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Ann Coulter caused controversy over the weekend by posting a brief tweet that appeared to endorse President Trump’s demise.

In an unexpected turn of events, Coulter stumbled upon a tweet from July 2023 that inquired about Trump’s actions to restore America’s past greatness.

Joe Biden and his administration have been actively dismantling America since they assumed power.

Rather than offering a considerate response, Coulter shockingly replied with: “Maybe he could die?”

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • While don’t agree w/Trump on many things {especially after J6}even though I voted for him X2 I don’t agree he needs to die! He just doesn’t need to be in the Oval Office.

        • Because he has changed his position on a few things. He was against abortion. But now he says it’s okay after the 13th week. He wants to get rid of NATO. During his presidency, he has shown how soft he is on Saudi Arabia. He bowed and accepted a medal from them.

          • Trump also had a ‘SECURE border’ and made America ‘Energy Independent’–and had good relations with our allies and foes–(no wars)– Everything that was good FOR America–all of which were done away with by the present CIC and his admin !

          • He remains the same on abortion. Abortion is OK in the case of rape, incest or if the life of the mother will be jeopardized by the pregnancy. I could not find anything about him saying abortions were OK after 16 weeks. What I did find was DeSantis signed a law in Florida approving abortion up to 15 weeks which Pres. Trump railed against saying DeSantis did a terrible thing, a horrible thing by signing that into law. If he does ot agree with 15 weeks, then he sure in hell does not agree with 16 weeks. Do your damned research and stop listening to leftist media who intentionally gets everything wrong when it comes to Trump. as for NATO, take some time and read up on it. Understand what he said and why he said it. He never said point black that he would remove the US from NATO. What he suggested was he would remove the US from NATO if Europe would not stop bullying other countries who are not part of NATO, threatening war with them and then going ahead and starting a war with them if they did not do as they were told. If they did not stop impeding on a countries self governance, like biden does with Israel by telling them how long they can attack Hamas, how many times they can bomb them, if they can defend them self or not and to give even more of their tiny country to Palestinians who want to eradicate all Jews. Europe does this same shit to countries all over the war. Pres. Trump does not believe the USA should have to send Americans into wars NATO creates and does not believe the US taxpayers should be forced to support wars created by European tyrants. If you have an issue with the way Pres. Trump views our involvement with NATO, then you are a democrat and you would not vote for him anyway. Personally I agree, I want us out of NATO and I also want us out of the UN. I want the UN booted from the USA and dissolved completely. We have no need for the UN. We have little need for NATO as it is now. Stop listening to leftist media and do your own research so you can understand that no matter what, no matter how the media spins it, no matter how the propagandists word it, Pres. Trump is always right. He is the only man with the ballz to tell the people the truths of what governments do. Especially those who lord over us from countries across the seas. Do your homework if you do not believe what I have said. It is out there and it comes straight from the man himself.

    • J6 was a democrat created event. Planned and carried our by Nancy Pelosi and her rabid henchmen on Capitol Hill. There was no insurrection. Proof of that is the fact that not one indictment against him lists the charge of insurrection. I have seen all the videos and all I see is a mostly peaceful protect by American citizens who knew a made up disease no stronger than the flu was used to allow illegal voting across the USA. Election laws in democrat controlled states were illegally changed so fake ballots for that dope in our WH now could be dropped in to be counted while republicans were denied access to oversee the ballot counts. Give J6 to the guilty traitors and make them accountable for it. That would be corrupt capitol police under the leadership of the treasonous china puppets, Pelosi and Schumer. If you truly want them to won, then keep believing the leftist created narrative of an insurrection that never happened. Keep believing the leftist media who have brainwashed you into believing Pres. Trump committed some kind of crime that day by using the right to protest which is protected by our US Constitution that the democrats only support if THEY are doing the protesting. The capitol police opened the doors to the capitol house and invited the people in to set them up because Pelosi ordered them to do just that. Do president Trump a favor and just be a democrat and do not vote for him. He does not need the support of a brainwashed lemming who believes whatever the left tells them.

  • Twenty-five years ago, she was fun. Ten years ago, she became a little nutty. Now, in her advancing years, she is bat crap crazy!

  • If Trump selects Krsiti Noem..then I agree with Anne. Noem is as evil as Satan himself. She is the biggest Liar in all of American politics…She is a globalist and if Trump knows it an has her as vp anyway…it will prove Trump is evil also. I have campaigned against Kristi…I have followed her for years. She talks great but her Executive orders and bills are pure Fascist. She shut down my state (SD) just as hard as Newsom did and then lied about it. I have a 40 min documented presentaion on her lies and evil actions.

  • The headline is misleading (clickbait). If you bother to actually read the article; it appears that she was talking about Biden, due to his “dismantling” of America. Still a cruel thing to say.

