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Officials in Warwick, Rhode Island, have made a startling discovery on the nomination papers of Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

The Warwick Board of Canvassers found the names of deceased voters among the paperwork.

Additionally, the Coventry Board had to invalidate an unusually high number of signatures submitted on behalf of Ramaswamy’s campaign.

Ben Smith, spokesperson for Rhode Island’s Board of Election, emphasized the importance of vigilance and reporting any signs of fraudulent signatures.

It is worth noting that in recent years, Democratic-controlled states have utilized nomination signatures as a means to target Republican candidates.


Rhode Island is now dealing with what could be its second signature scandal in less than a year, this time involving a presidential candidate.

From Providence to Hopkinton, local canvassers are reporting an increased number of invalid signatures on nomination papers for Vivek Ramaswamy, as well as the No Labels Party.

In Warwick, canvassers say signatures filed by Ramaswamy’s team included dead voters.

“Any violation of this process could be a felony,” Secretary of State Gregg Amore told Target 12.

The Board of Elections reported an “unusually high” number of invalid signatures on nomination papers in about a half dozen communities Thursday.

The campaign spokesperson for Ramaswamy addressed the scandal by asserting that Ground Game LLC, a signature collection vendor, should be held accountable for including the names of deceased voters on Vivek’s nomination documents.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • So! Biden wad declared the winner using dead people votes and voting machines that had been rigged in his favor!

    • We don’t need Vivek. if you see something, say something. Communism is built on cheating and controlling the citizen.

  • A few dead Republicans wanting to vote should NOT be a problem with any Democrat controlled entity as the Donks are masters of the art of resurrecting voters on a short term basis going back even before LBJ. It would be nice if we could follow where they go after voting.

  • He is a soros obama cheat we have to check out and deep into these politicians. America can not afford another obama, biden, clinton, bush, they are not for America or the American People, they want to make us a third world country, like Venezuela a once beautiful thriving country ruined by socialist, communist, greed one world order, payed by millionaires, billionaires, same that’s going on here gates, obama, soros, bloomberg buffet, schawb, these people and and others need taken down, their money cut by 3/4 those ceos collecting millions for selling works out there is no one in this world that should clear over a million dollars No one, if anyone is entitled to extreme pay is Soldiers, Police, firefighters, they lay there lives on the line every day,

    • they’re all in on it. 1 party, 2 names. ramaswamy is controlled op, says all thr right thing but is ANOTHER big pharma guy, also affiliated with the wef, had to sue them to get his bame off the list. internet search, 12 yr old girl and her grandfather discover all but 2 presidents but 2 (van buren & kennedy) blood relatives of Kinf John of England. Politics, and politicians are all fake, lies. That’s why they have a slogan for everything, which is always the opposite. like, “your vote counts,” “safe & effective.”

    • With Davos on again a nice Drone strike would relieve America of these so called elites. They have too much time on their hands for scheming how to subjugate. we the people and get rid of us!!!

  • Vivek is a Obama Puppet-Literally Spewing The Same Vommit That Obonehed has Used In The Past!- So Its No Surprise Its Using The Dumbocrap Playbook!-Infiltration and Back Stabbing Is Also A Huge Part Of The Narrative!-Distraction and Attempting To Steer/Fool/Confuse the Public Voters To The Point Of Stealing Yet ANOTHER Election!-Then The Fabricated Fear Mongering Bullshit-Civil War And a Military Coup?-The Scum are Desperate And Have the One Thing That Keeps It Up At Night!-Trying To Cage Trump Or Assassination and Blaming it on a Foreign Country That The Roaches Have Invited Into The Country That Actually Has Been Trained and Aided By Your Favorite 3 Letter Agency!!

  • When Vivic first appeared stating his Presidency nomination I knew he wasn’t a President Trump pro candidate.
    Ramaswami is a Communist Democrat in disguised as a republican, by always saying he’s for Trump way too often which drew red flags. He’s only saying this for what the people want to hear.

  • Exactly!!! Talk about a hypocritical double standard. The evil Dem party can’t win unless they CHEAT. Biden,Fetterman,Katie Hobbs…. That long list. Why does it only matter when it’s a conservative?

  • More details would be useful. For example, how many dead voters, and when did they die. There is a significant difference between having the names of hundreds of people that died before the signatures were collected, and having 2 or 3 signatures from people that died between signing the nomination forms, and when the forms were verified.
    Note: I have absolutely no information on which of the extremes is closer to the facts in this case.

  • He should never have let it happen. But the Democrats knew what to look for since LBJ the top Demonacrat lying mass murderer did the same thing to get elected to congress from Texas. the vast majority of his voters in the 30’s just before the war were names from cemetry gravestones

  • You cannot believe anything that is said or written on the internet said by a Democrat. They are just like their name, RAT!!! Poor Joe Biden is not even in his right mind & his wife just wants to beDr. Jill Biden. She is NOT an American. The whole Biden family HATES Americans!!!

  • Bury them face down with a stone between their teeth and pile heavy stones atop the grave. The dead arising at election time (especially around Chicago) is not a new problem – indeed, it’s an old tradition. I get facebook notices from dead people, even friend solicitations. I get Biden campaign solicitations and I’m not even positive, day by day, that he’s not just one of the walking dead.

  • This sounds like something the dems would concoct. I’d check out that canvassing company, Ground Game LLC, and see if they had any prior contact with any democratic party officials or large amount of cash showing up on their books. What a great way to set up and go after Republicans by making it look like they’re using dead people.

  • We need to be sure this is NOT fake news because of Vivek’s support for President Trump. This didn’t come up until his support of Trump.

  • LMAO! All of Biden voters were dead or imaginary! According to the brainwashed idiot Democrat. Being dead or nonexciting is no excuse not to vote ! As long as they vote for an equally. brain dead Democrat! And 60 plus corrupt judges refuse to allow the people to check the vote during 2020! Even after video evidence was shown to the world! Saying the courts are not corrupt is a Democrat punch line for the super stupid! If you didn’t cheat, why would Democrats be afraid to have the people look? Why would the court? Chuck Schumer said ! IF DEMOCRATS HAD NOTHING TO HIDE WE WOULD DEMAND A FULL FAIR AND VERY PUBLIC INVESTIGATION! Obama said ONLY THE GUILTY HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE! Guess there was plenty they were afraid of including the corrupt courts! Asnot one Democrat was willing to look!



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