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Disturbing video footage has surfaced depicting the brutal assault of a high school junior in Wheaton, Illinois by two fellow students.

Shockingly, reports indicate that the school attempted to downplay and cover up the incident.

The viral video, shared by Libs of Tiktok, captures the harrowing scene as two individuals attack a white student in a restroom at Wheaton Warrenville South High School.

The assailants are seen viciously beating and kicking the victim while hurling expletives.

Following the assault, onlookers can be heard expressing shock and calling for medical assistance as they witness the unconscious victim being carried out of the bathroom.

Legal experts have raised concerns about potential perjury charges against Willis, a Democrat, as suggested by Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr.

Attorney Eric Anderson from Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae in Los Angeles, California has indicated the possibility of such legal action.

The student’s mother informed Patch that the disturbing incident took place on February 28.

Her child was completely unconscious and experienced a seizure.

She shared that the boy was rushed to the emergency room, where he received treatment for a concussion, “multiple contusions,” and bruising.

Additionally, she disclosed troubling details about how the school attempted to minimize and conceal the violent attack.

Despite her son being unresponsive, school officials did not promptly contact emergency services. Numerous legal experts have raised concerns regarding Willis’ testimony.

According to Eric Anderson, an attorney at Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae in Los Angeles, California, Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr might pursue perjury charges against Willis, a Democrat.

“School personnel who were there with my son were not getting him medical attention,” she said.

The victim’s mother explained that these actions by adults, including Principal Lorie Campos, are an ongoing pattern at the school.

“This is not just because of my son, but because this is not isolated, and the way they are trying to push this under the rug is not unique to this situation with my son,” the mother explained.

To make matters worse, the incident escalated when a student insulted the victim, leading him to challenge the student to a fight in the bathroom.

Despite the victim not fighting back, he was unjustly suspended for ten days by Campos.

Adding fuel to the fire, witnesses shared that the two assailants who brutally attacked and left the victim unconscious were only suspended for a mere two days, a significant difference from the victim’s punishment.

Shockingly, school authorities failed to involve law enforcement despite the severity of the assault.

Furthermore, there were reports of five additional altercations on that same day.

Legal experts have raised doubts about Willis’ testimony and speculated that he could potentially face perjury charges from Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr as noted by Eric Anderson, an attorney at Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae in Los Angeles, California.

The victim’s mother concluded her interview with Patch by expressing her wish that the publicity surrounding her son’s assault would empower other student victims to come forward.

Numerous legal professionals have raised apprehensions about Willis’ testimony.

Eric Anderson, a lawyer at Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae in Los Angeles, California, stated that Willis, a Democrat, could potentially be charged with perjury by Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr.

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  • Who is Willis? I don’t see anything mentioning who that person is other than a Democrat. Who is he/she?

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  • Confusing article…

    “Numerous legal professionals have raised apprehensions about Willis’ testimony.
    Eric Anderson, a lawyer at Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae in Los Angeles, California, stated that Willis, a Democrat, could potentially be charged with perjury by Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr.”

    Who is Willis and why is the Georgia AG mentioned in an article about a school in Illinois?

  • There is no longer any sane reason for having your kids in public schools, especially if you know there is a pattern of violence enabled and encouraged by the corrupt influence of the teacher’s unions and leftist school boards. Disengaged parents are just as responsible for these tragedies as the school system that they enable.

  • You read about the assault in Illinois, then Georgia, Perjury on Willis. Then back to Illinois, and Georgia, again.????
    Who ever reported this crap, he needs to be told to get lost.

  • All of the attacks on teachers and students are recorded and we know the students doing the attacking. They are to be taken to court, found guilty of gang member activity and attacks, sent to prison for 20 years, no exceptions.

    • Whenever race is omitted in an article, you know someone black or brown skinned is the perpetrator. Who says the media isn’t biased. Aaaargh!

  • I hope that boy is ok.
    Did the parents press charges?
    Are the students going to be arrested for assult?
    If were the parents I would be suing the school, the district, everyone who beat him up.
    This has to stop.

