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In a recent appearance on MSNBC, Democrat Rep. Zoe Lofgren made headlines with a controversial statement regarding the potential actions of President Biden.

Lofgren suggested that President Biden could use military force against conservative justices on the Supreme Court.

The remarks were made in response to a Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity, where Lofgren claimed that theoretically, within the scope of his official duties, President Biden could dispatch the military to take out conservative justices on the Court.


The comments sparked outrage among conservatives and raised questions about the appropriateness of such a statement by a sitting member of Congress.

Critics argued that it was inappropriate for a government official to suggest the use of military force against members of the judiciary, regardless of their political leanings.

Lofgren’s remarks came at a time of heightened political tensions, with the Supreme Court often at the center of contentious debates over issues such as abortion, gun rights, and voting rights.

The suggestion that the President could use military force against justices was widely condemned as an attack on the independence of the judiciary and a threat to the rule of law.

In response to the backlash, Lofgren issued a statement clarifying her remarks, stating that she was speaking hypothetically and does not believe that President Biden would ever take such action.

However, many conservatives continued to call for Lofgren to be censured or removed from her position on the House Judiciary Committee.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining civility and respect for the institutions of government even in the midst of political disagreements.

The use of military force against members of the judiciary is seen as crossing a line that should never be crossed.

It is essential that elected officials refrain from making inflammatory statements that could undermine public trust in government institutions.

The controversy surrounding Lofgren’s statement underscores how important it is for elected officials to exercise caution and responsibility when discussing sensitive matters related to government powers.

At times when political tensions are high and debates are contentious, it becomes even more crucial for leaders to uphold respect for democratic principles and institutions.

It is imperative for public officials to uphold standards that preserve trust in democratic processes and prevent actions or statements that could be interpreted as threats to judicial independence or undermining rule-of-law principles.

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Doug Goldsmith

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    • Very true, but then again, communists and marxist have been so since they started their “revolutions”.

      I am very thankful the SCOTUS stepped in to remind the other branches about the Enumeration of Powers. The lawfare was getting out of hand and I am concerned what would happen when Bragg or Smith try to jail President Trump, the ultimate censorship. They can try to gag Trump all they want, but that means they are gagging us too. It’s illegal, its’ unconstitutional but they are doing it anyway because communists take desperate measures when they are about to lose power.

  • “I was speaking hypothetically”. BS. Even so, this bimbo needs to stop and think before she opens her mouth!!!

    • Sadly, Vicko, she knew what she was saying. She wanted to gaslight Americans. There is a reason leftists/communists/marxists are running the schools across our country. They knew decades ago that if they wanted a revolution, they needed people to stop believing in their government institutions. They stopped teaching basic civics and instead focused on social issues that would divide children. Any kid in school who was taught about the Constitution and Declaration would just look at the MSNBC headline here and know they are being lied to. The supreme court never “granted Trump broad immunity”. That is a flat lie that educated high schoolers easily understand. The only thing the supremes did was remind the current executive branch that they’ve exceeded the power granted to them in the Constitution. This is the very reason the leftists and communists want to pack the court with activists instead on constitutionalists.

  • Her calls for such action are in fact seditious!! Such an order is illegal and military officers will not obey such an order!!

    • She is nasty, but she is hoping one of her leftist, anarchist types will take her hint. Conservative justices have been harassed continuously by these leftists, led by the leftists and communists in our government. Remember Mad Maxine Waters telling her constituents to never let conservatives rest? She told them if you see them in a restaurant, get up in their faces and scream at them.

      Term Limits America ! Sadly we will lose some talent, but nobody was meant to be a lifer in Congress.

    • John
      She isn’t an idiot. She is a leftist with an agenda. She knows exactly what she is saying . She is gaslighting Americans. So is MSNBC, who granted the interview to spread her violent suggestion. If you didn’t notice the MSNBC headline in front of her for this clip, go back and look. MSNBC is gaslighting America too, with this falsified headline. According to those fascists, the Supreme Court “gave Trump broad immunity”, and none of that is true and they know it. The official acts immunity has been in place since 1776.

  • How old is that Hag.?
    Wanting only conservative Supreme Court Justices will give the Communist Democrats absolute power over the United States, Remove the old Demon immediately and do what Marjorie Taylor Green pushed to stop Garlands pay.
    Show the American Citizens you have their backs instead of cowering down to the Communist.!

    • Come on Michael. She absolutely knows, but she is gaslighting Americans. She is an elected leftist who wants to pretend she doesn’t know about the Enumeration of Powers and the Separation of Powers written in the Constitution. The Supreme court didn’t give Trump anything and she knows that. The official acts immunity has been in place for centuries. The court did have to weigh in on the matter because the democrats lawfare was out of hand. All of us who value peace are glad they finally did so, right before Independence Day.

  • A very good reason to demand TERM limits for all and age limit 70? Without these Term Limits- imagine AOC 30+Yrs!!! Nadler schumer Pelosi Durben Goldman etc til THEY decide to retire or die (like Feinstein). Dems/dem states know how to beat the sysyem. Afterall, Omar ws implicated by vid Project Veritas 2020, of course investigation went nowhere with AG Antifa Ellison -MN. Corruptocrats in charge of dem states.

  • If you didn’t notice the MSNBC headline in front of her for this clip, go back and look. MSNBC is gaslighting America with this falsified headline. According to those fascists, the Supreme Court “gave Trump broad immunity”, and none of that is true and they know it. The official acts immunity has been in place since 1776. The SCOTUS had to opine with it, only because democrats went crazy with this lawfare. Jack Smith knew what he was doing would be overruled, but he did as much as he could anyway, trying to damage Trump. Judge Cannon already halted that case anyway, but still.

  • Another Pelosi clone with the same hopes and dreams. Destroy the American societies and rule by decree. F M

  • Is this woman insane? The supreme Court is a separate and equal branch of the government! The democrat party is upset that the Court is no longer under their thumb. The court is now doing its job to make decisions in accordance with the Constitution and not personal agendas. For one branch of the government to use military action against another branch is unpardonable. This woman should be voted out of Congress at the first opportunity.



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