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Following the lifetime ban imposed on San Diego Padres utility player Tucupita Marcano for betting on baseball, it has come to light that four additional players have been suspended for gambling.

According to MLB, Marcano placed a total of 387 bets amounting to over $150,000, with 231 of these bets being related to major league games.

Notably, 25 of his wagers were placed on Pittsburgh Pirates games during his time with the team, despite not participating in any of those matches.

Further investigations revealed that at least four other players had also received suspensions for betting.

One such player is Michael Kelly, a standout relief pitcher for the Oakland Athletics with an impressive 2.59 ERA in 28 appearances.

Kelly was found to have placed 10 bets on nine MLB games between October 5-17, 2021 while he was still a minor league player.

The wagers included predictions on game outcomes, over/under on runs, and individual pitcher strikeout totals. His total wagered amount was $99.22 and he won $28.30.

Consequently, Kelly has been deemed ineligible for one year due to his involvement in baseball betting activities. As of his last appearance in Triple-A in 2023, he remains under suspension.

‘There are more people involved in this than people want to believe.’

Jay Groome, a player for the San Diego Padres, was suspended for a year due to gambling on major league games. Over the course of a year, he placed 32 bets totaling $453.74, resulting in a net loss of $433.54. He also played three games for the Padres’ Triple-A affiliate in 2024.

Another player, Jose Rodriguez of the Philadelphia Phillies organization, received a yearlong ban for betting on MLB games as well. He made 31 bets totaling $749.09 on MLB and college baseball games.

Andrew Saalfrank, a left-handed pitcher who last played for the Arizona Diamondbacks, was also suspended for a year after placing 29 bets on baseball totaling $445.87 and losing $272.64.

The suspensions were brought to light after a legal sports-betting operator tipped off MLB about the players’ gambling activities. The league stated that none of the players had inside information relevant to their bets and that they did not participate in any game they wagered on.

“There are more people involved in this than people want to believe,” said baseball analyst Gary Sheffield Jr. “If the MLB was serious about this issue, they’d put integrity over the money, but money will always be number one,” he continued.

“We may find it striking how often players that are caught gambling are not that good. If you’re a good enough player, the league is able to make this problem go away.”

“We’ll never have a full understanding of the investigations, nor will we know how valuable players are seemingly not caught,” Sheffield added.

Sheffield expressed concern that the introduction of gambling to mid-season games has brought about unforeseen challenges, likening it to opening “Pandora’s box.”

He noted that while efforts to grow the game come with risks, the suspended players are likely to face significant difficulties as they may lose a year’s worth of service time.

The financial rewards for baseball players involved in gambling remain a compelling topic, especially considering that many of them do not earn substantial incomes. Marcano, for instance, only won 4.3% of his bets related to MLB games.

This pales in comparison to former NBA player Jontay Porter, who was banned from the league for life in April 2024.

Porter allegedly amassed $21,965 in winnings and reportedly disclosed sensitive health information to a bettor for gambling purposes.

Subsequently, the bettor placed an $80,000 parlay bet with an online sports book in an attempt to win $1.1 million dollars.

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