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On Monday, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced a complete blockade of Gaza that includes the prohibition of food, water, electricity, and fuel.

This move is seen as Israel’s retaliation against Hamas for their largest attack on the country in decades.

On Saturday, Israel officially declared a state of war as of 06:30 a.m. local time in response to the unprecedented levels of aggression from Hamas.

In response to the approximately 3,000 rockets launched into Israeli territory, terrorist infiltration of Israel’s borders, and attacks on civilians including children and families, the Israeli government has declared that Hamas will pay a heavy price for these inhumane acts.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have subsequently launched “Operation Swords of Iron,” which is an extensive military operation designed to protect Israeli citizens from further harm.

This coordinated effort involves multiple branches of the IDF including ground, air and naval forces.

“We are setting up a complete siege of Gaza: No electricity, no food, no water, no gas. Everything is closed. We are fighting human animals. And we are acting accordingly,” Gallant said in a video statement.

In response to recent terrorist attacks, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning on Saturday to Hamas and vowed to utilize the full strength of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in order to “destroy Hamas’s capabilities.”

He shared that the IDF is currently “clearing out terrorists from the last communities,” systematically searching each community and house for threats.

Netanyahu delivered a direct message to Gaza residents: “Leave now because we will operate forcefully everywhere.” He promised extensive destruction of any sites associated with Hamas, emphasizing his intent by stating “We will destroy them and will forcefully avenge this dark day that they have forced on Israel and its citizens… All of the places which Hamas is deployed, hiding and operating in, that wicked city [Gaza], we will turn them into rubble.”

In light of these statements, a military blockade has been implemented.

“What Hamas will experience will be difficult and terrible … we are going to change the Middle East,” Netanyahu told officials from southern Israel on Sunday. “This is only the beginning … we are all with you and we will defeat them with force, enormous force.”

On Sunday, the Israeli Air Force released footage of a strike on a compound belonging to the head of the intelligence department of Hamas, a terrorist organization.

Shuja’iyya used as a “terror nest” for the Hamas terrorist organization, was also struck down.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, Israeli aircraft conducted approximately 1,200 airstrikes on targets located in the Gaza Strip between Saturday and Monday morning.

These targets included weapons storage and production facilities, command and control centers, rocket launchers, among other sites.

According to reports, Israeli forces demolished the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Transportation buildings in Gaza City.

Below are more updates from the Israeli Air Force:

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that on Monday morning, at least 91 children were among the 590 individuals killed by Israeli air strikes. Additionally, close to 2,900 people were injured as a result of these airstrikes. With such events taking place, it appears inevitable that a ground invasion of Gaza is imminent.

WATCH: (Graphic Warning)

ICYMI: Hamas Terrorists Reportedly Begin Taking Hostages of Israeli Soldiers and Kidnapping of Israeli Civilians

Doug Goldsmith

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  • “Israel’s retaliation?” Uh, not so much! Call it what it is, WAR. Israel must END Hamas and any other ‘terrorist’ group that calls for “The Death of Israel.” Saddest part of it all may be that these terrorists are using weapons ‘donated’ by the Biden corrupt government during that withdrawal/retreat debacle in Afghanistan! I’m changing the preface to Joe Biden from ‘Joltin’ demented, corrupt, Joe Biden to ‘Bloody Hands’ demented, corrupt Joe Biden. No amount of water, even purified or sanctified, will remove this blood.

    • Quite so. The present American government is complicit in supporting Hezbollah and Hamas. If Iran is behind this the regime in Iran should be destroyed as well. That should not be difficult for Israel.

  • The animals don’t seem to be screaming alahu akbar as much as they did while murdering and kidnapping Israeli civilians.

  • when you are a terrorist, or a supporter, this is what you so richly deserve. i hate the idea of war, of any kind, but this is no war. this is murdering people because they are different from you. this is lslam at terrorist finest.

  • If you have property and investments in Gaza hopefully transferring them in grave sites could be a lucrative business strategy.

  • Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah have been screaming “death to Israel, death to America,” for as long as I can remember. They have now called for their own annihilation and God willing, it will be given to them, ten fold. As for the Biden regime; if Congress hasn’t already found enough “evidence” for impeachment AND INCARCERATION, this act, by Hamas, with weapons AND funding given to them, by “slow-joe”, via the $6 BILLION he gave Iran AND the $80+ BILLION in military weaponry, he left in Afghanistan, then every last member of that legislative body is either COMPLICIT, or dumber than a cargo load of ROCKS!! Biden has BARRELS OF BLOOD on his hands; some of the victims, in this attack on Israel, included VISITING AMERICAN CITIZENS!!

    • madmemere, you are absolutely correct, every Democrat President has allowed Muslims to do whatever they want.
      Bill Clinton let Muslim Terrorists go after the United States Navy ship was bombed during his term, then before that we had a peanut farmer Jimmy Carter who backed down during the 50 hostages, then there’s the Illegitimate Anti-American Homosexual Muslim Barack Hussein Obama, who sent Billions of tax payers money to Iran during the Middle of the night, and now we have an Illegitimate, fake, brain dead puppet Biden, controlled by Muslim Obama and George Soros, who now sent Iran more Billions to destroy Israel and soon will be America, if we don’t get those Communist Democrats out and execute all of them.

