Aileen Cannon, a federal judge appointed by former President Donald Trump, is facing criticism from critics of the Trump administration.
Special counsel Jack Smith’s prosecution could potentially result in the judge being removed due to actions that have caused delays in the case.

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In a recent article on The Bulwark, political and legal blogger Philip Rotner argued that Cannon’s recent orders have created an opening for Smith to seek her removal from the case.
Rotner highlighted Cannon’s order for defense lawyers and prosecutors to propose jury instructions that he believes misrepresent the law and facts of the case, which, in his view, hinders Smith’s prosecution efforts.
“In short, Smith has a path to remove Cannon from the case, albeit not an easy one. If he’s going to take that path, he has to act soon. It’s too risky for him to wait for Judge Cannon’s next oddball order,” he wrote.
Rotner emphasizes the urgency for Smith to promptly seek Cannon’s removal from the case, warning of potential complications if action is delayed.
He highlights the significant risks of keeping Cannon involved, stressing the importance of decisive action.
Rotner also presents a scenario where Cannon could delay the trial to align with Trump’s interests and outlines legal mechanisms that could allow Cannon to acquit Trump without involving the jury or defense, posing challenges for Smith.
Laurence Tribe, a retired Harvard Law professor, stated that Judge Cannon is clearly unfit to preside over this case.
“Whether she should be removed from the federal judiciary altogether is another matter. She probably should. Her ruling makes utter nonsense of the Presidential Records Act.”
In summary, Rotner’s examination highlights the complex legal and political factors involved in Smith’s prosecution, emphasizing the crucial impact of Cannon’s decisions on its ultimate resolution.
The ballet underscores the obstacles Smith must overcome and underscores the importance of making strategic choices to address the case’s intricacies.

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  • Is there a reason the right side of your articles is being obliterated by ads? They have no way to “x” out of them.

    I hope it can be fixed.

    • I don’t see any ads. But then again, I have Ad Remover. May want to try it.

      Having pointed this out, I completely agree that Jack Smith is a puppet for Biden and Company. Make no mistake about it. How can a former President be charged with having classified documents (and has authority to declassify) while Biden gets away with storing classified documents while Senator and VP (and had no authority to declassify)? Our country is turning Communist before our very eyes.

      On top of everything else, Biden has now declared March 31 (which happens to be Easter Sunday this year) as “Transgender Day of Visibility.) Transgenders now have a “day” and a “month” out of our year. What is next folks? Stay tuned!!

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    • Try this…Works for me. Reduce the width of the post and the vertical ad may disappear. Good luck.Those ads are so annoying because they may cover much of the copy as well.

  • Judge Cannon is following the law and knows that the Communist in Washington DC are not and never has followed the law.
    Jack Off Smith is not and never was a qualified prosecuter he’s nothing more than a puppet following orders from the Communist Democrats to keep President Trump off the ballot and imprison him.
    There’s millions of dumbass voters that believe everything their Masters tell them and will vote Communism, then there’s those FAGGOTS in Hollywood that donated millions to the Communist traitor Biden for his re-election all for the Communist Muslim Anti-American Oblowma and pedophile Bill Clinton.
    Those three POS Commie Bastards showed they didn’t give a damn about the slain Police Officer, while in New York city, Donald Trump was the true President and he even went further to pay off the Widows mortgage.
    President Trump is a great man who shows compassion and sympathy for America.
    Should the Communist Democrats and Rinos steal the election and of course the Do nothing Republicans let it go as usual, America will be gone for good.
    I hope that conservatives and Patriots will be able to survive under Communism since that’s where we’re all heading.
    Everyone better lock and load and prepare for War because that’s what the Communist will plan on next against Americans..
    Jack Off Smith should be executed or assassinated.

  • Smith doesn’t have the authority to do anything. He is an illegally appointed partisan hack. The DOJ can’t just assign someone like this. The creation of the position of special council is up to the house.

  • to hell with waiting, start the civil war now, or just go after the dems in power. better than it is now.

  • Lawrence Tribe is a political hack who uses the legal system to lie and withhold facts that don’t support his political party.



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