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A House committee that is investigating the 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol Building and is led by Democrats, has turned its attention to one of its key witnesses who was also a former member of the Trump administration.

According to Just the News, last week Chairman Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) of the House Subcommittee on Oversight ordered Cassidy Hutchinson to preserve all communications and documents related to her account of that day and her testimony before the select committee.

Chairman Loudermilk is particularly interested in examining changes in Hutchinson’s testimony over the course of 2022. She has appeared before the committee on multiple occasions behind closed doors.

“On June 28, 2022, you testified during one of the Select Committee’s primetime hearings. During this hearing you asserted that former President Donald Trump attempted to grab the steering wheel from one United States Secret Service employee driving the vehicle and lunged at another,” Loudermilk wrote to Hutchinson.

“However, in your previous three transcribed interviews on February 23, 2022, March 7, 2022, and May 17, 2022, you did not mention this interaction,” he continued.

Analysis of Hutchinson’s transcribed interviews throughout the year reveals a significant change in her account of events following the appointment of new legal representation.

By September, she had submitted an errata sheet to the Jan. 6 Committee, a legal document that allows witnesses to correct typographical errors in their previous testimony.

However, experts point out that Hutchinson’s amendments go beyond mere typographical errors and involve substantive changes, which is unusual.

In addition to this, testimony from another important witness – a former Secret Service employee who held a high-ranking position during President Trump’s term – as well as Hutchinson’s own text messages challenge key assertions she made.

These inconsistencies raise doubts about the credibility of her “corrections,” which could be seen as altering the facts she initially presented under oath, according to Just the News.

The outlet added:

In September 2022, after Hutchinson testified on at least four separate occasions to the Jan. 6 Committee, she filed an errata sheet amending key details of her accounts of events on that day, according to the documentation that Just the News reviewed in November last year.

One key shift occurred in Hutchinson’s account of then-President Trump’s trip in the presidential vehicle back from the Ellipse to the White House following his speech to supporters at his “Stop the Steal” rally. This shift was referenced in Loudermilk’s letter.

In February 2022, during her initial deposition with the committee, Hutchinson disclosed to congressional investigators that Trump did not contest the Secret Service’s assessment that he was unable to accompany his followers to the Capitol on January 6th.

“Did you ever find out what happened with that conversation in the Beast between the President and Mr. Engel [a Secret Service official]?” Investigators asked.

“Just that Mr. Engel had relayed the message that him and Mr. Ornato had discussed previously and knowing there was no — there were no developments that would’ve changed the guidance he was given before the rally had begun, that we didn’t have the assets available, and that was just reconveyed to the President,” Hutchinson testified about the conversation, as she said she was told.

In June of the same year, Hutchinson provided a different account of Trump’s response to the Secret Service assessment after his rally.

According to her revised version, she claimed that when the Secret Service official informed Trump that they couldn’t go to the Capitol, he became furious and forcefully moved towards the driver’s seat of the Presidential limo.

Hutchinson added that Bobby Engle, the Secret Service official, told Trump to remove his hand from the steering wheel as they were going back to the White House.

Trump allegedly reacted angrily and used his free hand to lunge at Engle. To correct her previous testimony, Hutchinson modified this specific narrative in her errata sheets. She initially disclosed this version during her televised testimony before the Jan. 6 Committee.

These allegations by Hutchinson became part of the media’s narrative and have not been updated to acknowledge her subsequent inconsistencies. Ornato’s own testimony contradicted Hutchinson’s account of events.

“I don’t recall that conversation taking place, nor do I recall being aware of any details that happened from the motorcade from the Ellipse to the White House,” he testified.

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  • No surprise as Hutchinson is just another media Whore and a Trump hater. Cassidy, hon your 15 minutes of fame are up!




    PEACE AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL!!!!! My Humble Opinion for what it’s worth!

    • I agree. And the uestion should be hy has she cahnged her testimony. Was she coersed? Was her family threatened? Was she threatened? None of which is not above what the Democrat party will do.

      • Maybe She just wanted attention and lying about a Man who had already been beaten down with Lies is just untenable. I do not understand how from the back of a Limo., a back seat passenger could get his hand on the wheel. Was there a partition between front and back seat? Many limos. do have partitions.