  • ISRAEL needs to take action! There is a TIME for war, Eccles. 3:8 and this is the time! Israel has been a blessing to these people when other of their nations turned them out, and yet these Hamas, etc peoples still go after Israel! Enough is enough! GET EM ISRAEL!! I AM/WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU!!!

  • It is most interesting that the Hamas terrorist attacked Israel, the Zionist and the Moslum nations of Iraq and Iran claim that Israel attacked Gaza and therefore publicly threatens any and all nations, including the USA, if these nations interfere. So, Israelites are killed, torchered and kidnapped for ransom/ leverage and it’s all the sudden wrong for Israel to retaliate? Perhaps the rules of engagement for some countries are imbalanced or is it possible that these other nations are involved and actually supported or even participated in this incursion? Where did they get this huge number of rockets and armaments for such a synchronized plot of terror and destruction? Who all is envolved and therefore, where should this battle line be drawn? Surely….this is not any of the gifts made to Afghanistan from the U.S .? One would hope not!
    Realizing that there are some known groups who openly propose that anyone not submitting to their religious ideology must be destroyed lends to a greatly divided world of both death and destruction. This dialog being used by the countries that support the death and destruction of Israel, the “Zionist”, clearly suggest a deep prejudice for the people of Israel and its people. There was another such time in history where it seemed that the world stood by while the Holocaust nationalist destroyed three million souls in the same similar prejudice.
    Death is imminent for both sides in this ideological demise so there must be a stronger coalition that seizes the reins of mass destruction and prevent another world wide war where millions of human souls are sacrificed to a particular god of humanity’s destruction. Live and let live seems a lot less divisive and a whole lot more productive for planet Earth. Evil is apparently a genetic flaw that requires a cleansing beyond the hands of humankind!


    NOTE: The information presented has been submitted many times since 1982 by one of the officers serving on the counter-terrorism team charged with assessing/addressing the threat to DOD personnel deployed overseas and developing strategy/tactics to combat the threat. To date few Americans and their so-called leaders have paid much attention to the ‘REAL’ threat presented by radical Muslims.

    Question: The Islamic State, the Nation of Islam, CARE, ISIS, HAMAS, and any other Muslim group you can name; what do they all have in common? Answer: They all have the same ultimate objectives!

    Those objectives are to: 1). Fully install Sharia as the only governing philosophy in the world, and 2). Install Muhammad as the last true prophet and his teachings supposedly inspired by the ‘truths’ delivered to him in a cave by Gabriel (an angel of the one and only God) sometime between 610 – 613 CE as the only law and religion of the land. Those same truths/teachings which became institutionalized in the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sira; which are the three most important foundation documents providing the bases for Sharia.

    Per personal knowledge/experience as a military officer with many years of service in combating terrorism at the hands of various Muslim groups, I can inform all Americans willing to listen as to the reasons why I and many of my fellow officers have warned the American government many times as to why Islam is much different than any other religion/governing philosophy, and why all Islamic groups present a significant threat to America.

    The simple reason the Islamic State, the Nation of Islam, CARE, ISIS, HAMAS, etc. are so dangerous is the range of strategies/tactics they are mandated to employ by the Prophet himself. If you doubt me just watch those individual Muslims who are implanted in the U.S. House of Representatives as they deal with their comrades, the media, and the American people. I simply find it pitiful as to how unskilled they are, yet their comrades in the government, the public, and the media seem oblivious to their true objectives. I as an old ground combat soldier would say this their audiences, “I can’t believe you knuckleheads, you let the enemy walk up and kiss you right on the mouth before they gut you and/or cut your throat!”

    Don’t feel bad that you may have been so blind reference the threat from Islam and the range of their tactics (lie, cheat, steal, kill, whatever to rid the world of non-believers). Mr. Reagan and most of his administration refused to take the threat seriously they were provided by the army officers mentioned above in 1982. Even after two Muslim terrorists a year later in 1983 killed over 200 marines, several sailors, one soldier, and 40 French soldiers in Lebanon our arrogance, lack of knowledge, and stupidity has continued to leave left us naked.

    Now the Muslim community can count among their best allies the American media, the American left, and the hordes of simply ignorant deniers!

    Don’t fret too much. I am offering classes to teach the eight prayers you need learn to start your personal conversion to Islam. You will need to bring your own rug.

    Final Note: Would you like to know the primary tactic the team of officers mentioned above presented to the Reagan administration? The basic tactic was: “In that the best defense is a good offense we must kill the terrorists in their beds before they kills us in ours!”

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    • Right fellow veteran. I would add that if one actually reads the Koran, there is no such thing as a trustworthy Muslim. I’ve know some that were good citizens but if they truly beleive the Koran as written they cannot be totally trusted. Religion of peace is a falsehood



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