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In a properly functioning “nation of laws,” justice must be applied evenly. There can be no bias in how law enforcement applies the rule of law. However, the United States is no longer functioning as a nation of laws.

There is inherent political bias at the highest levels of the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ). It is destroying the legal fabric that holds our country together. America’s core freedoms are at risk. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said it succinctly.

The late U.S. Senate Majority Leader declared, “We’re a nation of laws, not of men and women.” Even though Reid was a leader within the Democrat Party, he would surely be disappointed in what’s happening today.

The radically progressive core of his own Democrat Party is being used as a political weapon. The weaponization of the FBI and DOJ bleeds from the upper echelon of each agency. Political operatives are using their powers to manipulate our political process.

If allowed to continue, it will destroy our democracy from the inside. The most glaring example of partisan use of federal powers involves how President Trump has been treated. With the recent raid of his home in Mar-a-Lago, this bias is back at the top of the national news cycle.

Like the treatment of President Trump, the story is handled differently by various news sources. The corrupt, left-leaning mainstream media is relishing in another assault on the popular president. He has been attacked since the day he announced he was running for president.

However, even conservative news outlets like FOX are producing contentious back-and-forth shouting matches. FOX News contributors were debating the “two-tiered” system of justice currently eating our country like a cancer.

In defense of FOX News, the nation’s strongest conservative source of the truth, a radical liberal triggered the argument. Jessica Tarlov would never be mistaken for even a moderate Democrat. Tarlov sides with the progressive left, no matter how insane that might be.

Tarlov was side-by-side with conservative FOX News contributor Sean Duffy. The two were asked about Democrats’ ability to stay on message heading into the midterms. That wasn’t what triggered the heated exchange.

The conversation shifted to the raid of President Trump’s home. Duffy compared the treatment that the FBI and DOJ gave to Hillary Clinton over her use of a private server for sensitive government correspondence.

As proof, Duffy mentioned the bogus Steele Dossier and the fictitious “Alpha Bank.” But Tarlov felt like “the boxes” seized during the raid by the FBI were monumentally important. No one knows what is actually in these boxes. Nevertheless, Tarlov raced to judgment.

She made no connection between the notions that foreign adversaries would have direct access to Hillary’s blunder. But the so-called “sensitive documents” at Mar-a-Lago were in a “highly secure” facility. Tarlov seemed reluctant to make this distinction.

She also ignored the fact that President Trump preserved the documents in question, but Hillary bleached her hard drives, erasing every piece of evidence. If this sounds a little suspicious, it’s because it is. Tarlov went on to make a totally bogus assertion.

She said that keeping the documents at Mar-a-Lago meant President Trump was breaking the law. There has been no precise statement of what these boxes contained, only speculation that the documents were “sensitive top-secret” information.

But then Tarlov made a totally illogical reference. She insisted that Hillary Clinton was punished because she lost an election. No, Jessica, Hillary got off scot-free. She should be in prison. The FBI and DOJ backed away from her case like children from a hot stove.

Nonetheless, these partisan hacks continue to attack President Trump. It’s proof of an imbalanced two-tier justice system plaguing the U.S. It cannot continue. It will destroy the country. But that’s exactly what the progressive left wants; destroy America from the inside out.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Gravel Gurdy voiced Tarlov is a loser. I quit watching IN The Middle because Of her, with the good looking military brat black gal, another turn.
    But Turlov is off her rocker and stupid
    She feels empowered by her stupidity and its amazing she’s such a reprobate.

    However FOX lost most of its conservative base because its NOT CONSERVATIVE – Since Paul Ryan went on board they stoped telling the truth – so if you want lies and untruths mixed in with an occasional truth watch Fox, it will fill the need

  • Tarlov = DUMB as a ROCK…….I watch Jesse Waters when she speaks on the Five and the only thing MISSING from Jesse is an Eyeroll because he is WELL behaved and knows that there are Consequences if he would roll his eyes……, he just sits there and looks STRAIGHT ahead…….



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