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Attorney Ty Clevenger has persistently pursued the truth behind the Seth Rich murder, relentlessly challenging the DOJ and FBI for years. Additionally, he conducted an investigation into the source of the DNC and Podesta emails during the 2016 election cycle.

This inquiry was crucial in unraveling the Trump-Russia collusion allegations.

Despite no evidence being presented by mainstream media, Democrats, or intelligence agencies implicating Russia in providing these emails to WikiLeaks, it became evident that the DOJ’s narrative of Russian collusion was a fabricated deception aimed at misleading the American public.

In late November, a federal judge ruled that evidence pertaining to Seth Rich’s murder must be handed over to Ty Clevenger—an immensely significant development considering that just one year earlier, the FBI sought to conceal this information for over six decades.

Judge Amos L. Mazzant mandated that within 14 days, the FBI must surrender Rich’s personal laptop, work laptop, a DVD, and thumb drive as evidence.

However, it has been more than 40 days since this ruling was issued and yet again, the lawless Chris Wray-led FBI has defied court orders by not complying with these instructions.

Late last night, Attorney Clevenger posted a tweet.

Here is the latest response by the FBI to the court’s demands.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • We MUST elect someone like Trump who will bust wide apart these lawless DOJ organizations on day one of their new presidency.

    • Unfortunately, Trump seems to be misinformed or blind to FBI malfeasance, promising to build them an expensive new HQ in Washington instead of what should be done, disbanding what’s an arm of the Deep State and building anew from the ground up. Who cares about shiny new buildings to house rot?

      • Trump wants the FBI’s new building to be located out of Washington preferably in center of the country. That would help remove it from a lot of the political interest groups attempts to swing the aim of what was once the premier law enforcement agency in the world.

      • He said, he didn’t want to move it, because he is taking back DC, from the criminal mafia deep state. And that the rank and file, are mostly good people.

      • Are you lost. The Trump Congress canceled the democrats budget for the new greenbelt building . Reinstated by Steny Hoyer the first sitting under biden.

    • You’ve got that 100% right. Total house cleaning of all branches of the justice departments, from the top down. Start with the FBI and U.S. Attorney General, their crookeder than a cork screw, bought and paid for.

  • Wrey is not immune to court orders so why has this been given leniency.?
    Why has the Communist Democrats allowed to make a mockery of the United States Laws and Constitution and the do nothing Republicans are just sitting on all the evidence they’ve uncovered on China operative Anti-American Joe Biden and Hunter.?
    Why hasn’t Wrey been criminally charged and arrested.?
    To many questions about the Unconstitutional Communist Democrats and their crimes, so why even trust the Republicans to do what’s right for the people.
    It’ll all change when President Trump gets back in.

      • My point is the Communist Democrats and Rinos are in fact in violation of their Oath and not following the Constitution so they should be all criminally charged for Treason and Sedition, and the Republicans haven’t done one Dame thing about it. The Republicans should have Constitutional hearings by Judges and Prosecuter’s and investigators to investigat all crimes involved with Communist George Soros, Joe Biden, Hunter and that Anti-American Communist Muslim Barack Obama.

        • I agree that they should be charged with SEDITION as well as Deprivation of Rights Under the Color of Law. Both carry serious penalties. Also, a number of positions are vulnerable to IMPEACHMENT.

          However, NONE have committed TREASON as that can ONLY occur during a time of constitutionally declared war. That was affirmed by the SCOTUS a long ago (unfortunately).

          As for “Constitutional hearings by Judges and Prosecuters’s (sic) and investigators” what are those? ALL hearings are SUPPOSED to be constitutional (by the law as dictated per the Constitution). Are you insinuating many are not? Like perhaps Pelosi’s J6 Committee Hearings? ????????

          • keep in mind that they also admitted that they made a mistake when they re evaluated abortion! do you think that is the only mistake that they made through the years?

    • Had Dinner with a Couple and to every thing we commentated on , he said, “President Trump will do it”!! What a Campaign Ad — Who will get control of the Border? Trump will do it !!

  • Time for the lawless alphabet organizations to be completely dismantled. They are nothing but lying bullies who threaten honest citizens while protecting criminals.

    • They’re worse than bullies–they are the GESTAPO of the Demmunist Party, spying on, persecuting and even JAILING law-abiding citizens for the “crime” of disagreeing with them!

      • Ive just read a couple of spy thrillers that were written between 10 and 20 years ago and they described everything that is happening now,

    • No, they meant 60 years. FBI files on Senator Joseph McCarthy’s investigations were locked for 50 years and when they were opened, the findings exonerated the Senator who was scapegoated by the communists riddling FDR’s administration and burrowed into US Deep State bureaucracy to this day. The FBI files and USSR’s files in the Venona Papers were used by historian M. Stanton Evans to write the book exonerating McCarthy whose name has been made synonymous with witch hunts with even conservatives who should know better continuing the leftists’ smear:
      “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies”(2007). The enemies came out on top and killed the messenger’s rep.

      • Look up the Hiss – Chambers case. I think the deposition was in ’48. What can happen when the Marxists get control of appointed officials of investigative/enforcement agencies.

      • He was exonerated in my opinion by Ann Rand. She fled Russia and knew what communists were and are. She said” Hollywood is full of Communists”. She wrote a couple books HA that are still selling well today.

