During a recent CNN interview, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussed the ongoing debate regarding Joe Biden’s mental health and stamina, emphasizing stark differences between him and former President Donald Trump.

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Nancy Pelosi emphasized that Biden’s capabilities and awareness are in stark contrast to those of Trump, citing healthcare professionals who have raised concerns about Trump’s mental state.

“This is an opportunity for Joe Biden to go out there and show he has the stamina and the rest,” Pelosi said, addressing the scrutiny Biden faces regarding his health.

Pelosi didn’t hold back on her assessment of Trump, suggesting that some in the healthcare community believe he may suffer from dementia.

“There are healthcare professionals who think that Trump has dementia, that his connection, his thoughts do not go together,” Pelosi stated.

She pointed out that while Trump accuses others of enabling, Biden has consistently shown his engagement and understanding of key issues.

Pelosi went on to praise Biden’s mental acuity and his ability to stay informed and engaged with legislative matters. “We see Joe Biden, of course, we know how attuned he is to the issues, how informed he is. I debate with him about legislation and not debate, but discuss it with him. He’s right there.”

Acknowledging the challenges Biden faces, Pelosi admitted, “It was a bad night. Let’s not (brain freeze) sugarcoat that.” However, she quickly pivoted to praise Biden’s tenure, concluding, “It was a great presidency.”

At the same time, a recent CBS News poll found that 72% of registered voters do not believe Joe Biden possesses the mental and cognitive abilities necessary to fulfill the role of President.

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  • Pelosi did you watch the debate are you blind or deaf , President Trump did good Joe Biden didn’t know where he was half the time Biden is a very ill person, I know this I had 2family members go through this illness….it’s pathetic that his family is putting this man through this

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    • I’m tired of hearing that biden is ill or has dementia like that is his problem. He is a filthy poshit and ALWAYS has been

  • Are you tired and fed up with the constant gaslighting and lies spewing out of the Communist Democrats America.?
    Their still the Enemies of the People and always have been, they put on a good show and millions fall for it.

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