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It seems that the left-leaning media just can’t get enough of disgraced former attorney and convicted liar, Michael Cohen.

From his highly publicized testimony against President Trump to his current prison sentence for tax evasion and campaign finance violations, they have consistently portrayed him as some sort of hero standing up against our President.

But in a recent article by the New York Times, we see a different side of Cohen – one that is not so heroic or respectable. In fact, it’s downright hilarious.

According to the article, while serving his sentence at Otisville Federal Correctional Institution, Cohen has taken on the role of a “prison pen-pal” to several women who have reached out to him after seeing his name in the news. And what do these women see in him? Well, according to Cohen himself, he is apparently a “sex symbol”.

Yes, you read that right. A man who has been disbarred and convicted for lying to Congress and committing financial crimes now sees himself as some sort of sex symbol. And if that isn’t funny enough, wait until you hear what he wrote back to one of these women.

In one letter obtained by the New York Times, Cohen wrote to a woman named Paula Shugart saying, “[I] truly love you”. Yes, this is coming from a man who cheated on his own wife with porn star Stormy Daniels and paid her off in hush money during the 2016 election.

But it gets even more ridiculous. In another letter, Cohen wrote to a woman named Kimmi Holland, saying, “I have never had anyone tell me that they were in love with me – not even my wife”. This coming from a man who has been described by his own lawyer as a “pathological liar”.

It’s truly comical to see how delusional and desperate Cohen has become while serving his sentence. It’s clear that he is seeking attention and validation from anyone who will give it to him, even if it means pretending to be some sort of sex symbol.

But what is even more concerning is the fact that the New York Times saw fit to publish these letters and give this convicted criminal a platform to spew his delusions.

It just goes to show how low the mainstream media will go in their attempts to attack President Trump and anyone associated with him.

Of course, the left-leaning media is having a field day with this story, painting Cohen as some sort of victim and sympathetic figure. But for those of us on the right who value honesty and integrity, this is just another example of how corrupt individuals like Cohen are being glorified by the liberal media.

Let’s not forget that this man was convicted of lying under oath and committing financial crimes – actions that he himself admitted were at the direction of President Trump. So why should we believe anything he says now?

The truth is, Cohen’s attempt at being a prison sex symbol is just another pathetic ploy for attention and sympathy from the left. And sadly, it seems like they are falling for it once again.

As American-loving patriots who vote Republican, we must not let ourselves be fooled by such obvious lies and manipulations. We must continue to stand strong behind our President and against those who seek to tear him down with baseless attacks.

In conclusion, while this week in culture and politics may have been filled with some funny moments, let’s not forget the seriousness of the issues at hand.

We must not let convicted criminals like Michael Cohen and biased media outlets like the New York Times distract us from what truly matters – making America great again.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • Cohen is an unsavory character and I think he is despicable, but to publish his personal e-mails is exceedingly low class and on the same level. Surely there is something more omportant to talk about.

    • Plus the Soros owned Communist CNN and MSNBC don’t care about the truth, as long as the amount of money they get from both Soros and The Communist Democrats to spread lies for them while the stupid People watch those Anti-American fake news outlets and believe every word they talk about.
      Hitler did the exact same thing and those Communist Democrats call the MAGA supporters Nazi’s.
      But it’s the Communist who are going by Hitler’s play book 100%.

  • It is a shame life has turned on Michael Cohen. I can’t even begin to think what he has done to his family. God is the only one who can help this man. It’s almost unbelievable that he would have stolen money from Donald Trump.



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