    • She wanted a permanent seat on The View. Every two years, or so, they replace the “conservative” (lol!) host.

  • The girl cant get her lies about Trump straight. Glad I’m not her father or brother. I’d hate to ever be accused of being related to her.

  • Schumer’s deal to provide so many green cards is BS. No green cards for the border crashers! Who does he think he is anyway, besides a deceitful Congressman?
    Comment for Fanni Tart and Wade was illicit from the beginning. No one ever allowed her to hire her boyfriend from the very get-go. When Fanni went with Wade to the meetings with Biden and attorney officials, did she file for compensation as Wade did? At the least, it showed he had some sense of ethics, but did Fanni? Was the affair they shared restricted between them, or were there others? Was there mention of one or the other or both being married at the onset of the affairs?

    • I believe they Fani and Wade were given over $600,000.00 for the trials of, I believe it was 18 or 19 defendants. Fani and Wade spent that money on romantic trips to Napa Valley and a cruise to the Caribbean. Wade’s wife also has filed for a divorce. Wade was chosen improperly for that trial but is who Fani wanted to try the Defendants. Fani intended to use the Racketeering Laws to try and imprison the Defendants. Fani also visited Joe Biden 3 times at the White House.

  • Anything for attention and a job! Cassidy is young but already a broken down has-been in D.C. She bends like a willow to get the notoriety she craves but now everyone knows that cannot trust a word she says.

  • Well has anybody checked her bank accounts? And just how much was her soul worth? Seems their were plenty of liars making up stories that were all BS and not one has paid any price at all for them breaking the law! Not that any corrupt judge would allow that to happen. And they wonder why nobody trusts the government. Lets not forget that Romney’s son along with Pelosi’s son were both in the Ukraine with Hunter! Yet the government pretends they were never there WHY????? I remember when Hillary said IF SHE GOES DOWN SHE WOULD TAKE THEM ALL DOWN WITH HER!!!! That was a statement never acted on WHY??? The corruption is way bigger than we can imagine!

  • As others are now saying she basically is a fraud. Anything she has said, testified to, written, corrected, or what ever has to be removed as evidence as it is fully debunked then used as evidence against her in her own trial for purgery. Her only escape now is to turn states evidence and say who pushed her into or paid her to say such things.

  • I have said this whole time that Hutchinson is a liar. Her testimony changes constantly. She is trying to get PR for her new book. Based on these facts, Hutchinson is a liar & has no credibility. This shows what a sham of a committee January 6th was by letting these types of people testify & we are suppose to believe them.

  • The convid and j6 movie runtimes have caused me to run out of popcorn. Politicians and politics are so funny, filled with evil, desperate people. and the poor people that follow them 🙁

  • This bitch needs prison time at hard labor 20 years no excuses, lie to protect her corrupt ass all these backstabbing asses need jail time at hard labor 20 years a lie, and Trump to sue them for defamation of character

  • Why was she allowed to give hearsay evidence? If it happened like she said, wouldn’t the person in the limo with Trump be the best person to be a witness? I have to give the opinion she was paid to come up with that story. Any kind of story to try and make it sound like Trump was going to join the January 6 protest.

  • Even if Trump did try to force the SS agent to take him to the Capital, he was justified. Trump was still President, still the Chief Executive, and the agents were required to obey his legal orders.

  • As in the game Monopoly, is there a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card for those found lying during a hearing where witnesses are required to take an oath or affirmation before testifying in court? It is a formal declaration that their testimony will be truthful. It is intended to impress upon the witness the duty to speak truthfully and the potential consequences for lying under oath.
    If not, the prosecution of January 6th Liars has the potential to significantly increase the ‘coffers’ of the USA and increase the opportunities for Liars to experience prison from the inside!

  • The Republicans need to grow a second nut and start FIGHTING BACK !! If this worthless , lying , wench lied ,, then PROSECUTE her !!! Do you think if the rolls were reversed and she was a Republican that lied about Perv Biden , the democrats would have ALREADY filed Perjury charges against her !!!

  • I’ve watched a lot of Trump rallys and speeches, saw him at the NRA convention in Louisville,Ky during his first campaign. And after all of that I never noticed his arms being six feet long.



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