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At a recent meeting with Iraqi tribal leaders, Hadi al-Amiri – the leader and secretary-general of the Badr Organization, an Iranian-backed Shiite militia and political party based in Iraq – issued a stern warning to the United States.

According to reports from Iraqi news media outlet Shafaq and Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Amiri declared that if the U.S. intervened alongside Israel against Palestinians, Iraq would target it.

He further emphasized that the new Iraq is firmly aligned with the Palestinian cause.

“The achievements in Palestine, which were beyond the reach of all Arab armies, are being realized. The new Iraq stands by the Palestinian cause, and we will not waver in our support,” he said.

He censured other Arab leaders for neglecting the Palestinian cause, leaving only Islamic revolution and resistance factions to champion it.

“Today, it’s the will of the Palestinian people that prevails, and the Palestinian cause is now desired by the followers of Ahl al-Beit and religious authorities,” Amiri added.

Amiri commended Hamas for their recent attacks against Israel.

“We proudly say that the Palestinian people have achieved a significant victory against the Zionist enemy,” he said. “No one could have imagined that Palestine would achieve this victory against the Zionist entity, and the failure of Zionist intelligence.”

Amiri’s speech was particularly poignant in its explicit warning to the United States regarding potential intervention in Palestine. He stated that Iraqi members of the 1920 Revolution would support the legitimate Palestinian cause and had no hesitation in targeting American forces’ bases should they intervene.

IRNA reported that Amiri declared these bases as “legitimate targets for Resistance.”

In response to the ongoing Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, Iran and Iraq’s foreign ministers have requested a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to address this situation.

In a telephone conversation on Sunday, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian and his Iraqi counterpart Fuad Hussein talked about the latest developments in Palestine.

The two sides emphasized the need for coordination and solidarity among the Islamic nations in supporting the oppressed Palestinian people, the Foreign Ministry’s website reported.

They also urged the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to hold an emergency meeting to review the current developments in Palestine and provide support for the Palestinian nation and the Al-Aqsa Mosque against the aggressive actions of the Zionist regime.

He further called for a coordinated and effective action by the Islamic countries to help Palestine and put an end to the Zionist regime’s aggressive attacks against Palestinian women and children in Gaza and the West Bank.

ICYMI: Israel Imposes Complete Siege on Gaza, Cuts Off Electricity, Fuel, Food, and Water Ahead of Ground Operation

Doug Goldsmith

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  • I believe there are other Muslim countries boldly threatening the United States to stay out of the massacre of Israelis. It is a response to the degree the Obama-Biden regime has destroyed the influence of Christian morality around the world.

  • Let’s blow up Iraq’s nuclear plant and ask Hadi al-Baddie if he wants to repeat that threat. If he does, blow up something else. Hadi-al-Baddie next comes to mind.

  • Well I’ve heard everything now, don’t the Islamic leaders, realise the Israel is a nuclear power, Israel should nuke Iran, to give a warning to anybody else that is thinking of attacking or joining Hamas to remove the Israeli’s from this planet, they will get the same response, their Moto is “Never Again” and who can blame them, if they did takeout Iran, it would let the world breath again, they do their terrarist attacks in the name of religion, give me a break, they just like the flavour of Death, the power trip is their God!

  • Iraq is a place where Jews have lived for thousands of years. The Arabs invaded and took over only in the seventh century. In the 20th century, many Jews had to leave Iraq due to its hostility. Many went to the United States and to Israel. In the 1991 Gulf War numerous nations aided the United States against Iraq after it conquered Kuwait and started to attack Saudi Arabia. Israel was not in the war, but Iraq sent missiles to strike Israel. The first ones landed in a neighborhood of Iraqi Jews.

  • This is what America gets after Communist Democrats and Rinos send $billions of taxpayers money to help destroy Israel, and the do nothing Republicans allow this to happen without any consequences.
    The Demonic subhuman Muslims continue to chant Destroy America and Israel, and the Demon worshipping Communist Democrats seem to be siding with Hamas and Iran, and that homosexual Anti-American Communist Muslim Obama, sent them $Billions as well.
    Meanwhile the Communist Democrats and Rinos are still calling for confiscation of the American Citizens firearms?
    Terrorists are coming into the United States, while the Communist Democrats are pushing transgender operations, giving billions to Ukraine, giving Ukraine ammunition, tanks, mortars, jets, depleting Military protection here in the United States.
    The same Communist Democrats continue to force Americans the new Death Jab, EV’s and solar panels, raising taxes while many Americans are losing their jobs, homes etc.
    The million dollar question is,, Why haven’t the Communist in Washington DC been arrested and convicted.?
    Biden, Soros, Obama, The Squad, Schumer, Schift, Clinton, etc.etc. should all be prosecuted immediately without Due Process.