    NEVER go by the headline on the internet. Most times they are misleading, or so fantastical just to get people to click on it.

    Unfortunately, an awful lot of people want to comment, but don’t bother to read the actual text.

  • This type of statement is uncalled for. Not President Trump or President Biden should have to die because of politics. If this is the way people think, then we don’t need elections. Doesn’t anyone realize what it is like to lose someone? I don’t care if you like or dislike someone, his is carrying politics too far. These peoole certainly can’t be Christians.

    • Well Doris, Biden has allowed Muslim terrorist who absolutely hate America and the American Citizens and will or has already planned to kill Americans who are Christians. This is the plan set forth by Muslim Obama, George Soros, Joe Biden, Illhan Omar and Rashid Taileb and every Anti-American Communist in Washington DC, this is murder and genocide orchestrated by evil Communist Democrats and Rinos who most of them absolutely want to see Isreal destroyed.
      Biden does what he’s told by Muslim Obama and Soros.
      Why do you think Biden is allowing Communist Chinese to enter the United States illegally.?
      He and all the Anti-American Communist Democrats sold out America and giving it to both Muslims and Communist China to torture and murder Americans.
      So do you want to give them a slap on the wrist and a free pass.?
      Or do you want to follow the Constitution given our rights to remove them by force or deadly force.?
      Either way that’s what gives; We The People, the power to use the 2nd Amendment by removing Tyranny which is what we’re now living under.
      The Communist Democrats have given illegals and foreign Anti-American Communist nations more attention and money and Military equipment and Weapons while turning their backs on America and the Citizens protection, for the first time in History..!
      The Communist Democrats and Rinos are the Enemies of America, and should be treated as Enemies not leaders..
      I’m concerned about my grandchildren and family, and I don’t give a damn about all those Communist Anti-American Democrats and Rinos in Washington DC, and before the bombing and killings start by the Illegals, committing rape, child molesting and murder lead by Biden I hope I live long enough to see Joe Biden, Barack Obama, George Soros, the Squad, and every Communist Democrat Die..
      An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.

  • Perhaps these “sanctified” commentors should consider that Coulter was being sarcastic when she made that statement.

  • First, Biden needs to be impeached for his crimes against the Constitution. Second, Trump is less than perfect as well, but Trump was better than Biden.
    At least, Trump is NOT senile, while Biden is definitely around the bend (my opinion as a former psychiatric nurse. Biden has opened the flood gates and is allowing everybody and their neighbor, to come into this country. Biden’s job description was to protect America which he has NOT done.

  • Say something like this on facebook and they will cut you off. Proves that the online organization now owned by a Chinese company is working with the Demonacrats

  • Democrats are the most brainwashed suckers on the planet! The Democrat party picks your pocket then tells these idiot retards it wasn’t their fault it was yours for not just giving them all your money! And the super stupid after 3 1/2 year of getting screwed by Democrats are lining up to get screwed again! You can’t dream up this kind of stupid! Was there something in the jab they forced on these idiots that made them all stupid overnight??????

  • This is a crime arrest her and put her away for a long long time can’t stand this two face backstabbing socialist leftist freak

  • Coulter is starting to read like a nut job. Surprisingly, Coulter has nothing to say about Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe, a dishonest, deceitful crook in the W/H?. It was nice for a while not hearing from Coulter. One would have thought Coulter left the planet. Two can play the same game. One could only hope, that the next time Corrupt Quid pro goes up the stairs to Air Force One, Corrupt Quid Pro falls and breaks his neck.

  • Ann Coulder is bat shit crazy . Her issue go well beyond that she is stupid. If she can’t see that America being run by these communists Marxist and they are destroying our freedom and safety she must be brain dead . President Trump is a patriot and true leader to save America

  • In other words, you are either a RINO or converted to liberalism. Your comment about J6 is an asinine comment. Produce facts about what you perceive that he did. You’re an idiot to think he had anything to do with what a few planted morons did at the Capital. Watching too much CNN and drinking from the liberal koolaid. Trump did exactly what he said he would do as POTUS and our nation was prospering and respected. Did his tweets offend your poor wittle self?

  • Well she can eat a shit sandwich! She’s one of those you didn’t know which way she would go .
    I guess though it all boils down to The big bucks. signed that contract with the devil then you gotta say what he wants you to say. I hope that bed is really comfortable!

  • Wow so will she be contacted by the inept FBI or the CIA or Homeland security ? PROBABLY NOT AS THEY ARE ON HER SIDE THAT IS EVIDENT maybe she needs to have a death against her what’s fair is fair after all, I’m worried about idiots who want to take out president Trump that are backed by the democrats president Trump better have as much protection as he can get and no riding in convertible limos TRUMP IN 2024 MAGA.



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