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The Democratic members of the U.S. Senate conducting an ethics investigation of members of the U.S. Supreme Court are preparing to take the subsequent step in their inquiry.

According to Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), who is presiding over the Senate Judiciary Committee responsible for spearheading the investigation, this next step involves issuing subpoenas to Harlan Crow, Leonard Leo, and Robin Arkley.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is conducting an investigation following several reports which exposed that certain justices had accepted undisclosed benefits from wealthy individuals such as Crow and Arkley.

According to Fox News, these individuals are notable Republican donors and Leo is a well-known activist linked to gifts given to Supreme Court justices.

The reports further insinuated that the justices may have been swayed in their rulings due to those benefits; however, this has yet to be proven.

Senate Democrats have seized upon these reports to initiate their investigation, aiming to gain control of the Supreme Court under the guise of court reform. In order to further this inquiry, Senator Durbin has issued subpoenas for Crow, Leo, and Arkley.

On October 30, 2023, Senator Durbin released a press statement outlining the subsequent actions of his committee.

There, he wrote:

In order to adequately address this crisis, it is imperative that we understand the full extent of how people with interests before the Court are able to use undisclosed gifts to gain private access to the justices.  The inquiries the Committee has sent to Harlan Crow, Leonard Leo, and Robin Arkley are critical to this work.

Chief Justice John Roberts has made it clear that he will not tolerate any attack on members of his court, which appears to be the impetus behind Durbin’s claim that the subpoenas are necessary due to Crow, Leo, and Arkley’s intransigence.

It remains unclear how these subpoenas will play out or how the investigation by the committee will progress.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • Durban needs to keep his head down. How many “perks” has he enjoyed while in Congress? Justice Thomas has had is day in court during his appointment hearing. He also needs to remember his approval of Obama’s two Justices.

  • No surprise there; they want their “rubber stamp” court back, of course, like the totalitarians they ARE!

  • I for one have always liked Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, He’s fair but also aggressive against Marxist. This is the pain in the Communist Democrats side, if they get Justice Thomas out they’ll continue to go after the other Republican Justices.
    Those useless, worthless Communist Democrats are pushing America to it’s final edge of Dictatorship and pure evil Communism.
    It looks as if We The People are losing ground while the Spineless Republicans have allowed Communist, pedophile (not America’s President) Biden to continue to further Obama’s and Soros agenda to destroy America beyond the brink of a come back.
    My fellow American Patriots, you better get prepared to kill the enemy when they turn on us soon.
    The Communist in Washington DC Don’t care and don’t give a damn about the lives of the American Women, children, and men.
    All the people I’ve talked to on my block are fully armed and ready should this total bullshit come to our town.

  • How does Congress have any jurisdiction over the highest court in our land? They don’. Fact is, nearly 90% of the people in Congress and Senate have criminal backgrounds and they are guilty of taking gifts, themselves plus so much more. Money laundering -too many to list. Even murder. They also have violated their oath of office many times. Time to purge those criminals and get totally rid of those vermin!

  • Dickid may investigate all he wants to but to no avail. Impeachments are the sole purview of the House of Representatives and as log as there is a GOP majority none of SCOTUS will be impeached. Even after the communists take control of the House it still takes 67 votes in the Senate to convict and remove.



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