONS was after, and why they did not want ANYBODY to be able to see what they were doing inside Mara-Lago. If they carted off that file in the multitude of boxes they made off with (in my opinion that was a ploy to OBSCURE what it was they were REALLY after–just grab EVERYTHING!), I sure hope Pres. Trump has a copy of it hidden away elsewhere! Because if they did NOT get it in THIS intrusion into Mara-Lago–after making such a big deal of ALL the government info he removed from the White House was there– they can’t very well turn around and raid his home in New York to keep looking for that file, can they?

  • Pfft! 2022/2024 national election polls are irrelevant as long as the Democrat election fraud apparatus is still intact! …and it still is!!



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