  • So, what do you think “tough guy Joe” will do? Since this loser has been in office he F**ked up the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Opened the southern border, got us involved in the war with Ukraine and Russia, and now this war in Israel. This dolt is the weakest POS that ever stood foot in the WH. If this keeps up he’ll have us in a world war. He’s an incompetent, inept coward.

  • The U.S. just needs to make a big, glass bowl out of Tehran, and then negotiate with whomever walks out of it.

  • so starts the islamic wars as stated in an episode of the t.v. series babylon 5. boy o boy. can’t wait to get my weapons ready for this one. hope there will be a bounty on each islamic head turned in.

  • Thank you Hussein, Biden, Soros and the elitists who stole our country and ruined the planet.
    Karma is the balancing of all things.
    Prepare for the balancing.


    NOTE: The information presented has been submitted many times since 1982 by one of the officers serving on the counter-terrorism team charged with assessing/addressing the threat to DOD personnel deployed overseas and developing strategy/tactics to combat the threat. To date few Americans and their so-called leaders have paid much attention to the ‘REAL’ threat presented by radical Muslims.

    Question: The Islamic State, the Nation of Islam, CARE, ISIS, HAMAS, and any other Muslim group you can name; what do they all have in common? Answer: They all have the same ultimate objectives!

    Those objectives are to: 1). Fully install Sharia as the only governing philosophy in the world, and 2). Install Muhammad as the last true prophet and his teachings supposedly inspired by the ‘truths’ delivered to him in a cave by Gabriel (an angel of the one and only God) sometime between 610 – 613 CE as the only law and religion of the land. Those same truths/teachings which became institutionalized in the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sira; which are the three most important foundation documents providing the bases for Sharia.

    Per personal knowledge/experience as a military officer with many years of service in combating terrorism at the hands of various Muslim groups, I can inform all Americans willing to listen as to the reasons why I and many of my fellow officers have warned the American government many times as to why Islam is much different than any other religion/governing philosophy, and why all Islamic groups present a significant threat to America.

    The simple reason the Islamic State, the Nation of Islam, CARE, ISIS, HAMAS, etc. are so dangerous is the range of strategies/tactics they are mandated to employ by the Prophet himself. If you doubt me just watch those individual Muslims who are implanted in the U.S. House of Representatives as they deal with their comrades, the media, and the American people. I simply find it pitiful as to how unskilled they are, yet their comrades in the government, the public, and the media seem oblivious to their true objectives. I as an old ground combat soldier would say this their audiences, “I can’t believe you knuckleheads, you let the enemy walk up and kiss you right on the mouth before they gut you and/or cut your throat!”

    Don’t feel bad that you may have been so blind reference the threat from Islam and the range of their tactics (lie, cheat, steal, kill, whatever to rid the world of non-believers). Mr. Reagan and most of his administration refused to take the threat seriously they were provided by the army officers mentioned above in 1982. Even after two Muslim terrorists a year later in 1983 killed over 200 marines, several sailors, one soldier, and 40 French soldiers in Lebanon our arrogance, lack of knowledge, and stupidity has continued to leave left us naked.

    Now the Muslim community can count among their best allies the American media, the American left, and the hordes of simply ignorant deniers!

    Don’t fret too much. I am offering classes to teach the eight prayers you need learn to start your personal conversion to Islam. You will need to bring your own rug.

    Final Note: Would you like to know the primary tactic the team of officers mentioned above presented to the Reagan administration? The basic tactic was: “In that the best defense is a good offense we must kill the terrorists in their beds before they kills us in ours!”

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

  • Worse than threatening war with the U.S.A. they are threatening Joe and Hunter’s income stream. No more bribes if our country does what is right and kills Hamas once and for all.

  • Iraq isn’t in a possession to threaten anyone, even if they are controlled by Iran. After the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe has embolden America’s enemies. Corrupt Quid Pro and Mayorkas have intentionally caused harm to America’s National Security , with their open Southern Border policy. Whether we like it or not, America will have to get involved. Hamas has kidnapped Americans, and also murdered Americans. America has to take a stand. If it were Russian citizens, killed and kidnapped by HAMAS, Putin, would have no problem, going in and leveling Gaza. Iraq should be carful for what they wish for. One wouldn’t be surprised, if there was an American Nuclear Sub sitting at the bottom of the Mediterranean.



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