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Israeli Defense Forces soldiers responded with artillery and mortar shells on Tuesday night, following the launch of shells from Syria into Israel.

“A number of launches from Syria aimed for Israel were identified a short while ago. Part of the launches crossed into Israeli territory and presumably fell in open areas,” the IDF said.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

The IDF said it was responding to shells fired from Syria into Israel on Tuesday night.

Some of the shells most likely landed in open fields in Israel’s Golan Heights, the military added.

The IDF responded with artillery and mortar fire toward the source of the Syrian shelling.

Tension on the Lebanon border is escalating as Hezbollah terrorists exchange fire with the Israel Defense Forces.

In response, Turkish President Erdogan has accused the United States of intending to commit massacres in Gaza, after Hamas militants launched an attack against Israel this past weekend.

This marks another instance of Turkey siding with Iran’s proxy army Hamas, rather than their supposed NATO ally. The situation is becoming increasingly volatile and risks reaching a nuclear threshold.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration continues to prioritize climate change initiatives which have been largely dismissed by critics.

ICYMI: Iraqi Leaders Warn U.S. Will Become A Target if It Intervenes in Palestine

Doug Goldsmith

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  • Of course Turkish President Erdogan sides with Iran’s proxy army Hamas, towel heads stick together. They only want to be a NATO ally if someone much bigger is attacking them.

  • No one has the guts to admit that the root of all problems is Islam, an ideology of hatred and domination by any means.

  • The diaperheads are ALL spawns of satan who can’t even get along with each other!!!!! Islam is a satanic cult of rape, torture, and murder, straight out of the pit of hell itself!!!!!!!!!!

    • All Muslims are nothing more than war starting, goat Fu**ing, Diaper wearing, camel jockeys who has never contributed one single thing to society.
      All they do is Bomb, burn, behead women, children, men who don’t bow down to their bullshit beliefs and praise their false murdering piece of Sh** God Allah and their faggot profit Mohammed.
      Yes I said that, and I believe all Muslims who attend the Mosques who teat hatred towards the United States and Israel should be executed and the Mosques be destroyed.
      Fu** all you Muslims and may you die.

    • Amen brother, but the good news is the arc angel Gabrial is watching as well and God will unleash him soon.


    NOTE: The information presented has been submitted many times since 1982 by one of the officers serving on the counter-terrorism team charged with assessing/addressing the threat to DOD personnel deployed overseas and developing strategy/tactics to combat the threat. To date few Americans and their so-called leaders have paid much attention to the ‘REAL’ threat presented by radical Muslims.

    Question: The Islamic State, the Nation of Islam, CARE, ISIS, HAMAS, and any other Muslim group you can name; what do they all have in common? Answer: They all have the same ultimate objectives!

    Those objectives are to: 1). Fully install Sharia as the only governing philosophy in the world, and 2). Install Muhammad as the last true prophet and his teachings supposedly inspired by the ‘truths’ delivered to him in a cave by Gabriel (an angel of the one and only God) sometime between 610 – 613 CE as the only law and religion of the land. Those same truths/teachings which became institutionalized in the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sira; which are the three most important foundation documents providing the bases for Sharia.

    Per personal knowledge/experience as a military officer with many years of service in combating terrorism at the hands of various Muslim groups, I can inform all Americans willing to listen as to the reasons why I and many of my fellow officers have warned the American government many times as to why Islam is much different than any other religion/governing philosophy, and why all Islamic groups present a significant threat to America.

    The simple reason the Islamic State, the Nation of Islam, CARE, ISIS, HAMAS, etc. are so dangerous is the range of strategies/tactics they are mandated to employ by the Prophet himself. If you doubt me just watch those individual Muslims who are implanted in the U.S. House of Representatives as they deal with their comrades, the media, and the American people. I simply find it pitiful as to how unskilled they are, yet their comrades in the government, the public, and the media seem oblivious to their true objectives. I as an old ground combat soldier would say this their audiences, “I can’t believe you knuckleheads, you let the enemy walk up and kiss you right on the mouth before they gut you and/or cut your throat!”

    Don’t feel bad that you may have been so blind reference the threat from Islam and the range of their tactics (lie, cheat, steal, kill, whatever to rid the world of non-believers). Mr. Reagan and most of his administration refused to take the threat seriously they were provided by the army officers mentioned above in 1982. Even after two Muslim terrorists a year later in 1983 killed over 200 marines, several sailors, one soldier, and 40 French soldiers in Lebanon our arrogance, lack of knowledge, and stupidity has continued to leave left us naked.

    Now the Muslim community can count among their best allies the American media, the American left, and the hordes of simply ignorant deniers!

    Don’t fret too much. I am offering classes to teach the eight prayers you need learn to start your personal conversion to Islam. You will need to bring your own rug.

