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Major U.S. media outlets have reportedly received substantial funds from China Daily, a state-owned Chinese media company.

In return for these millions, American publications are expected to publish Chinese propaganda under the guise of news articles. Drew Holden from the Washington Free Beacon describes China Daily as a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party.

“It’s fully owned and operated by the CCP,” Holden tells Stu Burguiere, revealing that media outlets were getting paid “to include puff pieces about the Chinese regime” and “to talk about U.S.-China relations” in “ways that weren’t connected to the facts at all.”

Before cutting ties with China Daily in 2021 due to public scrutiny, The New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal had previously collaborated with the publication.

Since 2021, Time magazine has received $3.5 million from China Daily, a company operated by the CCP.

Time created a segment called “China Watch,” which is a segment on Time’s website that runs advertisements that Holden says “really just look like bad news articles under the Time magazine logo.”

“They’re all gonna stop and stop taking the Chinese propaganda money. Right, Drew?” Stu Burguiere asks, noting that it would make sense now that they’ve been caught.

“You would think,” Holden laughs.

“Straight propaganda from our geopolitical nemesis in China being printed underneath their logos to be distributed to their readership, and they’re taking a ton of money to do this,” he adds.

ICYMI: James Biden Admits Brother, Joe Biden Received $40,000 From China

Doug Goldsmith

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  • I have always thought that anyone who would betray their country while living there is a stupid person and a traitor. This goes for even the worst countries on earth. If you don’t like the country you live in move to one you think is better.

    • Nope, if you don’t what the country you live in is doing, you should get with others that feel like you and try to change it. We did it in 1776, and it has worked for for over 200 years. Now, we are having the same problem today that we had back then. It’s time to put a stop to all this crap that isn’t authorized in the US Constitution.

      • Edit; Nope, if you don’t LIKE what the country you live in is doing, you should get with others that feel like you and try to change it.

        That’s what it should have been in my previous post.

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      • The only way to straighten America up is to have a good Civil War right here in America.The american patriots against the communist child molested democrats and they can have all the confused gendered creatures they want on their side because we sure the hell don’t want them

  • Those Media outlets will sell their own family to sex Slavery, any Communist Traitorous Anti-American POS should be Shot for betrayal, Cooperating with Enemies of the United States, involvement in brain washing American Citizens, excepting bribes to help destroy America’s sovereignty, Violating the 1st Amendment.. Etc.
    Don’t think or believe the Communist Democrats or Commie FBI OR CIA will go after them their all involved in this, as long as the money is the right amount..

    • Look to the people in the WH for the instigation of destroying America sovereignty. Then look at all those supporting the people in the WH.

    • scared cowards that will do NOTHING to stop the gov’t. abusers. Did you pay your dues on April 15th? idiots !

  • Yup, lucifer’s dimmercraps, zero morals/ethics, anything for filthy lucre.
    1 Samuel 8:3
    And his sons walked not in his ways, but turned aside after lucre, and took bribes, and perverted judgment.

  • The Chinese regime now has over 30,000 Chinese of military age infiltrated into America. I’m just guessing they are NOT here for a better life. They can’t invade the country in any successful military operation, but good ole Joltin’ demented, corrupt, Joe Biden and minions has ushered them in FREELY across that “secure” border! As John Stossel would say, “GIVE ME A BREAK.”

  • I have to be a bit amused by China wasting their money. The recipient news outlets would have, and will continue to broadcast Chinese propaganda without the bribes. They hate America also.

    • Now I understand Why China is a Critical Recession and the internal Government is HURTING. They Keep Saying It Is because of ALL The OUT OF CHINA INVESTORS COMPANIES HAVING Mfg factories there !

  • This is treason. Arrest and thrown in jail for years before any Court date. Shut down all news outlets who are getting money from China. I bet Biden get a cut from China for letting these news outlets betray America.

    • Forget it! NPR has been a communist operative for years funded by the American taxpayer! Liberals are well entrenched in every facet of our lives with the protection of the corrupt court system put in place “for such a time as this”. Do not be fooled or deceived . The over throw of our beloved republic is underway. The open border is one of many ways liberals by design and intent to destroy America! The judicial branch is corrupt to the core as is obvious with the lawlessness in our streets. Seditious communist funded groups are doing the dirty work with financial support by the likes of George Soros. Our educational institutions are breeding haters for America and the Judeo Christian values that once made America a decent place to live in freedom without government tyranny. If we have an honest election and Trump goes back in office and if conservatives can retake the House and the Senate we will need eight to twelve years to purge this corrupt mess that is oppressing our lives today. If Democrats maintain power our lower posterior is in severe trouble!

  • CHINA AMERICA’S BIGGEST THREAT! As soon as the China virus hit the the US China propaganda started pouring out in the American MSM! Also In my estimation that was the 1st CHINA SOTU BIDEN SPEECH IN AMERICA! So who is running American right now? Well, we know is not Joe its who China Joe is compromised to and that’s CHINA


  • The minute I hear anything
    about China, I turn it off.
    I know it is designed for me to embrace that country and its ways.
    I know it is propaganda .

  • Filthy sht eating maggots that will betray their country to china and invaders flooding in across a non border for money piled onto the millions they already have. I would like to see them all burn screaming.

  • Seems like the Chinese are great Marketeers. They find out what people love and send more of it into the USA. As is for the amounts of KILLER DRUGS. Their shipments amount to enough to kill millions of Americans. That is how the CCP is getting enough cash to purchase farmland, acreage to grow Marijuana and much of the lumber grown in the N. West of the USA. When will our so -called Law Makers wake up and nationalize the purchase of USA farm- land and Timber stands? The CCP never paid back the USA bond-holders for the Rail- way system China built covering most of China and the CCP still has not paid a penny of interest or principle on those GOLD BACKED BONDS. TAKE BACK ALL USA LAND FROM THE CCP.

    • The Chinese have many of the politicians on their payroll. This is why nothing will happen. So much corruption in the government. Especially the White House.

      • the insurrection of Nov. 22 1963, Amerika became an oligarchy “those with the gold (corps.) make the rules”. We are NAZI Amerika today

  • Wut? Is anyone confused or surprised that China would be involved in targeting America’s ill-informed, ill-educated/indoctrinated, ignorant, anti-Americans? I only hear some of those media talking heads anti’s’ radical comments when they are rerun by some other network. It is hard to believe they actually spew such nonsense, until you realize they are sedition minded, treasonous, individuals. As John Stossel would say, “GIVE ME A BREAK.”

  • I have one issue with this story.
    In order to be brainwashed, one must have a brain.
    Most Americans today don’t HAVE a brain. They’re democrat leftists, i.e. commies.

    • Sad as it is but that is the truth. Many Americans are ignorant and uneducated. It is why they voted for Joe Biden.

  • So is this not a form of treason?? We the People need to go in a burn down every one of these communists bought & paid for propaganda machines!!

  • Any U.S. news media that accepts money from Chinese to report propaganda for them should be prosecuted.

  • Even the handouts given to illegals before they cross our border are coming from funds from China. The handouts are telling the illegals when they get in to vote for Democrats only and how to do it and where they can get the right to vote as a non-citizen. Joe and Hunter are the ones probably responsible for the funding by Hunter’s old buddies

    • Some of the money may come from the CCP, but most of it is coming from the money that the U.S. taxpayers shovel out to the United Nations, and the Catholic and Protestant Church’s. All these people need to be charged with a Criminal conspiracy felony, {remember the RICO law?}

  • and China is in bed with Russia Russia Russia? so sloppy Joe Obiden is with Russia Russia Russia? and child sniffers?



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