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On Wednesday night, NBC News anchor defended Bill Clinton after legal documents were released indicating he had visited Epstein Island, where young girls are alleged to have been subjected to sexual abuse.

This has become a new reality in the mainstream media, with many openly protecting those accused of such heinous acts.

NBC News host: I should mention, none of this obviously suggests any wrongdoing by the former president suggests that he was involved in a crime. It’s merely talking about his connections to Epstein, something that has already, again, been out there.

But he has obviously maintained his innocence and denied any wrongdoing as it relates to any abuse by people that Epstein exploited. Tom, about interactions that Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, Clinton may have had with Jeffrey Epstein.

She specifically asked about meals with Clinton. She says she can’t recollect any meals with him. She’s asked about whether he may being Clinton may have had a meal on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane. She says, quote, “I’m sure that he had a meal on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane.”

So, Tom, these are the types of interactions that we expected. Much of this has already been reported in the public domain, but it’s different now, of course, seeing it in a court filing.

It is disheartening to see the mainstream media actively protecting perpetrators of such a heinous crime as pedophilia.

This behavior is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

It is time to take action and abandon the mainstream media for good.


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Doug Goldsmith

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  • How do you bury a recorded message by Billy Boy himself saying —-” I did not have sex with that woman.” Oh I forgot this is the 21st Century where ethics, integrity, plagiarism and morals have no value.

  • The MSMmis already defended Clinton instead of doing what they are supposed to do, investigate the allegations to see if they are true or not.

    • Chris is absolutely correct, all those bought and paid for on CNN and MSNBC don’t investigate they get paid to lie to the public and cover for crimes committed by the Communist Democrats.
      However, those same so called MSM news reporters attack and accuse all conservative Women on false accusations without batting an eye.

  • If Slick Willie does get convicted and/or ends up behind bars, I’ll bet Killary will be checking into his life insurance.

  • Clinton is one of the worse presidents in our history. He has a history of failing to keep his pants on or his zipper up. Of course he was involved with Epstein. He is a vile, despicable person who is a total embarrassment & disgrace to this nation.

  • I haven’t paid any attention to ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, WaPo, Nyt etc, for years as it long ago became obvious that ‘news’ from them isn’t their goal. Their propagandists for the communists…err…socialists…um…leftist….I mean…democrats! All the names apply.

  • We already know that Bill Clinton has a propensity to lie with a straight face. We also know he is a horn dog and will screw anything on two legs, and the four footed ones run to fast. We know Hillary is a lesbian and according to Bill Clinton has had more women than he has. From the looks of their daughter, its not Bills child and more closely resembles Hillary’s former partner who committed suscide with two fatal bullets to the back of his head, no blood, and no gun near by. How stupid do they think the general public is, oh ya, that’s right their Democrats.

  • ‘I did not have sexual relations with those girls’…what? A video? Oh? Repeat of his denial with Monica…until she produced the DNA evidence. The MSM tried to cover for him then. No credibility — then or now.

  • Nail that motherfucking pedophile murderer Slick Willie to the fucking wall!!! Hey Willie -piece of advice…sleep on your back while you are in PRISON, you SLIMEbag motherFUCKER ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



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