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Former mobster Michael Franzese recently made an appearance on Glenn Beck’s show, making headlines in the process.

At 72 years old, Franzese is a former capo of New York’s Colombo crime family who left his life of crime when he met a young Christian woman who is now his wife of 38 years.

Franzese left the criminal lifestyle with knowledge regarding crime and families that might be involved. During his interview with Beck, Franzese was asked if he believes the Biden family to be a “crime family” to which he responded by saying it’s hard for him to sit back and watch what is going on without understanding why it hasn’t all been exposed yet.

He then went on to explain how money trails can lead to something and shared that he himself has pled guilty to racketeering involving defrauding the government out of every gallon of gasoline sold through a scheme devised by him over eight years long.

The money was kept in an illegal bank account created under a corporation set up just for this purpose.

What makes the case surrounding the Bidens different from Franzese’s one is that they have somebody in office doing these kinds of things which according to Franzese, is treasonous in his view.

This statement has sparked controversy as people debate whether or not such accusations should be taken seriously or disregarded altogether due to its source – after all, coming from someone with extensive knowledge about criminal activities might give more weight to such claims than from any other ordinary person would do.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • And yet nothing is done to investigate, or stop Capo Biden from continuing his crime spree so easily. He has a cabinet that are his people so even Article 25 of the Constitution cannot be used to remove him from office. Perhaps nature will catch up to the traitor and extinguish his light.

    • Problem David is being the son of Satan and a rabid sow he might live and hold office until the age of 100

  • Even the mob bosses know that Biden is a crime boss and his family is all involved with exception MAYBE of his daughter

  • In this case, id go with the crime boss, just look at all the sleezy charactors and partner Hunter & Joe surround themselves with, they of course are padded by multiple layers of media and other criminals that will run interference for the bidens. The only thing they havent found yet is bodies, but as quickly as things are closing in on hunter and joe, if they are a crime family, heads will have to roll!

  • The treasonous criminal Biden was put in office by voter fraud to destroy America and the economy, the American dollar is on its last legs and the Saudis have made it clear that they will start trading oil for the Chinese yen and Russia is bypassing the American dollar by working with the Communist Chinese government. Communist Biden has really done a great job in the destruction of America.!
    Question is how much more destruction will the American citizens allow him to further his agenda to completely destroy our lives.
    Soon his private army of illegals and the Woke military will soon start moving in with full armament and murder U.S. citizens.
    A Civil War should have been started a year or so ago but, Americans and the yellow streak Republicans knew something was wrong and did absolutely nothing until it’s too late.
    Today’s babies and grandchildren will never know what freedom in America was like.
    Biden and George Sorros and his son along with Bill Gates and the Communist Clinton’s should have been executed long ago.
    We are now becoming more like China how they treat their people.

    • It should have been stopped before Oh0m0 was allowed to be inaugurated.

      If anyone wants to know how this will all end, just read the Bible’s New Testament, namely Revelations!

  • The swamp is getting upset with Biden’s clumsiness and arrogance. Lying and cheating have been the norm for many years. Biden is too stupid to follow the established rules for getting wealthy in D.C.

  • The entire Biden Family is a collage of dirty, despicable, foul, vile, criminals. Liars, cheats, drug addled, perverted trash with cash. Treason is on the table. That harpy wife should be charged with elder abuse. We all know he is addled and unfit to alone for 15 minutes , and probaby can’t change his own Depends! That Albatross .Hunter (the gift that keeps on giving ) sucking the life out of this country.
    Biden has always been a joke and not a good one. By all means let him run again. Just take the mic out of ear when he debates, so Obama can’t tell him what to say. That debate will be 2 minutes long, he will get confused, pissed off and walk off the stage. They call it Dementia, and in his case Karma.



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