  • Should go back to separate but equal policy like they had back in the 60’s. Its been proven over the years mixed race will never happen just look at the black on white
    crime statistics increasing per year on FBI stats.

    • Look up the number of white women raped every year by black men. Now look up the number of black women raped by white men every year. The numbers are staggering. Bet you can’t guess which group is the worst. Yeah right as my three year old would say…

  • And Biden claims they are doing a great job with the schools! He has become the poster child for what stupid corrupt and brainwashed looks and sounds like! This is 100% promoted by Democrats! If they can’t screw it up nobody can! Just an undeniable fact! All shits and giggles till it is your kid in the hospital!

  • So were the Thugs arrested? What about the school staff that did nothing? They need jail time too and never allowed to be around children again.

  • Whoever composed this story is a dumb as a rock. This continuous lack of understanding of continuity, the rules of sentence composition, spelling, grammar and common sense are unacceptable. Go back to your job of counting marshmallows!

  • Can’t tell from that stupid article and the picture. Is that a boy trying to be a girl that was in the girls bathroom?

  • Some of the world’s worst prisons are short of money. The US might contract with them for prisoners. The amount we pay for one here would likely support 10, 20 or 100 there. We can save money, be rid of trash like the attackers of this white boy, and improve society all at the same time. As for the transferred prisoners, some may not make it. Others, when released, might find a new, friendlier way of interacting with people.

  • This is happening all over our country now, in the streets, at the mall and in our schools. Democrats have whined that every student should feel safe at school. They must mean every non white student. You don’t see one democrat speaking out against what is going on.

  • Please proofread your articles. I keep seeing lines from completely different articles included in unrelated articles. Sloppy cut and paste jobs erodes your credibility. Hard to take someone seriously when they can’t seem to stay on topic.

  • School officials, including board members, should be held accountable for not implementing the proper justice for the injured student, maybe they should all resign. Police should be notified of the assault and let the facts come out properly, and if need be, the assailants should be prosecuted.

  • If you take all the black people in Africa and bring them to America and then take all the white people in America and take them to Africa, what will you have in 30 years? Which will be a shining light on a hill and which will be the largest ghetto on the planet?

  • Black on white violent crime is an epidemic in America. Our parks, malls, playgrounds, streets and schools have all seen a huge increase in black gangs attacking whites. Our government needs to stop this before it turns in to a full scale race war.

  • I think about the Parkland Shooting in FL and the School was not permitted to deal with assaults by a Black student as Obama did not want Blacks to have a criminal record and the teachers at Parkland were very relieved when the shooter quit school but he returned with a weapon and we know the outcome. I guess the School was trying to cover up the hatred and violence of today. This cannot continue–the perps must be held accountable for a hate crime.

  • The revealing quote is “school authorities failed to involve law enforcement despite the severity of the assault.”
    Even this article does not explain the root cause of mayhem in the nation’s schools.
    Officials did not “refuse” to involve law enforcement. They just don’t do it. Schools are still following Obama’s (nearly no consequences) “Promise Program.” He said he wanted to stop the “school to jail railroad.” So, schools keep incidents away from law enforcement. That way kids leave school with no police record, hence, the “promise” of a better future. It is extremely rare for schools o allow landlines to be used to call 911. Like in this case people had to use their cell phones.

  • This is an article about a school assault in Illinois, the victim’s and school staff names are not included. However, the story contains several pragraphs about Willis, presumably Fani, and the Georgia AG, and some information about a law firm in California. Those 2 things have absolutely nothing to do with the school assault story, and should be left out. If that’s the best you can write, maybe you need to find another vocation.

  • REMOVE all immunity, qualified immunity and any other, for all employees of this school. Then begin the actions against the employees of the school. EVERY employee that had knowledge of any of this, or saw an unconscious student and did not call 911 services instantly should be sued until they have NOTHING LEFT.

  • Reparations ……..Now! One way tickets to Africa!

    Losing 13% of the population will cut the US crime rate in half easily!

  • The first step is to remove the school authorities and jail them for trying to cover the episode up and to arrest the two punks who did the attack. The parents should also sue this school out of business.



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