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In a shocking display of incompetence, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden stumbled and struggled during a speech in Manchester, New Hampshire on Tuesday.

The 78-year-old former vice president appeared disoriented and confused as he attempted to deliver his remarks, raising serious concerns about his ability to lead the country.

The incident occurred at an event held by the Manchester Democrats at the Currier Museum of Art, where Biden was supposed to discuss his agenda for the upcoming election.

However, things quickly took a turn for the worse when he began to stumble over his words and struggle to recall key pieces of legislation.

In a video captured by a member of the audience, Biden can be seen struggling to pronounce the name of the legislation he claims to have signed into law during his time as a senator.

“After I signed the Pack-Anderl-An-Pack-At-Lack-Act into law,” Biden said before pausing and attempting to correct himself. “Uh, you know that thing that deals with guns.”

As he continued speaking, it became increasingly apparent that he was having difficulty remembering basic details and articulating coherent thoughts.


This latest gaffe has raised serious concerns among Americans. Many are questioning whether Biden is fit to serve as president, given his advanced age and apparent cognitive decline.

One voter, who attended the event and wished to remain anonymous, expressed her shock at what she witnessed. “I couldn’t believe it. He was stumbling over his words and seemed lost. How can he lead our country if he can’t even remember basic information?”

This incident is just one of many that have raised concerns about Biden’s mental fitness for the presidency.

In recent months, he has made numerous gaffes and struggled to articulate his thoughts coherently, leading some to question whether he is suffering from dementia or other cognitive issues.

But despite these concerns, the mainstream media continues to ignore or downplay Biden’s obvious struggles.

As President Trump stated in a tweet following the event, “Joe Biden just said ‘After I signed Pack-Anderl-An-Pack-At-Lack-Act into law’. What did he sign? He doesn’t remember!”

It’s clear that Joe Biden’s mental decline cannot be ignored any longer.

His struggles during his New Hampshire speech raise serious concerns about his ability to lead America as president.

It’s time for Democrats and the media to take off their blinders and face reality – Joe Biden is not fit for office.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • He has been low life lying moron his entire life, and now it’s self evident. In his graduating class at law school of Syracuse University he placed 79th out of 86. That’s brilliance. Had to go to government job since no respectable law practice would hire him. Only in government failure is rewarded.

    • Don’t forget about his pedophilia, sexual abuse (ask Tara Reid) and racism (praised Robert Byrd and got emotional).

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    • Stan, you are correct. Now if only the entire US population wakes up to this mental midget, we might be able to save this country. First order of business is to fire Biden. Next, close the borders. There will be more, but President Trump is up to the task.

  • The sad thing about the Dumbshit Pedophile in Chief is, that the Communist Democrats aren’t a bit Ashamed of what the world leaders think of how Stupid he looks on the world stage and all the laughter we get.
    America is the Butt of every joke and the Communist Democrats don’t care how stupid we look as what was the greatest Country in the world.
    If Philis Diller was still alive they’d have her as their Next Candidate.

  • This is the best the Democrats have to offer? A bumbling, stumbling, senile old fool that can’t remember what he did in the past. This is the guy that is supposed to lead us into the future? He can’t even lead himself off a stage with only one exit! Truth is he stumbled around congress until he outlived everyone with any intelligence. How anyone could believe this demented clown could be a leader is beyond me. Even with the full power of news media, FBI,CIA, hundreds of lap dogs and advisors behind him, he still comes off looking the fool.

  • Biden must be charged with dereliction of duty, Sedition and or treason for what he is doing to bring OUR COUNTRY dowwn into sociaist slavery and communist rule . Why can’t WE the PEOPLE bring chargwes against Biden as WE the PEOPLE are the GOVERNMENT and those elected are supposed to represent US not every socialist, commie, demomrat corporations that are bankrolling Bidens sick plans of conteroling OUR AMERICAN lives.

  • Duh… of course “braindead” is a disaster … new to you ??
    Really ? Didn’t know for years ? ?
    Oh, foreigner? chuckle !

