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During a recent House Select Subcommittee hearing, a participant involved in the January 6th events stole the spotlight from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Brandon Fellows, who was convicted for his role on J6, gained attention online after he disrupted Fauci’s scripted moment during his congressional testimony.

Fauci faced tough questions about his handling of the COVID pandemic, including enforcement of strict lockdowns and mask mandates that some argue are not based on science.

As Fauci was responding to a question about alleged death threats he had received, Brandon Fellows, convicted in August for his involvement in the January 6 event, drew attention by making faces behind Fauci that quickly became an internet sensation.

The video went viral, with many internet users supporting Fellows for his bold trolling of Fauci during the hearing.


Brandon Fellows, a supporter of the MAGA movement, was found smoking marijuana in Senator Jeff Merkley’s office during a protest.

Fellows, who has expressed enjoyment of his time in prison, was given a three-year sentence for his involvement in the January 6 events and was released on May 20.

In a Twitter/X post, Fellows wrote, “For every democrat hilariously freaking out that I was sitting so close to mass murderer Fauchi… Yes I’m a felon, but only until the Supreme Court dismissed the felony later this month. Look up the opening statements of USA V Fisher… My supervised release is about to end.”

In another post, he wrote, “I have the coolest and most chill probation officer! We had scheduled a meet up a week ago, met for the first time today. Libs, your efforts didn’t work. They recognize I did nothing wrong and though he probably wouldn’t admit it, I caught him smiling at the Fauchi [sic] video .”

Fellows’ stunt during the hearing has resulted in him and his Democrat mother receiving death threats.
The threatening messages are not only directed at him but also disturbingly target his mother and her nursing home.
Despite the threats, the young conservative remains unapologetic and defiant, asserting his right to free speech and standing by his political beliefs.

“Mother had death threats and had her nursing home threatened to be attacked/ the residents inside who have nothing to do with this… BTW, mom is a democrat… I’ve received messages of threats and death threats as she has. She wants me to be silent, I will not. Trump 2024”

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  • Imagine the spineless weakling cowards that support fauci, so weak and cowardly they anonymously threaten an old woman in a nursing home. Chances are they are cia or fbi. Or obese mask wearing pink haired trannies. Liberals and biden voters 100% positive.

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  • NO ONE CARES ABOUT FAUCI’s THREATS!! We do NOT want to hear about them! Fauci is responsible for MANY DEATHS and LONG-HAULERS who are spending the rest of their lives not being able to live a normal life! HE should be in JAIL!

  • Sentence that Bastard Fauci now, and condemn him to death by hanging or firing squad.
    He’s guilty of mass genocide, my God you Spineless Republicans get on the ball or get the Hell out of office.!!
    Then grow a pair and Sentence Biden, Muslim Obama, and both George and Alex Soros to death.!!
    Just what the Hell is wrong with you Bastards.?
    The Communist Democrats would’ve had Trump, Sentenced to death immediately if it was the other way around.!
    You Republicans are why many Americans aren’t contributing anymore.!
    Wake up and smell the roses you idiots.!

  • I can only ass-ume that the death threats came from the “tolerant, inclusive and equitable” savages in our socialist, out of control, sick society? Jesus hated the hypocrites 2000 years ago. They have only gotten much worse since then……

  • Oh no, the poor baby! being threatened? Now he has a slight clue about Trump’s life, Kavanaugh, Thomas, Barrett, MTG, Rand Paul, Massie, Jordan, Guliani, Roger Stone, any of Trumps Lawyers and all the rest who get threats daily! MTG was swatted over 6xs try that one Fraudci! His wife is a nasty gremlin as well. Makes more than the Pres. He can afford his own protection! He did this to himself. 2017 on vid. he said Trump WILL have a pandemic to deal with. Nuremburg 2.0! along with the conspiring ‘scientists’, doctors etc. who went along, covered up and MSM heads -Public, then lets just throw them into the middle of the ocean somewhere. Feed the fishes! The let’s go after Gates, The WHO, soros clan-PLEASE!



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