    • FBI asked judge to delay release for 66 years and 66 days (not a joke)

      So that everyone involved will be long dead and nobody would care about Seth Rich’s case any longer

  • why can’t a large number of FBI go before the firing squad to get results stop pussy-footing around and hold them accountable?

    • What has taken so long to suspect something is stinking about Seth’s death? If my memory serves me, there were a couple of other Clinton associate’s deaths during that time frame!

      • LoLs! There were more than a couple of suspicious deaths of Clintons associates. Thats how the word Arkancided became a word at one time. Some people even claimed that the clintons dog Buddy had his fatal accident because he was no longer useful.

  • Appears to be a problem with democrats. They deserve every difficulty that happens to them, up to and including treason.

  • If the FBI wants to keep this information hidden for sixty years, it’s because the FBI has done something wrong. The FBI killed Seth Rich? It is past time to defund and dissolve the FBI,

  • Make sure like someone like Trump and get rid of all the dirt, the trash, the corruption, and get this United States back in order like our like our ancestors wanted it to be without corruption. This is ridiculous corruption is stepping out of everywhere. It Hass to be dealt with in the name of Jesus I called for all angels to come down and help turn this around. I asked for God’s hand to come in and turn this around and give us victory. All corruption be removed in the

  • How is it that these people can defy a court order You arrest the top man for what his agency is and they will start to comply with the court order It is ridiculous these are the people that are supposed to be the HMFIC of law and the protections of our rights Then they dismiss the court order like they are above the law These people are very lucky I am not up there or I would be yelling at them

    • The problem is, who do you have arrest them? The Dems criminal organization has been infesting all of the government organizations of authority for decades. That is why they can manipulate the system to do whatever they want. They don’t fear the law because they control it.

  • FBI is working for Democrats and Communists only.Americans have no rights.This is what happens when you vote Democrat and allow all of their destructionds of law and order in America.Wray is a Communist so add 2+2

  • The implication is guilt.
    FBI is under the jurisdiction of the DOJ, so the DOJ, and ultimately it’s President Biden who’s defying the Court Order.
    This should be added to the Impeachment Inquiry.
    If there is a “coverup” in play, it actually is likely the main impeachable offense.

  • So why has the judge not placed the head of the FBI in jail till he hands over the evidence? Why are they never personally fined? And if justice was equal why doesn’t the people get away with doing the same? I think the corruption is way bigger than we can imagine and it is coming to a head. Where the people start over!

  • Please read the book by Dr. James W. Wardner and will explain what is really happening to our wonderful country.

  • Let us face it our present government officials have taken an oath but unfortunately for we the people they have ignored it and fail to represent the citizens of the USA. I call it Treason!!!!!!

  • If they are such good people, WHY are they standing by doing nothing except watch as their nation is being destroyed? I would not sell my soul and my country for a good job, excellent pension and great healthcare benefits!

  • Clevenger should be praised and Wray should be imprisoned. These gutless judges don’t do anything when Biden or his FBI ignore their rulings or orders.

  • I am pretty sure all evidence will point directly to a woman who ran for the presidency in 2016 and lost to Donald J. Trump. I believe they call it the Clinton curse of death to those who might talk.

  • Who in hell is Wray or the FBI to not comply with a Federal judges order? Our legal system and judiciary have lost the confidence of the people. If the rule of law doesn’t matter to the government then why should it matter to the rest of us.

  • Given the FACTS in the Death of Seth Rich tells everyone it was not what police or Democraps GESTAPO(FBI) say it was. NO robber would shoot him and leave everything behind especially in an area where he would not be found or the gun shot reported for hours. My money says it was Arkancide like many other deaths where a Clinton is involved. Not long ago another Clinton associate died from a shotgun blast to the chest after he hanged himself. They called it Suicide but there was no chair or ladder near him so either he flew into the tree and killed himself with the shotgun with a noose on his neck or he was hanged then shot. Seth was trying to expose Hitlery and her dirty dealings and Hitlery had him silenced.

  • The problem is two fold the first and WORST is all the TRAITORS who starting with that EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN Obozo’s pick for the Job of leader at the Democraps GESTAPO and has continued till today. Mueller, Comey, Wray , McCabe, Page, and Strzok all are on record committing TREASON and NOTHING was done to them. Democraps constantly strip laws of the ability to punish under the Code words Criminal Justice Reform. They all should be hang for TREASON against the Human race for their stands on Abortion and the LGBTQ Alphabet soup crowd. Democraps are guilty of so many crimes yet NOTHING is done to stop them. There are only a few REAL REPUBLICANS in DC. They were the ones who did not support the CHEATING of Pedo Joe and the Ho in Office. All the rest are either FAKE Republicans lead by McConnell and RINOS lead by Romney which makes them RECTUM SUCKING PILUPPETS of the Democraps just like All those who are part of the MSM better known as the MORON MEDIA. All these FOOLS will be the first ones killed if Democraps get their way. Look at Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution went down or China after Mao took power. When Commies take power they kill all who get them their power. Democraps will do the same.

  • Why hasn’t Judge Mazzant held Wray and the FBI in contempt of court? Are there any honest judges left in America? Does the FBI/CIA control all of them? Like the FISA judges who hide behind being lied to and not holding anyone accountable. The judicial system is on the verge of losing the trust of the people.



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