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In New Mexico, a grandmother vividly recounts the terrifying experience of shooting a home intruder to protect her 4-year-old granddaughter.

The incident, initially reported by Blaze News on March 21, has now been further detailed through the release of a chilling 911 recording from that fateful night and the victim’s interview with KRQE-TV.

Anissa Tinnin was enjoying a peaceful evening dancing to a Taylor Swift movie with her granddaughter when their tranquility was shattered by the intrusion of an unwelcome criminal into their Albuquerque home.

The intruder, identified as 32-year-old Joseph Rivera, had crashed a stolen vehicle following a pursuit by the Albuquerque Police Department, who had disabled the car’s tires with stop sticks.

Despite this, Rivera continued to drive on the rims before abandoning the vehicle and fleeing on foot.

He then allegedly sought refuge in Tinnin’s home around 9:30 p.m.

“I jumped over this couch, and we met there by the front door,” the grandmom told KRQE-TV. “That’s when he grabbed me and was upset and said to give him my keys. He said he didn’t want to go to jail. He did threaten to hurt my granddaughter and me.”

Tinnin handed him her key fob and attempted to soothe him.

She explained that she had dialed 911 and stayed on the line as the subsequent events unfolded.

“As we were walking, … I put my hands on him … to try to be calming,” she said.

“Tell me what your name is, … tell me where you are from.”

“Get back!” He responded. “I will f****** shoot you!”

The man took the key fob and left. It was at that moment she took her granddaughter to a bedroom and grabbed her gun. Tinnin comforted her granddaughter before leaving the bedroom, only to find Rivera still there.

She made it clear to him that she was prepared to shoot.

“Get back. Get back! I have a gun. Get back! Get back. I will f****** shoot you!” she said.

Then, a single gunshot is heard in the recording.

“Why did you shoot me?” the suspect can be heard asking.

“Because you’re in my f****** house!” she responds.

Despite the threat, Tinnin put pressure on the man’s wound to stop the bleeding.

At that moment, video surveillance footage shows a large number of police officers converging on the residence and forcibly removing the suspect.

Megan Tinnin Austin is advocating for Rivera to be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law and is urging the district attorney not to offer a plea bargain. Rivera, who has five prior felony convictions, is currently facing multiple charges related to the break-in.

Tinnin Austin reveals that her daughter is deeply affected by the incident and now experiences fear of darkness. Reflecting on the events, Tinnin Austin expresses her belief that God protected her and her granddaughter that night.

“I do believe we had a guardian angel here with us, and I do firmly believe that God was watching over us,” she concluded.

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  • With this scenario, she should have kept shooting. Never stop until the perp is neutralized.
    Given the perp’s record, she was fully within her rights.
    He’s a fleeing felon, stopping him is permitted.
    HOPEFULLY, the D.A. isn’t a Soros minion.

    • in the heat of the moment with only herself between harm to that 4 yr old (and herself) she didn’t KNOW nor care about this perps police record and that he was a fleeing – whatever the hell he was/is. She just wanted to protect that child that he was going after. Also the number of times he has been booked and released (basically) – she COULD sue the department judge, court and the entire damn city and anybody responsible in it if ANYTHING happened bringing harm to that child!

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  • You need to keep this perpetrator LOCKED UP P E R M A N E N T L Y – He could VERY easily go back there and hurt that baby!

  • New Mexico’s Democrat anti-gun governor will probably prosecute the grandmother to the fullest extent of the law and let the perp go.

  • Well at least Both the grandmother and the 4 year old wasn’t hurt, I’ll bet he’s a Communist Biden supporter and loves the Anti-Constitution Governor and the Soros AG’S.
    I would have killed the bastard.

  • Good job, grandma! You protected your precious family. You were kind to treat that perp. I probably would have let him bleed out so he can’t do it again to someone else.



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