    Final Note: Would you like to know the primary tactic the team of officers mentioned above presented to the Reagan administration? The basic tactic was: “In that the best defense is a good offense we must kill the terrorists in their beds before they kills us in ours!”

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    • Do you REALLY believe that the Scumbag Iraqi leader would have made the same threat to President Trump that he did to our current Pantywaste President?

  • OMG! Look who’s firing rockets at Israel ? Not surprising. The terrorists want to get Israel involved in a fight which incompasses two or three fronts. There are even reports of Hezbollah using Hang Gliders to get into Israel from Lebanon. Israel should be rushing over there with Apaches, and shooting them out of the sky. Intelligence or not, Israel was too complacent. Israel let their guard down during the holiday. One should never let their guard down, when Israel is surrounded by enemies. Iran has their fingerprints all over this. Israel will now have to level Gaza to get rid of Hamas, once and for all. If one really wants to stop the funding of terrorists, then one needs to either s–t, or get off the pot. walk the walk, and not talk the talk and turn Teheran into a future parking lot for Walmart.

    • the unitedstates must take out iran’s oil reseves ASAP..that will put them out of business which must be done ASAP..that crook biden and that racist pig Obama is behind the wars that are going soon as that crooked nutcase child molester biden released the 6 billion dollars to iran they were used to destroy israelians..biden the moron crook that he is was told to NOT release the billions..that racist pig Obama needs to be picked up and shot for the treason and crimes he has committed..we the American people want the laws that were written to be followed with anyone committing treason to be your jobs and take these traitors off the face of the earth..there are many who should have been shot for their crimes they have committed..the day is coming..the list is many even that traitor general milley another traitor that should be shot along with this crook biden, that racist pig obama, crooked hilary, the attonery general barr another corrupt traitor who covered up crime dealings with the crooked biden family..we must take these traitors off the face of the earth… do what should have been done years ago…this is what happens when these elites ignore the laws and get away with doing what ever they dam well pleased..not any more..we the american people are fighting and we tell you what to are committing treason you will be committ crimes you will pay for your more tap on your wrist..TRUMP and the American people are coming for all the corruption traitors of the unitedstates…we will win this fight..VOTE TRUMP 2024…

  • Can anyone answer this question: Since my wife and I are on a fixed income, how do I send a message to Isreal, to get a family in need of help and needing a place of safety, are welcome to come to our home and stay with us until they can find work and a place of their own.?

  • we are sickened with this congress women who should be thrown out ASAP Rashida tlaib she is a terrorists with ion..she is a traitor to the irsaelians who have been murdered by the hamas..for this waste of life to have more for illegals who children have been separated going over the border and not more upset then the babies being beheaded from these terrorists of iran and the hamas is a disgrace,..she should be removed ASAP from congress..who is the moron idot that put this terrorists Rashida tlaid in office in the first place??? we must get these traitors throw out of the unitedstates..put her back where ever hole she crawled out of..sickening how sher had the gall to not even express any concern for the murders of innocent women being raped and babies and children being beheaded is sickening and a disgrace she is being paid from American money..throw her out of office ASAP..she is a disgrace..these wars are caused from that racist pig Obama another terrorists within who should be shot for the treasons he has committed..remember this racist pig Obama was destroying the government from with he was bringing 500,000 muslims in the the unitedstates throughout the night all over the unitedstates..he is a traitor and needs to pay for the treason and crimes he has committed..that racist pig Obama should be shot..just like the crooked nutcase child molester biden who is the puppet for Obama who is giving that crook bidens orders of what to do..why are we that ignorant to be that stupid..we the American people who work with a full brain can see the corruption with these traitors with in the unitedstates..even TRUMP who isnot a poliliticians see and knows what has and must be done to clean out these terrorists within the government..let’s not forget that crooked hilary..another waste of life that must be taken out for treason..that is why they dont want TRUMP back into the whitehouse..they all fear TRUMP..they know that we all will make sure the laws our fathers wrote with the constition will be upheld..they all will pay for their crimes…anyone who doesnot agree with these laws that havenot been followed like they should have been years to might be held for your stake in treason and crimes..their days are coming to an end..we must go after the cancer in our government…in the other countries they shot you end of story..look how north korea handles corruption..we must stop these traitors from destroying our great unitedstates..these corrupt democrooks and rino’s must be taken out ASAP…these democrooks are destroying every state…we must take them all out..traitors dont and wont be walking anymore free in the unitedstates…that you can count TRUMP 2024..we will take back the unitedstates…GODBLESS TRUMP…GODBLESS THE LEGAL AMERICAN PEOPLE…GODBLESS…AMERICA…FJB…and all the corrupt wastes of life in goverment…your days are coming to an end!!!!



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