  • There is nothing for the Imbecile-in-Chief to remember. Obama approved the bill. Jill signed the President’s name. If Kennedy attends the debate, Biden finishes fourth.

    • If Biden attends the debate, finishing 4th will be exceeding my expectations.
      No, I did not assume anyone other than Biden would be there,

    • If he croaks Obama will hang Joe up on a coat rack and wheel him in and out for 4 more years. Democrats have grown fond of the smell of Joe’s rotting flesh.

  • Doug Goldsmith, Joe Bribem is 81 (Eighty-0ne) as of 02 Jun 2024, not 78. He’s closer to 82 since his b’day is 20 November.

  • Pedo Joe is smart compared to these twits…..
    “Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is facing criticism after he announced the budget deficit is actually $7 billion worse than his initial projections, bringing the total shortfall to nearly $74 billion.”

    “More than 700,000 illegal immigrants living in California will gain access to “free” health care on Monday.
    It will eventually cost the state about $3.1 billion per year. Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and lawmakers agreed in 2022 to provide health care access to all low-income adults regardless of their immigration status through the state’s Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal.
    As the program kicks off next week, California faces a record $68 billion budget deficit.”

    “ – The state of California’s budget deficit grew by more than $54 billion in recent months as Americans flee the state in search of more freedom and opportunity in Republican-governed areas. California’s budget deficit recently hit $68 billion, having risen from just $14.3 billion in June. The $68 billion deficit is the largest in California’s history.”
    Kept schools closed during Covid longer than other states forcing California students to fall further behind in basic skills such as language and mathematics.

    Closed prisons and ordered the release of thousands of dangerous criminals onto our streets. NOW HE IS LOOKING AT CLOSING 3 MORE!

    Weakened our public safety laws, creating an epidemic of smash and grab crimes and violent assaults.

    Forced Californians to suffer under the highest taxes in the nation and the highest home prices outside Hawaii, AND IS PLANNING TO RAISE OUR INCOME TAX AGAIN!

    Spends billions on government homeless programs that have repeatedly failed, leaving the state with the highest homelessness in the country.

    The budget deficit has increased to $73 billion – with no response from Newsom.

    HE HAS CANCELLED HIS 2nd CONSECUTIVE STATE OF THE STATE ADDRESS — he does not want to be transparent or be held accountable!

    The EDD fraud from 2021 has been revised from $35 billion to $55 billion, leaving the state’s unemployment fund “insolvent”.

    Insurance companies have either pulled out of CA or have doubled or even tripled insurance premium costs.

    Governor Newsom continues to engage in PAY TO PLAY politics and has mandated minimum wage increases while at the same time exempting businesses owned by friends.

    Our overall state debt has reached $1.6 trillion – the highest debt of any state in the entire history of the United States.

    While other states are experiencing a hiring boom, CA has the slowest job growth in the nation.

    We now have been ranked as having the worst educated students in the nation.

    He has put this state and its residents in a dangerous position financially. We are suffering!”

    or……..“We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” — Michelle Obama, May 14, 2008

    Translated: “we have to use the correct pronouns, celebrate transgenders in women’s sports, tear down historic statues, rename schools and streets after serial thugs, vilify our founding fathers, support reparations, feminize the milifairy, allow in more illegal aliens, terrorists and Somalis and play the race card.”

  • He has never been fit to lead, period. At least when he was in the Senate, he was fit to cross the street. That is no long the case.

  • Is he fit to “lead America”? The pedophile can barely find his way to a bathroom! The White House adopted two German Shepherds and when piles of shit were found throughout the premises, guess who got blamed! And just like the White House, he’s shitting all over America and Americans!

  • The rumors should start being circulated now that any illegal caught voting will disappear without a trace.

  • A complete senile and demented old idiot. His Democrat Party has become the United States Communist Party and they works very hard to pervert our Constitution to fulfill their disgusting dictatorial plans.



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